Tuesday, March 6, 2012

just wanted to let you know ...

i promise to update my blog this week. i had a february straight out of hell. that is all.

as a side note, i'm not feeling the wordpress thing so much yet so rather than not blog at all,  i am going to stay here on blogger until i have the time to really understand wordpress a little better. in other words, wordpress is frustrating me and i'm finding myself avoiding blogging all together. thanks for reading.

much love and peace out!


  1. Glad to hear you are alive!!!! You've been missed!

    What's up with Wordpress?????

  2. glad you are back sister. i'm having trouble getting this blog back on the blog roll. hm. i'll keep at it.

  3. Good to finally meet you in person the other day - glad you grabbed me at the finish line! I can't hit wordpress from work - so I am all good that you are back here!

  4. I wondered where you went. What the hell happened in February. It sucked for us too. :(

    Stick with blogger... you don't have to think much to use it. Just remember to post reminders when you write on FB so we remember to check it!


  5. Good to see you back. Not feeling WordPress either.

  6. Well good to know about wordpress I get frustrated with blogger too sometimes but I'm not savvy enough to make changes. Welcome back!