Tuesday, December 29, 2009

making my list and checking it twice

picture proof that i really did do triathlons at one time back in the day. i can't believe i found this picture from the st. anthony's triathlon on april 26th, 1998. i weighed about a good 20 pounds more than i do now too. it's all a blur, especially the swim but i know now that i'm ready to tackle triathlons again with more knowledge and a hell of a lot better fitness level. in a nutshell, once i can get my nervous system and muscles to remember how to swim, and keep practicing proper technique, the rest should fall into place. at this point, it's just a matter of getting to the pool and doing what i need to do and that's to simply swim. in other words, it's not rocket science and i prefer to keep things simple. i'm not a gadget person. i don't need a heart-rate monitor to tell me i'm working to hard or not hard enough and i don't need gps to tell me where i am or how far i need to go.

i made a list of what i need to start swimming next week and i'm going thru my drawers here at home searching for stuff i know i already have. 2 pair of goggles (2 because one belonged to JC and i don't think he'll be using them anytime soon), swim cap, 2 swim suits (i can't believe they are still intact and not eaten up by dry rot), kick board, pull bouy, and i think that's all i need. if anyone thinks of anything else i need, shoot me an email or leave a comment. last but not least, a few things on the list that i do not have...anti-chlorine shampoo as i have this immense fear that my hair is going to be damaged beyond repair and will turn green from all the chemicals. is this true? if it is, i don't want to even find out so off to sally beauty supply i will go this weekend to buy this special shampoo. the other item on my list is a belt to hold the race number. i had one before but have no idea what happened to it. this will just be my excuse for having to visit the new ironman triathlon store that just opened nearby. so i am ready to rock and roll at the 'Y' come next week. i do hope it warms up just a little.

i also recently found someone who lives nearby who will be swimming first thing in the morning and we made a plan to meet twice a week and hold each other accountable to show up. even though we are at different levels of fitness, we have the same goals. i will be there!

much love and peace out!


  1. The Y has pull buoy and quick board, so it is less stuff to carry. You will need a paddle to use with the pull buoy, it will work out your arms and make your arms stronger.
    A friend of mine who is a hair stylist specialized in coloring hair( he also worked in a place who makes color for hair)told me water the hair before go into the pool, the hair is hydrophobic, since you wet the hair, nothing go inside the hair. I started doing this and my hair got much better !!! no dry hair anymore.

  2. The ironman store has the paddle for arm to use with the pull buoy, it is in the back of the store.

  3. thanks pati. do you ever go in the morning to swim when they first open?

  4. Usually not because Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have clients 6:30am. The pool open 6am :-( Tuesday and Thursday I go ride early morning. I always go lunch time. If you want to go Saturday, I usually go after run. How many days are you going to swim ?