Monday, December 28, 2009

goodbye 2009, hello 2010!

time really does go by fast as you get older. why is that? another decade gone just like that. now it's time to take stock of this year and plan bigger and better goals for the new year. overall, 2009 was a good year; no complaints here. i still have a wonderful job with a very strong company, i have wonderful friends around me, a roof over my head, and a wonderful life partner who supports me in all of my endeavors...although he thinks i'm a little crazy sometimes, he still "gets" me.

i was fortunate enough to run 2 marathons this year. one, here in tampa and the other in beautiful san francisco. i feel blessed to live in a state that i can ride my bike and run outside year round. unfortunately, the weather messed up a few of my planned cycling events this year so i'm hoping that 2010 cooperates better with me.

some goals i have for 2010: run the gasparilla half marathon on february 28th. i was going to run the full marathon but just don't have the mind set to train for another 26.2 yet. the last marathon took a lot out of me mentally and physically. it took a long time to learn but i do try to listen to my body and i heard it loud and clear. it said, "KC, don't do the full marathon, concentrate on the swim, swim, swim, and more swim and like it! don't spread yourself too thin." with that said, i'll start that routine the first week of january then put that all together with the bike and swim and do a sprint triathlon on March 28. i have a couple of other tri's in mind but mostly, i have my eyes on the prize which is the great floridian triathlon - a 2.4 mile swim/112 mile bike/26.2 mile run on october 23, 2010. there will be lots of training to do this year but i enjoy it thoroughly and the reward is priceless; something i can't even put into words.

in a nutshell, sport mirrors life. at least for me it does. it's not just about another workout. it's so much more than that. i'ts a steady dose of sanity without having to pop a pill. it's the place i find my peace. somehow a good run or bike ride erases the craziness of everyday life and then you wash, rinse and repeat.

Much love and peace out!

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