Thursday, December 15, 2011

crunching the numbers & plans for 2012

i know it isn't Friday, the only day i like to blog, but tomorrow is a rather special post and none of this stuff would properly fit into that topic.

i pulled out my carry along abacus last night to crunch the numbers year to date and here's what i've been doing all year, besides working full time, blogging, and doing my best to maintain a normal life at home *(last year's numbers)*:

run: 1218 miles      *(1406)*
bike: 10,048 miles *(9867)*
swim: 126 miles     *(113)*

and the year ain't over yet folks!
the run makes me sad to compare with last year but i had 3 solid months of crappy running or barely running, thanks to a jacked up hammy issue. but i'm thankful that it resolved and that's all that matters now. the bike? what can i say, i love riding and i'll do it as much as i possibly can, no matter what. with our almost perfect year round weather for cycling, i just can't help myself. i knew the swim would be way better than last year. mostly because of kicking the YMCA to the curb and joining LA Fitness. best decision of 2011 right there. now that i know what i've done so far, the OCD side starts to take over as i crunch the numbers to see what i can do in these last 2 weeks to make those numbers all pretty and even. maybe i can get in 82 miles of running by December 31 to make it to 1300 miles and 252 more miles on the bike to make it to 10300 miles and 4 more miles of swimming to make it 130 miles total. I think the hardest one will be the running but I will give it a good try.

i pretty much have 2012 races all planned out. looks like i can get all of them in before the world ends on 12/12/12. i lucked out! i have some specific goals for most of these races but i'm saving that for another time. here are the race plans for 2012:

2/12/12 - St. Pete RnR half marathon
3/4/12 - Gasparilla half marathon
3/25/12 - Ocala HITS half iron
5/20/12 - Florida 70.3
11/3/12 - Ironman Florida

i would like to maybe find something between Florida 70.3 and IMFL but so far, i haven't seen anything that grabs me. there are several centuries that i do annually in between that time frame so really, there isn't a huge gap of nothingness between May and November. more than likely, i will do the 6 Gap ride again (that tough as nails 104 mile ride with 11,000+ feet of climbing) in Georgia at the end of September. so who else is doing one or more of the same races i'm doing? i hope to meet many more new faces at the races (i rhymed, heh!) this year.

a long, long time ago when i first started my blog (2 year anniversary coming up next week!), i mentioned that i have stacks and stacks of race t-shirts in my bedroom armoire and if i had to guesstimate, i'd say at least 100 shirts. as long as i can remember, i have been saying that i'm collecting them so that i can have a quilt made with all of them. so i'm asking all of my friends out in blog land, if you, or someone you know has a race quilt and if so, who made it and are you happy with how it turned out? i see a lot of different quilt businesses that you can send your t-shirts to but i would like to get a little feedback first and a possible recommendation or two before i hand off my prized possessions to just anyone. i'm very emotionally attached to those race shirts, even the one's that are 3 sizes too big!

have a great day ya'll! much love and peace out!


  1. I like your race schedule for next year. I know how hard you train, and the may-nov gap will give you focused training for IMFL. By the way, I'm planning on doing 6-gaps with you next year. I'll have to get back into bike shape, and I probably won't see you till the end, but I'm planning on being there.

    I made a quilt for Jennifer when we were dating, and it turned out awesome, but I don't think you want me making your t-shirt quilt! :)

  2. your numbers are insane! you are my hero. also, WTG on the swimming. you brought the numbers up there and saw the benefit.

    i think the quilt idea is a great one! i have no idea who does those but i'd love to see yours finished.

  3. Wow, freaking awesome numbers

    I want to make a shirt quilt as well, I want to hear if any one has dealt with a good company

  4. I had a quilt made of my marathon shits back in the 90s... Local lady in Houston put it together.

    She asked if she could use it as advertisement at the Houston Marathon Expo. My wife said yes. It was stolen from her car...
    Boy, did my heart sink when I found out... still upsets me today, but I still have the memories...

    I need to get to about half of your miles... that would be nice

  5. Wonderful year KC!

    Your bike mileage never ceases to amaze me!

  6. I had a couple of tee shirt quilts made by Campus Quilt. Expensive but they did a good job.

  7. Awesome, awesome numbers there KC! Love the idea of the race quilt. I just started sort of storing my race shirts away with that same thought process. Good idea to get some recommendations, can you imagine shipping all your shirts off and getting something back that didn't make you happy? that would be tragic!

  8. Your training volume is out of control! Love the 10k+ miles on the bike :)

  9. Are we separated at birth? I just looked at all of my numbers last week and (while they are no where near as crazy awesome as yours) I was trying to figure out what workouts I needed to get in to even the numbers out. :)

    And, I just put away a bunch of race t-shirts with the same idea of having a race quilt made. Seriously!

    I hope the end of the world waits until after the Triple T showdown in 2013. This just might be some Team USA propaganda. Just sayin'.. ;)

  10. That's a lot of miles!! What a great year you've had. I'm sure 2012 will be just as much fun.

  11. oh wow, i love the idea of the race shirt quilt! i have about 40 billion of those stupid shirts.

  12. Your numbers for the year are amazing! Here's to another great year in 2012.

  13. Great mileage for the year, makes mine look like warm up numbers!

  14. In serious awe of your numbers. I love the idea of the quilt. Check with your local sewing/quilt store and see if they know anyone who does them. Probably your best bet is local if at all possible.

  15. Impressive! The places I found online to do the quilt were fairly expensive (around $250 range) but my brother says he knows someone that would be willing to help me make my own so make a friend with someone who owns a sewing machine!

  16. Impressive mileage!!! Your race schedule looks awesome - I'm psyched to follow along!

  17. Awesome numbers! I'm doing a similar challenge with my running numbers. I lost 3 weeks to a broken toe and fell behind a bit but now I am playing catchup and shooting for an even 1500 by the end of the year. When I last did the math I had to average 42 miles a week and I think I have been doing that.

    Awesome race schedule! Sadly I don't think our paths will cross this year unless your summer schedule changes. You should come race Muncie 70.3. I think I'm going to do that one and am working on getting MattyO and BDD to join me.

  18. Oh. And check out I think she ordered a race shirt quilt a while back and was happy with it.

  19. AWESOME schedule!! I think I will be at IMFL cheering again :) I could totally go pro cheering. haha

    I thought of doing the shirt/quilt as well. Awesome idea.

  20. Sorry Gangsta - I am playing catch up yo!

    Your miles are of the CHAIN. If anyone can even them out I would say it would be you but they are straight trippen where they are!

    Love the quilt idea! And you know I will see you at IMFl and if all goes well HITS =)

  21. Rockstar or as Summer points out Gangsta....

    Your schedule looks great as well. Wish I was at some of those but then again you never know where I'll show up.

    And the world cannot end on 12/12/12 as that is only my 39th b-day and I want to turn 40 and not just according to USAT.

    Much Love And Peace Out!

  22. I've got one of my husbands secretaries about to make him a quilt...uh, me a quilt of all of our race tshirts. She sews a lot...very crafty....I'll let you know how it goes...