Wednesday, June 30, 2010

time flies when you're having fun

i can hardly believe that today is the last day of june, which also means that half the year is gone. 180 days gone in the blink of an eye almost. did that happen fast or what? i started this blog a couple of weeks prior to the beginning of the new year and still can't believe how much fun it has been. the main reason i started blogging was to hold myself accountable to the goal(s) i so badly want to achieve, especially the iron distance race. i thought that maybe a couple of my friends in real life would read it and give me hell if i didn't keep with the program. never in a million years did i think i'd have such really awesome athletes/bloggers following me. bloggers who motivate me on a daily basis with the posts on their blogs and the comments they leave on mine....thank you for keeping me motivated and accountable. i hope to meet some of you someday down the road.

"Goals that are not written down are just wishes. "
~ Unknown

i thought it would be fun to post all of my swim, bike, and run totals since january 1st up to today. so here they are:

swim - 77.62 miles or 124,917.28 meters
bike - 5208.4 miles
run - 676.11 miles

with 114 days to go before the iron distance race, i'm pleased with where i'm at training wise, up to this point. beginning in july, i plan to really focus more on riding the tri bike in the hills and doing the run immediately after, no matter how hot it is. i also plan on gradually increasing my long run. right now, my long run is 11 miles, so i'm right on track. unlike the marathon training, i don't think i'll be taking the long run over 20 miles, which is going to be strange since i'm so used to running a 24-25 mile long run a few weeks prior to a marathon. i've got a totally different mindset with the tri training even though my mind still tries to think like a marathoner.
i've found some really great articles online lately that discuss nutrition and hydration for the 140.6 and so i've come to the conclusion that this race distance is not only about being physically ready but playing it smart. in my mind, there are 5 parts to the race: the swim, bike, run, transitions, hydration/nutrition. the hydration and nutrition will be the hardest parts for me, so i'm working on that a lot now. trying to figure out how many calories i need to eat per hour, how much i need to drink per hour, how much i need to have on me, how much i need to leave behind,'s daunting to say the least but i am researching, studying and testing things out like a guinea pig...a cute guinea pig!

my gosh, it's only wednesday but i'm so ready for the long holiday weekend. the plans call for lots of riding and at least one day at the beach to chill out.
what do you have planned for the weekend??

much love and peace out!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

welcome to hell!

yep, today was hot enough to fry an egg on the road. the last 30 miles, according to weather wunderground was 97.5 degrees but on my cyclocomputer, the heat coming off the road was registering at 105.7 and let me tell you, it felt every bit of 105! i will say this though, i am getting acclimated to the heat more and more every day. that doesn't mean i like it but that i can and will survive in it. here is our ride from today:

we ended up with 83 miles. it was me, my J-man, the squirrel whisperer (aka: Le Roi) and J-man #2. we did one quick refuel at about mile 54 and then finished up. overall, this ride gets a 9 out of 10 stars. it would have gotten a 10 but because it was so freakin hot, a 9 will do.

after we got back to the truck, i did a quick transition and off i went. i only did 2 miles but that was my plan. no more, no less. i used the heart rate monitor feature for the garmin today for the first time and i found it interesting that on the bike my max heart rate was 171 and it was the exact same on the run. coming off the bike to run was not a problem at all. yes i was tired but my legs were able to switch gears easily. even before i decided to get back to doing triathlons this year, i always did bricks (for fun!), so it really isn't all that hard of a transition for me to get used to.

wow! after reading tons of blog posts this week, i can't believe how many of you all are racing this weekend. i would love to do a shout out to all of you but i may be sitting at the computer for hours. so here is one big shout out for all of you:
sending tons of positive race vibes to all of you! i look forward to all the race reports tomorrow and monday.

i especially want to give a shout out to 2 awesome chics who are doing their very first IM at Coeur d'Alene tomorrow...Paula @ Adventure Junkie Mom and to Angie G. who doesn't have a blog (yet!). i will be stalking you online throughout the day. race smart and strong ladies!

