Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ironman Florida Stalking Info

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s that time again. Time to conquer another 140.6 miles of awesome at Ironman Florida! Feels like it was just yesterday that I was standing in line to register for 2012 and that was the day after last year's race. Seriously, it's scary how fast time flies.

For those of you who have followed my blog over the past 2-3 years, I sincerely apologize for not “keeping up” on updating very much this year. Between work, training, and just plain old life stuff, I literally found myself with zero desire and zero time to blog. I have bunches of unfinished posts that i started that are sitting in limbo (draft mode). However, I have been keeping up with my training and that’s all that really matters, right? No doubt about it, I have my priorities straight dang it!

Many of my coworkers and friends have asked me if I’m excited for the race and of course, what else can I say but yes but truth be told, the answer is yes and no. No, I’m not all that excited as far as the race itself is concerned (gasp!). I’ve tried to figure out why that is and the only explanation I can come up with is that since it will be the 3rd time doing this distance, it isn’t all that new anymore. Yes it‘s still a challenge, yes I thoroughly enjoy the training and racing, and yes, I will qualify for Kona come hell or high water one year soon and I won’t stop until I get there, but the newness of doing 140.6 miles has worn off some. I guess I may have to sign up for a double iron to remedy this problem …just kidding Joel!

But let me tell you why I am excited. I get to hang out with some awesome friends, many of them bloggers, some who are racing and many who are volunteering and getting in line to register for next year’s race. The best part of all?  Some of those friends who are racing will become an Ironman for the first time and that fires me up. I’m so super excited for them that I can hardly contain myself!

For those who would like to stalk me on Saturday, here is how to do it: 

~ go to
~ click on the COVERAGE tab
~ click on Ironman Florida from the drop down list
~ enter my bib#862 or my last name, Concepcion

Keep in mind that Panama City Beach is in the Central time zone and the race starts at 7am. My goal is simply to beat last year's time. I have other specific goals but I'm keeping them on the down low for now.

Thanks to everyone who has wished me well for the race. It is very much appreciated and believe me when I say that knowing so many of you will be tracking me on Saturday is a huge motivation for me. It is a long day and there are always a few rough patches along the way but knowing I'm being "watched" will keep me focused and on task.

I'll leave you with a few pics ...

Super cool bracelet that a former personal training client gave me. LOVE IT!

My Halloween costume. I think I'll wear it to race in too!

Much love and peace out!