Friday, September 9, 2011

you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ …

Whoa, that lovin' feeling,
You've lost that lovin' feeling,
Now it's gone...gone...gone...wooooooh.

so sorry if that song is now stuck in your head playing over and over again. misery loves company ya know.

maybe i overdosed on nyquil last night because this morning i woke up and i made a crazy decision. wait! rewind for a moment. i’ve got a cold, thanks to the j-man and an indirect thanks to the coworker who gave it to him because he touched her mouse …computer mouse. sleeping with the enemy always guarantees that you too will get the crud. ok, back to my not so smart decision. so i wake up when the alarm went off at 3:15am to access how i feel. not too bad, throat is sore, a little cough but nothing to stop me from doing my 18 mile run. out the door i go by 3:45am, hitting some good mile splits, 8:26, 8:05. 7:44. 7:48, and this goes on for 13 miles, feeling like a supah-star. i’m thinking to myself, “woo-hoo, i beat you sucker (me talking to the cold)!” different story for the last 5 miles as fatigue came over me like a tidal wave but i can happily report that i finished with an average pace per mile of 8:06. 3 positives: long run done, great pace considering the circumstances and no more long runs for 2 weeks. 1 negative: i went to work after the long run and had to pack it up early and come home. then i crashed and fell asleep for what felt like a minute to only be rudely woken up by the “yard” guys with their noisy blowers, weed eaters, etc…

love-hate runningnow allow me to address the song about losin’ that lovin’ feelin’. this is how i’ve been feeling about the long runs and it only started happening this year. i actually used to look forward to running, 18, 20, 22 miles at a pop but not so much anymore. what’s wrong with me …or is it, what’s right with me? see, BT (Before Triathlon), i only did marathons. i still biked a lot but more for cross training effects, so the long run was a staple of my diet for 13 years. honestly, i don’t miss it at all and even though technically i still do marathons, you don’t really train for them quite the same way when you are getting ready for an ironman. the bottom line is, i’m over long runs, i still have a couple scheduled, i will get them done, but i may bitch about it a little. give me a 100 mile bike ride any day over a long run and i will gladly do that instead.

speaking of riding, i’m supposed to be riding both weekend days in the hills but not sure how i will feel until i get up in the morning and access the situation. hopefully, i do a better job at the accessing part than i did this morning.

ok, i’m going back to sleep now. plus, it’s raining so the yard guys have been scared off by the lightning and thunder.

much love and peace out!


  1. I wonder if this will happen to me. I am going to try to keep one marathon on my schedule each year because I love it but maybe that's because I haven't hit that 100 mile ride yet.

    I do love riding and this weekend I am running Sat for 2h15m and then Sun riding for 3h30m plus 40m run.

    We shall see what I love more!

    And is this 2 posts in consecutive days? You must be sick. HA!

  2. I'm a blogging machine this week Jason! You've got some nice training scheduled this weekend. Let me know if you lose that lovin' feelin' after the run, LOL!

  3. No doubt I will let you know since you will be on my shoulder telling me to keep going anyway...u might get cursed at without even knowing it.

    Get that rest you need for your rides this weekend. IMFL will be here soon and I am fired up for you.

  4. Seriously. I get it. I was SO THERE during IM training!! I used to look forward to my long runs. I started DREADING them. That is partially why I have taken a "time out" because I am just not into it. I feel like if I force it is worse. But I am staying active, just not doing SBR stuff. I think the long rides got to me after a while.

  5. I hear ya on the riding versus running. I'd ride any day over a long run. Maybe I need to do my first marathon and then see if I catch the running bug!

  6. Girrrrlll-bike over run any day I am there WITH you!!!

    Great job on your 18 =)

  7. I'm there with you. I used to love long runs in my "prime" during my marathon phase of life..

    today.... not so much..

    Do I hear a nice long 9 miler? Now we are talking. Of course my 9 milers take as long as your 18 milers so that's not a fair comparison.

    Yard guys? Hell, that's me. I am confused, I'm the one that is supposed to be in the rich community (inside joke for you non Tampons, isn't that what we are called)?

  8. Had the same thing happen to me this week! Maybe doing some specific Bike races might entice you!!! I love bike racing!!

  9. Maybe it is because you are running your long runs too fast? Purpose of the long run: Endurance and not speed, right? Just saying . . . and thinking aloud! Get better! - Navy Steve

  10. I hear ya...I'm still trying to figure out my fall marathon training and how to get around weekly longs :) errr

  11. My run today was glorious and I have certainly not lost that loving feeling.

    A 2h15m run that covered 16.5 miles and negative split it too!

    For one more week I am loving the long run.

  12. Jason, send some of that long run love over here for my next long run in 2 weeks!
    Awesome job ...negative split? You rock man!
    Getting ready to watch my Rays beat up the Red Sucks, oops, I mean Sox, again!

  13. On its way over right now.

    We finally got to enjoy cooler weather. 63* at the start of the run helped a tremendous amount.

    Go Rays!

  14. Awesome job on completing your mileage; I've never trained for an IM but I can just imagine how difficult it would be to stay motivated while doing so much training. Hope your "wanna be cold" goes away and you can continue on the road.
    P.S..I would also choose biking over running..some days :)
    Have a great one!

  15. Almost every bike ride rocks, almost every run doesn't. That's just how it is. I've accepted this.

  16. late to this party but am hoping you are feeling better today!

  17. 100 mile bike ride over a long run ANY DAY!

  18. hope you are feeling better now.... can't wait to see u soon :0

  19. I hope you are feeling better for the riding and do NOT lose that lovin' feeling for the rides! Long runs just take a toll on my body to recovery quickly anymore....still love them, but just hate feeling like a zombie for 24-hours after. Bleh.

  20. Just reading this post now.. Hope you're feeling better about the long ride/run lovin'!!!

  21. I'm so behind on blogs KC... how are you feeling? Something miserable is going around. Hubby had it, both my parents had it, my sister had it. I think I lived with a bottle of hand sanitizer in my hands for the last two weeks. Knock on wood I haven't gotten it. way to knock out that long run. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!