Saturday, October 29, 2011

calling all stalkers

a39df666c8bd91eaa16ab0f5aed68eef43before i address my stalkers, let me tell you all about how the taper is going. i still hate it more than anything but i totally get why it is so important and have kept with the program as much as the balls to the wall side of me has been itching to come out. i have actually enjoyed the shorter, more intense workouts as of late but do miss my long, steady runs and bike rides A LOT! 

it was raining here this morning so i opted to hit the gym for a quick swim and run. i usually always hit the gym right as they open during the week and i am used to seeing the same folks and i'm also used to all their quirks (i don't have any quirks, lol). the weekend is much different and i should have known it would be an interesting outing. first thing that i notice is there is a guy in MY lane (the lane i always swim in during the week) and he is swimming the backstroke and he is breathing so loud thru pursed lips. he sounded like darth vader. at first i didn't know what it was. kinda scared me. thank goodness i can't hear that when i'm swimming. but wait, there's more. so i get done with a fantastic quick 2100 meter swim and immediately change into my running attire. i see a nice treadmill at the very end of the aisle and jump on, put my music on and WTF?? the guy running next to me sounds like he is having an orgasm. even with my music at the max volume, i can hear him. i'm so serious, not exaggerating at all. i give him THAT look. the look that says, seriously dude, is that necessary and would you SHUT THE F UP! i look over at his speed ...6 mph! are you kidding me? i would have thought he was running 10 mph at the very least the way he was carrying on. i could only deal with it for about 0.25 miles and finally stopped the treadmill and went to another t-mill far, far away. oh, and by the way, this guy was not in poor shape, he was tall, thin and athletic looking so i think he's been watching too much women's tennis. 



Ok, enough of that silliness, let’s get to the real deal, the low down, the 411 …cuz Trick love the kids and KC love the stalkers (I only know a few who will totally “get” that last sentence).

For those of you who expressed interest in stalking me Saturday, November 5th, this is the info you need to do it:

Go to

Click on Tracking

Enter my bib number or last name: #399 or Concepcion

If you’d like to see the race streaming live, go to:

And click on the video stream in the right corner of the webpage. As the athletes begin to finish, the video will stream from the finishline and that is so much fun to watch. I wish I could tell you an exact time to be on the lookout for me but I don’t like to jinx myself. I will approximate as best as I can though. The race begins at 7am, so maybe you can start looking for me around 6pm …how’s that?

Also, for you entertainment, i have employed probably the WITTIEST CHIC EVER to pirate my facebook page and do periodic updates that should prove to be very amusing. 

I have one more blog post to do before i'm off to PCB and there could possibly be a video involved ...maybe. so stay tuned. 

I hope you all are having a fab weekend! Thanks for reading ...

much love and peace out!


  1. Woo Hoo!!!! I am so excited that it is almost stalking time. I wish I was going to be there in person but know that I will send you the best vibes I can. After all you are my hero!!!


  2. Yay!! So excited for your race! Woop!

  3. Um, I know I have been seemingly absent for a while, but I actually have been here all along. As soon as I saw the "Calling All Stalkers" blog, I thought... wait! I stalk KC!!

    KC, you are an inspiration. You are totally going to kick ass. One of these days, I will get all my ducks in order and kick ass like you. Tapering is tough, but you are going to be strong and ready to rock it homeslice.

    Kick Ass!

  4. Totally going to be stalking! I offered to update daily mile on Denise's behalf. I'd be happy to do the same for you if you want. Just tell anyone interested to friend me.

    Will email later this week.

  5. I get to stalk you in person... that's super cool!

  6. This whole week I've been thinking about your IM and how I get to stalk you! You better believe I'll be tuned in all day. You're going to do amazing, and I can't wait!

    P.S. I was laughing about the guy next to you on the treadmill. HILARIOUS!

  7. I cannot wait. I am on pins and needles for you, as a matter of fact let me be the nervous one for you and you just go and kick ass the KC way.

    You are going to own that course and I will be stalking and can't wait to laugh at Beth's tweets. Those are going to be epic.

    Tell Mandy and Colleen and Matt and Heather I said hello.

    Much Love And Peace Out

  8. Cannot wait!

    I hate it when somebody is in "my lane" at the pool too. Bastards.

  9. My next favorite IM thing to do besides racing is stalking!!

    The guys at the gym... Isn't it obvious? Mating calls

  10. I am never in your lane because I HATE that lane. LOL ... and maybe that guy WAS having an orgasm ... perhaps from having such a hot babe running next to him? Just a thought. ;)

    We wanted to be there in person but work and life has got in the way (plus we have Cure on Wheels next weekend too) so we will be Android stalking you. We will try to be quiet.

  11. Yay! you are going to do great! Cant wait to see the race report! And I hate when I hear grunting! I cannot concentrate on running either!

  12. oooh i love IM stalking! can't wait!

  13. So stoked. I will be stalking you in person!! :)

  14. GO KC GO! Can't wait to stalk you! :)

  15. YAY! YAY! YAY! So excited for you, girl! I’ll be stalking along for sure! KICK SOME ASS, Kc!!!!

  16. oh man! that's some serious pressure. lol! i'm so excited for you. and will update and stalk appropriately. or not. hee hee...

  17. Tapering is always always super difficult for me. It's a mixed blessing, cause it's kinda nice to take a chill pill but...sooooo much pent up energy.....