hope everyone is having a fine weekend. much love and peace out!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

a new first and roll back thursday

yesterday, i swam the longest distance to date and felt like a million bucks. i knew this a few weeks ago but now i really know that i CAN indeed swim 2.4 miles or more if need be. i ended up swimming 2.36 miles yesterday, to be exact, and could have continued on but i really had to pee. plus, i had a date on the bike at flatwoods with the j-man. this is what i felt like when i got out of the pool:

another thing that made me feel good was there was a young lady in the lane next to me and when i finished we got to talking. She said that i swim so smooth and gracefully. Hey, cool! I may not be the fastest in the water but i'm graceful and i'll claim that. even though i don't do flip turns (not because i don't know how to, but because i had a bad experience once that almost took me out of a marathon i was training for), i do have my own little turn that i do which allows me to stay submerged and not cheat by stopping at the wall. just like fosbury has a flop, kc has a "special" turn at the wall and it is as graceful as my swim.

since today is roll back thursday, in light of the swimming milestone above, i will post one of my older swimming posts from february 24th, to remind me of how far i've come along. here it is:

i believe in miracles

yep, that's me up there in the middle. well, at least that's how i felt after my swim this morning. i know! far cry from my whine-one-one whambulance call last week moaning about how i couldn't swim 200 meters without needing oxygen to recover. so the remainder of last week after tuesday's swim session debacle, i took a break from the pool until yesterday. it was partly because of the weather but mostly because i was feeling defeated. the great weather this weekend got me feeling much better. i biked a lot and didn't give the pool any more thought.

yesterday was triathlon tuesday. so i got my butt out of bed around 4:15am, had a little coffee, went out for my run and then headed to the pool for revenge redemption. as timing would have it, i bumped into chris, the cute lifeguard (i wonder if he will ever read my blog and see this?) and asked him if he knew anything about the swim classes starting up next week. he said he didn't. then i asked him if he'd be interested in giving me private swim lessons and he said he'd be more than happy to train me from the deck for free. so i said, ok, let's do it and don't hold back because i need to hear feedback-the good, the bad, and the ugly.

here are the 2 things he had me do: first was the catch up drill which for some reason, i was having problems grasping on my own but was able to do it once he demonstrated. i felt like i was going to drown or sink but a few laps like that and some reassurance from chris and erin (the other lifeguard) that i was doing just fine and i was on my way. the main thing they kept emphasizing was to slow down. the second thing that chris explained to me was where my hand needed to be entering the water, not a major adjustment, just a tweak. 24 hours later i was back at the pool, this time the long course was set up and i didn't know what to expect. my intention was to do last week's workout again to see where i was and i wasn't expecting much. first set on my list was a 400. i did my 400....
and just kept going and going and going like the energizer bunny until i stopped an hour later with 2100 meters under my belt. seriously, i was pretty much feeling like a rockstar after that. hard to believe that those two simple things could equal such a great result. i now really believe that swimming is 70% skill efficiency and only 30% fitness. since the next 2 mornings are pretty much below 43 degrees and the pool will absolutely not be open, i'll get my 3rd swim in on friday night. we'll see then if today was a fluke or if i finally found my groove in the pool. stay tuned!
as a side note, i still believe that swimming is 70% skill efficiency and 30% fitness.
much love and peace out!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

like water off a duck's back

aaahhhh, it feels good to be blogging again. i feel so guilty when i take too many days off; i don't know why? it makes me feel so out of touch.

anyway, let's rewind back to friday. i'm all about tgif and usually count down the seconds for the work day to end and start getting my weekend on. i look so forward to the weekend rides and that helps get me thru the work week. so friday i got home around 6:30pm, i'm chilling out, waiting for the j-man to call me around 7 (when he gets off from work). yay, the phone rings, it's the j-man (yes, i still get excited when he calls me after all these years) and the first thing he says is, "you aren't going to believe this." i'm thinking, he got laid off but no, someone stole the catalytic converter off of his truck. better said, someone cut it off. for those of you who don't know what that is, here is a picture of one:
someone actually got underneath his truck, at a busy business park and cut this off probably in less than 2 minutes, with a circular saw. imagine for a moment, getting into your normally quiet car, starting it up and it sounds ten times louder than a harley davidson motorcycle!! it will make you crap your pants because you are not expecting that at all. apparently, this is the thing to steal off cars to make a quick buck. salvage yards will pay about $50 a piece for these cat converter's and then they melt them down and extract the metal inside. many of these cat converter's have platinum and 2 other metals inside of them and the salvage yard can make about $6000 per ounce of platinum. these thieves are scum!
 at first we were pissed but like water off a duck's back, we let it go. we decided that we would not let "them" bring us down and ruin our weekend. sure, it threw our weekend plans off a bit because of all the running around we had to do to get the truck fixed but we adapted and chose to rise above. schedules are not always set in stone but i will admit, i don't like when my normally scheduled program gets pulled out from under me without warning. this weekend was a good lesson for me and helped me open my eyes and see that i can adapt under these shitty circumstances, especially when it isn't a life or death situation. i feel so much better now that i got this off my chest...upward and onward! oh wait, one more thing, i asked Mandy at Caratunk Girl to help me out so we both put the Old Caratunk Curse on these thieves. she did her version(click on her link to read her version) and here's the one i said:

