Saturday, December 26, 2009

are we almost there yet?

so the goal this year somehow evolved from a training log i started on july 2, 2007. i was lurking thru someone's blog i happened upon and she had this really nifty workout log and it read, click to see my entire workout log so i did. i was so impressed that i registered and started my own log and to this day, have religiously kept up logging every workout i do. eventually, i found this neat feature called reports so i clicked on it and was able to pick a specific time frame and see what i had done up to that point. on one occasion last year, i pulled a report and was amazed to see that i was at about 7,000 cycling miles with 4 months left in the year. that's where the goal started. i said to myself, you should at least try to get in 9000 miles for 2008 and the last 40 miles to reach that goal were logged in on December 31, about cutting it close but it was done and i was thrilled. so it would only seem natural to beat that total mileage in 2009. i said my goal is any mileage over 9001 and looking back now, i can't believe i will be surpassing that by 2,500 miles come next week.

here's a great way to look at it, i've cycled 5 round trips from Tampa, Florida to Austin, Texas this year or 31.5 miles everyday. that's a lot of riding but i had a great time working toward the goal. don't know if i'll get that many miles in for 2010 because my focus will be completely different but i should still manage to get at least 10,000 cycling miles...not shabby at all.

the picture posted above is of my first roadbike. i bought it at a schwinn dealership on s. dale mabry that no longer exists. picked it up for about $700 with some entry level campy components, it was a steel frame (gasp!), and i threw some aerobars on it for the few triathlons i did in the 90's. i found some of the race pictures recently from st. anthony's from 1996/1997 and i look like an amateur for sure but ya gotta start somewhere, right?

much love and peace out!


  1. Dang! That is a lot of miles! That is a huge base for ironman training!

  2. james,
    thanks! it's funny how the miles just add up. i was thinking i'd get close to 10K by end of year but hell, i'll take the 11.5K instead.

  3. You do have to start somewhere. Love that bike!