Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my first vlog

i'm not too shy when it comes to taking a picture but a video? that's another story. miraculously, just overnight, i came over my shyness and put a little video together for today's blog + blog = vlog!

many of you have asked about the tracking for the race. there are several options to pick from and here they are:
Then click on the Community tab at the top
Then click on GFT live – 2010!


They will be utilizing facebook and twitter before, during and after the Great Floridian. Click HERE to view the Great Floridian facebook page. Click HERE for the twitter feed from The Great Floridian. If you are on twitter and want to post about the Great Floridian please include the hashtag #GFT20.

for those of you (my wonderful friends/fans) who are going to watch, you are the best and i can't wait to see you all at the finishline. Click HERE if you still need directions.

i'll probably get to blog one last time tomorrow and then we are heading up to Clermont on friday early afternoon so i can catch one of the mandatory pre-race meetings, get settled in at the hotel and start getting all my stuff together. i hate the thought of leaving my bike overnight and it isn't mandatory but...we'll see.

thanks for reading...much love and peace out!


  1. Turns out Lauren (Arnie's wife) is having her annual Costume Party Saturday so he is out of commission for a ride. Plus, my 12 year old has his last football game of season that day.... looks like I will be following on line vs. in person. So, keep your eyes on the road, wind at your back, and may the sun not beat down on you too much!! Have fun out there!!

  2. Good Luck in your race! It's amazing how bright it is there 'overnight'!

  3. I love your vlog!!


  4. That was AWESOME!! You look so relaxed and tapered and ready to roll!!! Can't wait to "watch" ya, girl!! GOOD LUCK and have a blast!

  5. Love the vlog! Best of luck this weekend! You know you have done the work, now just let it roll. Can't wait to see those great splits when it's over! Woohoo!

  6. Wow you look so relaxed! You are so ready that is why you look so relaxed.

    We will all be thinking of you and sending positive race vibes your way all day long!

    Make sure to slow down a couple of times (only for like a second though) during the race and enjoy the day! This is your reward for all the hard days of training!

  7. How cute are you and your Vlog?! Love it! Can't wait to follow you online! You're going to do awesome!

  8. Loved the vlog! I am so excited for you! You are going to ROCK it! Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!

  9. Great VLog! and I really like your race "strategy"... Good Vibes to you KC!!


  10. Way to step out of your comfort zone! Good luck this weekend, I'll be thinking of you.

  11. This is great!! You are going to kick some bootie homeslice!

    You are going to love the race, and love the recovery. Oh, and you will most certainly sign up for another. I know I would!

    Rooting for you all day Saturday. Good luck!

    p.s. i recommend eating some chicken wings and drinking beer for a good month afterward

  12. KC-
    Been thinking about you... Good on ya for making your Vlog! :)
    GOOD LUCK on Saturday. This is your moment to shine- I'm very proud of you!

  13. I love the vlog! The training has really paid off for you because you definitely look awesome! Go out there and kill it!

  14. KC,
    Been thinking about you and wanted to wish you the absolute best as you embark on this amazing journey. Your preparation has been fabulous - now is the celebratory part. Will be rooting for you in spirit. Have a teriffic race!

  15. Great VLog....enjoyed watching it and will be cheering for you.

    You are going to do great....enjoy the journey to the finish line and cross with a smile.....

  16. Good luck to you Lady! You have been working so hard...I know that you are going to do awesome! You look amazing...really, you look so fit! Love the VLOG:) Go get it done!!!

  17. Best of luck KC!! I am so stalking you!! You are going rock it, I just know it!!!! Enjoy the journey!! FINALLY I got to check out the Vlog, LOVE IT!

  18. Thanks everyone! I'll be heading out this afternoon, catch the last pre-race mandatory meeting at 6pm and then leave everything behind, so to speak. If I could only leave my brain won't shut off. LOL! I'm sure i will feel the stalking tomorrow and that in and of itself will give me lots of energy knowing that you all are out there with me. THANK YOU AGAIN!