ok, on to bigger and better things. i had a good swim and bike yesterday and a great run this morning (7.5 miles before work).

when i left work last night it was like a monsoon and the lightning was absolutely incredible but really scary too. i made it home safely thank goddess and reaped the benefits this morning as it was not nearly as hot or humid. i'm very happy with my training up to this point. i'm following the iron distance schedule on BT. there are several others who are following it as well and they are getting ready to do IMCDA this weekend. i can't wait to get their feedback on it. i like the schedule so far but have tweaked things here and there to fit my needs and level. if no rain tonight, i'll be biking.
in other news, welcome to some new readers. i enjoy reading all the comments and following your blogs. i've added a sidebar (finally!) for current giveaways around the blogosphere and will do my best to keep that up to date. lots of cool stuff out there to win so go check em' out!
much love and peace out!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


it truly has been crazy since friday evening...more on that in my next post, which hopefully, if all goes according to plan, will be on tuesday. seriously, if i could buy (actually purchase) some more time today, i would but it's my bedtime and i gotta get up early to swim but just wanted to make a quick post to say congrats to everyone who raced this weekend. i'm making my way around to your blogs slowly but surely to read your race reports.

good night all! much love and peace out!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hammer time!

wow, i don't think i've gone this long without blogging. you can call it a self-imposed blogging vacation. i really wish we had 1 more day in the week (a non-work day of course) and a couple more hours in the day (non-work hours). i'm sure i'm not alone in wishing that. not a whole lot to report other than the usual...lots of good training time. since i last posted on friday, this is what i've done training wise:
  • saturday - 77 mile ride (roadbike) in the hills with j-man and the squirrel whisperer.
  • sunday - 50.5 mile flat ride (tri-bike) with the j-man.
  • monday - out of sorts b/c of something scurrying around in the attic all night, so i got very little sleep, woke up cranky as hell and went to work. ended up taking the entire day off from training.
  • tuesday - 7.5 mile sweat-fest run in the morning before work, weights/core work after work and HAMMER FEST at flatwoods. (see garmin info below for the details). let's just say i really felt my legs this morning from that ride.
  • this morning-6.5 mile sweat-fest run. this morning was more of a sweat-fest than yesterday! it's bad when you have to call out for someone to bring you a towel before you can step inside the house.
hopefully the weather holds out (chance of rain is about 40% this afternoon) so i can get a good swim in later. fingers crossed!

you can click on view details in the lower right-hand corner for the play by play from the "killer" ride last night. i'll say it now, i'm glad the j-man doesn't have a tri-bike (yet!), otherwise, i'd be dying for sure. for the record, riding with these strong guys makes me so much stronger doubt about it!

i have A LOT of reading (catching up) to do on every one's blogs. usually weekends work out well for playing the catch up game. until next time, have a great rest of the work week and i will leave you all with this lovely poem i found by a guy in south carolina:

In my world,
The water is cold,
The wind is hard,
And the road never ends.

In my world,
There are no losers.
Only competitors
still on their way,
And spectators
waiting to be inspired.

In my world,
Victory is not weighed in gold,
But in determination and courage.

In my world,
There are no boundaries,
No limits,
There is no end.
Every day is the last day of my life,
And the first.

In my world,
The word "can't" does not exist,
And nothing is impossible.

by Olivier Blanchard
Greenville, SC

much love and peace out!

