Sunday, August 28, 2011

forever seeking balance

You cannot afford to wait for perfect conditions. Goal setting is often a matter of balancing timing against available resources. Opportunities are easily lost while waiting for perfect conditions.
~ Gary Ryan Blair

this week, training week number 12 out of 20 for ironman florida (whaaaat?), has been a very interesting one in the training department side of my life. as most of you already know, i tend to weigh heavy on the bike mileage, a nice moderation of miles with the running and a little skimpy on the swim. this week, i confessed to all of my friends on daily mile that i hadn’t swam in 3 weeks (hangs head in shame). i’m not even sure why but i have a theory or two. first one is that it isn’t nearly as convenient (or as fun) as cycling or running. with cycling and running, i can leave right from my front door. no getting in the car, packing a bag, etc …the second theory is that the times i have skipped out on swimming for a couple of weeks, i’ve never taken a step back. in fact, i feel like i improve. go figure! however, as true or not the second theory is, i am not letting that interfere with my training balance anymore. i mean it!

i have to thank my blog buddy Summer at the blue line runner for giving me the kick in the ass that i needed. kind of a funny story how this all came about but she couldn’t have texted me at a better time. as i’m sitting at work on wednesday, i get a text from Summer saying, “I’m going to tell you that I AM making myself swim today so that I can be held accountable. I have zero swimming motivation and it’s making me ill” imagine what a hypocrite i felt like when i read that text. long story short, i confessed to Summer that i hadn’t swam in 3 weeks and we came up with a plan to hold each other accountable from here on out. i’m happy to report that we both went above and beyond the call of duty with out training this week. it does help tremendously to have someone you know isn’t afraid to call you out if you aren’t holding up your end of the deal. we should all have a buddy training system like that.  anyway, we promised each other that we would not do any less than 2 swims a week from here until our respective race. THANK YOU SUMMER!

i have so much fun posting my workouts on daily mile. the people on there are awesome motivators! here are just a few fun excerpts of my daily mile training log from this crazy “seeking balance” week:

sri chinmoy run

i ran my long run around my 0.47 mile neighborhood. did i go stir crazy? no, i did not. i turned off my brain and turned up the kickin’ tunes. it was actually kinda nice as i had my little aid station set up and could access it any time i needed it. i felt like i did last year around this time …healthy and running strong with no pain whatsoever. i’m so grateful that my hamstring healed.

Long ass swim

making up for lost time here. just needed to prove to myself that i can still do the distance on any given day. i felt strong, smooth and even more confident.

Freakin trainer ride

i’m not sure which is more crazy, running around the block for 17 miles or riding the trainer for 51 miles. i think the trainer is the toughest mentally. i had to get this done just for sanity’s sake. i tend to get super irritable when i my planned workout goes down the drain which happened this morning with all the rain. in order to not be a miss pissy pants all day, i sucked it up and did my 51 mile ride on the trainer from hell. i’m sure the j-man appreciates that i did it.

overall, it was a great week. i found balance again and intend to keep it until race day gets here which is now 69 days away. i have a fast, flat century on the schedule for next sunday called the Bok Tower Century. it is part of the tour of sebring that begins on friday.

some odds-n-ends ….i re-did my music playlist so all of you music hounds, pump up the volume!! i was tagged by Jenn at Junk Miles to post 7 past blog links under certain categories and i left my list of links on my desk at work so that one is coming up next time. should be a fun one!

much love and peace out!


  1. KC you are doing great. I am so proud that you have found a virtual partner to hold you accountable. You got this girl!

  2. As I said on FB, I have been in a pissy mood all day too because I couldn't ride this morning, can't run because of foot issue, and stuck in the house all damn day. I know what you mean about losing a training day. Luckily I have your blog (and a few others you have directed me to) to keep me inspired.

  3. I am glad I was able to give you a kick in the keister! Funny how that whole situation worked out. I know now that you are keeping me accountable for my two swims per week that I will NOT allow myself to slack again. You have my full permission to come kick my a@@ if I even attempt to miss another swim! Regarding your 17 mile orbit I still stick with my earlier conclusion… you wrote the book on mental fortitude! The 51 mile trainer ride… I can’t talk about that yet my mind is still mush. You have got an intense determination that shows in everything you do and I admire the hell out of that. I have never “met” you in person but trust me when I say I have more respect for you than most of the people I see everyday. I wish we all had more of your self motivation and drive for success! Keep on kicking Ass and taking names guru! Peace

  4. I love that you run around you block for your long runs. If I lived in an area like that, I'd try it for sure. Holy Cow, that's impressive to ride 51 miles on a trainer. I don't know if I could do that. Way to force yourself on the swimming. You're gonna rock out on IM Florida! Keep up the good work.

  5. You are crazy doing that run and that trainer ride! But that's serious mental toughness building! You've got this.

  6. loving the new tunes lady! don't worry about the swim, you'll catch up in no time but it is good you and Summer keepin' an eye on each other. hm. i think i need someone to do that with me for the bike! lol

  7. Let me say this: WTF going three weeks without swimming? That is unheard of but I'm glad Summer kicked your a$$ back into line. She is a great person.

    The music as always rocks and I can't thank you enough for that.

    0.47 miles for a total of 17 miles? WTF that is crazier than no swimming for 3 weeks.

    51 miles on the trainer? WTF that is crazier than running a half-mile loop for 17 miles.

    HA go and keep pouring awesomsauce onto your training plan.

  8. girl, a little bit of UGH here! running around the block and then getting on the trainer? Whew. your mental game must be pretty rocking.

  9. 51 miles on the need to start a contest for the bloggers on longest trainer rides and the impact on our heads because they are torturous!

  10. wk12!

    nice 17miler on the shortcourse

    great mental training fo sho


  11. Ithinnk 17 Miles on 1/2 loop circuit is far worse than the 51 miles on the trainer...I've done 14at the track when recovering from the hamstring and prepping for the 1/2, but it was rough!!! but I do like the aid station set up...may try it in a 1 mile loop!! Good on ya for gettin the swim done! :)

  12. Already at week 12? Doesn't seem possible!

    I skip on the swim too. Why? I enjoy swimming though that's the crazy part. I guess it's a convenience thing, but we always say it's the shortest part of the race. Huh... maybe I'd get better if I did it more!

    Congrats on finding the balance. Maybe I should use you as my accountability partner!

  13. Well, I can say with 100% certainty that I have never trained for an Ironman :), but I have really been swimming for all my adult life and it seems to me, if I skip even a few months, I really lose nothing. Absolutely nothing. I think if I ever did train for an IM (gasp. But I am intrigued!!) I think I would probably end up skimping more on the swimming than anything...though I have to admit, I swam a mile today and rode my bike to and from the gym and all I could think of on my way home was, "I want off this stupid bike!!" I wish my girl bits didn't hurt so much biking!! Haha.

    Nice job, KC - you are so freaking strong!!!

  14. yeah, it's close on the craziness. on one hand, riding 51 miles on the trainer is about the norm here during the winter. i am convinced that mental illnesses amongst triathletes where it could quite possibly snows for 8 months out of the year has to be exponentially higher than say, florida... you big whiner!

    i think running around the block for 17 miles shows an unbelievably dedicated amount craziness. holy s!

    hey... 7 days to go, and i think i am still pretty funny. we'll see how damn funny i am at mile 15 of the run when i can't feel my legs.

    p.s. looks like i am heading down to ft. myers in december... hope to catch a non-training for iron distance ride in with you !