Friday, June 11, 2010

shout out friday is finally here!

first let me say, thank goddess it's friday (thanks to barefoot angie bee for coining the word goddess in that context). i took a much needed vacation day today and as much as going to the beach sounded like a great idea, i soon realized that there were way too many things i needed to get in order around the house before i can go off enjoying myself like that. so far, it has been a great day. i started off with a run, met back up with joel for a bike ride, caught up on blogs, did stuff around the house, and then off to swim later this afternoon. what a life! i love it!

shame on me. i unintentionally missed a few shout outs last week so better late than never i say. congrats to:

~ Mark - Triathlete and father of five - he did the Keuka lake tri and if there are any single ladies in the DC area, Mark has a friend named Adam you may like to meet. click on his link to read all about Adam  Mark's race.

~ Big Daddy Diesel- Tri Diesel - did an aquabike race called the Deer Creek.

Shirley Perly - humble triathlete - did the Casper Marathon in Wyoming. She is doing a marathon in every state as a goal. So far, 46 down, 4 to go. Go Shirley!!

~ Springs. Steel Springs - PR'd at a 10K!

~ Brian - I run forth - ran the 50 mile north face endurance challenge race. 50 miles people! Not a 50k. that's chump change for him. he's a trail running machine.

~ Mike - Hungry like the wolfgram - raced the Lake Mills Sprint tri and came in 8th overall and 2nd in his AG.  Good luck also to Mike who is racing again this weekend and will be doing the Liberty half ironman.

~ Julie - Minnesota milage - ran a half marathon in the nasty heat.

~ Rural Girl - Pee on the bike - said she was going to win 1st female overall at the Green Bay oly tri and she stayed true to her word. congrats on the 1st place finish!

now for those who are racing this weekend, race smart, stay hydrated, do your best and most importantly, HAVE FUN while you do it!

~ Maria - Brings Racine - Hy-Vee olympic distance tri. she will be testing out a new seat too. hope it feels plush and you don't even think about it at all.

~ Kathryn - Making Strides - i believe if i read her blog correctly, she is doing the Tap House 5k this evening.

~ Tonya - Racing with babes - is doing the Marine Corp 17.75K race tomorrow.

~ Run Momma, Run - running the Utah Valley marathon this weekend.
i believe that about covers everyone...i hope! again, congrats to everyone who raced last weekend and to those heading out this weekend. sending lots of positive race mojo your way. looking forward to reading all the wonderful race reports.

much love and peace out!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

my new best friend

this new gadget makes me want to keep going and going and going!

sorry for the teaser post yesterday. some of you caught it and thought blogger was still being quirky as it has been lately. i was playing around with the different ways to post the garmin workouts on this blog and by accident, i hit publish, then deleted it because i didn't like the way it posted. i usually will just do a draft to test out the way things will look but wasn't paying attention and that's what happened. speaking of blogger issues, somehow the font for my blog roll and the description of my blog under the title became smaller all on its own. i'm not gonna mess with that right now though.

for fun and for practice, i am posting last night's awesome ride for your viewing pleasure. i know a lot of you have garmin's but for those who don't and who may be thinking about it, this is for you. i'll post a run tomorrow so you can see that too.

if you click on view details(very bottom, right-hand corner), you can see all kinds of cool data. so far i've really enjoyed using it. kinda keeps me on task especially while running.

and now for something i've been wanting to post for a while but kept forgetting. this is for all you cyclists out there but can easily be adapted to include triathletes too. it's a piece by new york city bike snob from the may 2010 issue of bicycling magazine. enjoy!

Don't be a Pro

Why you shouldn't talk, dress or pee like you're paid to ride

We pass through many stages in our evolution as cyclists. First, we simply ride our bikes, grinning with joy and blissfully unaware of the mistakes we are making. Then, like Adam and Eve, we become self-aware. Our bliss turns to shame and our smiles disappear. This means we're improving, and part of improving is learning what is "pro."

Obsession with being pro usually begins shortly after you've replaced your shorts with bibs, and it ends when you actually become a pro cyclist, which is typically never. Pro behaviors may include maintaining a studied air of mild discomfort at all times while on your bike, wearing embrocation instead of tights and successfully urinating while riding.

Sadly, though, too few people grasp that trying to be pro is just a subtler form of what some might call "being a dork." Take white cycling apparel, for example. Being paid to wear all white is pro; wearing it for free just means you're a rain shower away from showing the group ride your ass.

Having a power meter or a coach is similarly unpro. Whether it's the SRM on Fabian Cancellara's bike or the electric meter on your house, power needs to be measured only when money is changing hands. Otherwise, the label for a person who unnecessarily measures power with electronic equipment is a "geek." And hiring a coach when you're not a pro is like hiring an accountant even though you're exempt from paying income tax.

The truth is that much of what cyclists call "pro" is just obsession with the tools of a trade. It's like getting a bunch of professional dentist equipment, using it to brush your teeth and bragging about how you're "so dental." Really, "pro" just means "cool," and in both cases if you have to try to be it, you're not. There's nothing pro about urinating while riding if you have the luxury of getting off the bike. It's cooler to stop and smell the roses—or relieve yourself on them.

i've made several hundred copies of this article to hand out at the next group ride...just kidding! 

gotta roll now. i have a training calender to fill out that will dictate my life for the next 4 months and i have to say, i am so looking forward to every second of it.

TGIF is right around the corner ya'll. what's on your schedule this weekend?

much love and peace out!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

there's a thin line between love and hate

i'm having a serious love/hate relationship right now...his first name is Garmin, last name is Forerunner, suffix is XT. he was a mail order kind of thing and was dropped off at my doorstep on friday. i placed him on top of the kitchen table and decided that i'd have more time on saturday to play around and get him all set up versus trying to rush to have it ready for our saturday ride. i really don't like doing things half-assed. i'll be back to this in a moment but let me tell you about saturday's fabulous ride in the hills.

we had a guest rider with us. actually, we had three but one in particular is a fellow blogger. some of you are familiar with him...IronBob.
here he is at ironman st. george, utah!!

he did a fabulous job of describing the ride we did, so i encourage you to visit his blog here to read all the nitty, gritty details. all in all, it was a very good training ride for all of us. one of those rides where the heat and humidity makes you tougher...if it doesn't kill you first. i'm doing my best to train in less than favorable conditions as this ironman distance race i'm doing in october can be very hot(and i've been told that it was hot last year). october is a tricky month in florida. it's when you can get a cold front come thru and then none again until december or january. speaking of the weather, i have sweat more in the last 3 days than i can ever remember. it has been unseasonably humid in these parts the last few days. please don't confuse this with a complaint because it isn't. i keep reminding myself how miserable i was all winter (unusually long winter and super cold temps for florida) and how much it hindered my training. training inside is no fun! i'd rather be miserably hot than cold and i'm convinced, hell is not hot like everyone was taught to believe, it's freezing.

ok, back to my garmin. not the one pictured above but same kind of message sort of. i'm not one to give up easy on things. i do sometimes have to walk away and give myself a break from all the troubleshooting. it makes my mind spin out of control. i think i'm getting closer to figuring it out though. the actual unit works flawlessly. i've used it on a bike ride and a run so far and LOVE it! i had some trouble with pairing the unit with the ANT stick but finally got that to work. what i'm having a problem with now is trying to transfer the workout data to 'mygarmin' so i can actually see the data. i've gotten as far as where the data begins to transfer and says so on the garmin screen and shows on my PC screen that it is transferring but it never fully completes. i left it going last night thinking maybe i wasn't being patient enough (not one of my virtues) and when i got up this morning to check it, it was in the exact same mode. nothing transferred. i'm not sure what to do. again, i had to step away from the computer before i went and grabbed joel's baseball bat in the garage to take care of business. so i guess it's back to the garmin forum to see what the hell the deal is. but i'll leave that for later. if anyone has had this happen and you know the trick, please let me know.
on the training front, all has been going well. doing all of my workouts as planned. i had a very good 10 mile run yesterday and really enjoyed using the garmin. it was nice to know what my actual pace was and i like how it vibrates and beeps when you hit each mile. my last 2 miles were the fastest.

in other news, i decided not to post my weekly numbers anymore. instead, i'll just post them at the end of each month. mostly because i'm finding that i don't really get time to blog over the weekend and by the time i do, the numbers are 3 days old, so who cares at that point...i know i don't.

that's all i got for now. lately, jc and i have been experiencing a serious case of the Monday's everyday of the week it seems. me thinks we need to get a way for a while...
one of my favorite beaches...ft. desoto. about an hour drive from our house!
much love and peace out!

Friday, June 4, 2010

it's shout out friday kiddies!

wow! i can't believe how many friends are racing this weekend. sending lots of positive race vibes to all of you. before i list everyone out, i apologize in advance if i forget anyone. i tried my best to stay on top of who is doing what this weekend and that is not easy. i've started keeping a notepad with me so i can take notes to remember these kinds of important details.

~ Matty O and his lovely wife Heather the duathlon virgins are doing the Nordonia Hills duathlon tomorrow. it's their first one.
~ Katye is doing a marathon in San Diego...her first 26.2 miles ever.
Kathryn and Teresa, 2 local florida girls are representing! They are doing a sprint triathlon in Dunedin this weekend.
~ Angie Bee is doing the Dam to Dam 20K with no shoes!
~ James is doing the Heat Wave triathlon. I think that is an aptly named triathlon for the south.
~ Aimee is doing a sprint tri.
~ Christi is doing the IM Kansas 70.3.
~ Jon is doing Mooseman 70.3.

race smart and strong you all! put your best foot forward and leave nothing behind. i look forward to reading some great race reports soon.

much love and peace out!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

swimsuit fiasco and throw back thursday

yes, that's right, my 3 month old swimsuit is ruined. i'm known for taking good care of all my gear (bikes, clothes, running shoes, etc) and i always, always, always, wash out my swimsuit as soon as i get home from swimming so that the chlorine won't damage it. yesterday was no different. i swam in the morning, got home and before i even went out to finish up with a run, i rinsed the swimsuit out really well and hung it out to dry. when i got home yesterday, i grabbed it to put in my workout bag and i noticed that i could see small specs of white, which turned out to be the elastic lycra material. basically, it's like see thru bike shorts except the see thru is from my abs upward if you know what i mean. fortunately, the swimsuit is reversible so i can wear it on the red side but not the black side...go figure. i will be buying a new suit this weekend. has this happened to anyone else. could it be that the chlorine in the pool was extra potent? maybe it ate thru while i was swimming and i didn't notice it immediately after i was done. i dunno. i did wear it tonight to swim (red side) and all was well but i can see the thinness of the material and it's just a matter of time before it turns see thru. for some reason, i kept thinking about the chlorine ate my swimsuit and it triggered one of my favorite movie lines from the movie, A Cry in the Dark with Meryl Streep when she says in a really heavy Australian accent, "a dingo ate my baby." actually, what really came to mind was the Seinfeld episode where Elaine says the line. by the way, i'm a huge Seinfeld fan and own all of the seasons on dvd. i still laugh like crazy every time i watch them.

now for throw back thursday. this is the part where i bring back an earlier post that probably most of you missed since my blog was in its infancy and i had very few followers  friends. i think the earlier posts help explain a lot about me and what makes me tick...and, where my motivation comes from. enjoy!

good bye 2009, hello 2010!

time really does go by fast as you get older. why is that? another decade gone just like that. now it's time to take stock of this year and plan bigger and better goals for the new year. overall, 2009 was a good year; no complaints here. i still have a wonderful job with a very strong company, i have wonderful friends around me, a roof over my head, and a wonderful life partner who supports me in all of my endeavors...although he thinks i'm a little crazy sometimes, he still "gets" me.

i was fortunate enough to run 2 marathons this year. one, here in tampa and the other in beautiful san francisco. i feel blessed to live in a state that i can ride my bike and run outside year round. unfortunately, the weather messed up a few of my planned cycling events this year so i'm hoping that 2010 cooperates better with me.

some goals i have for 2010: run the gasparilla half marathon on february 28th. i was going to run the full marathon but just don't have the mind set to train for another 26.2 yet. the last marathon took a lot out of me mentally and physically. it took a long time to learn but i do try to listen to my body and i heard it loud and clear. it said, "KC, don't do the full marathon, concentrate on the swim, swim, swim, and more swim and like it! don't spread yourself too thin." with that said, i'll start that routine the first week of january then put that all together with the bike and swim and do a sprint triathlon on March 28. i have a couple of other tri's in mind but mostly, i have my eyes on the prize which is the great floridian triathlon - a 2.4 mile swim/112 mile bike/26.2 mile run on october 23, 2010. there will be lots of training to do this year but i enjoy it thoroughly and the reward is priceless; something i can't even put into words.

in a nutshell, sport mirrors life. at least for me it does. it's not just about another workout. it's so much more than that. it's a steady dose of sanity without having to pop a pill. it's the place i find my peace. somehow a good run or bike ride erases the craziness of everyday life and then you wash, rinse and repeat.
tomorrow is shout out friday, so stay tuned for that. looks like there are a bunch of you doing races this weekend.

Much love and peace out!