Tuesday, June 8, 2010

there's a thin line between love and hate

i'm having a serious love/hate relationship right now...his first name is Garmin, last name is Forerunner, suffix is XT. he was a mail order kind of thing and was dropped off at my doorstep on friday. i placed him on top of the kitchen table and decided that i'd have more time on saturday to play around and get him all set up versus trying to rush to have it ready for our saturday ride. i really don't like doing things half-assed. i'll be back to this in a moment but let me tell you about saturday's fabulous ride in the hills.

we had a guest rider with us. actually, we had three but one in particular is a fellow blogger. some of you are familiar with him...IronBob.
here he is at ironman st. george, utah!!

he did a fabulous job of describing the ride we did, so i encourage you to visit his blog here to read all the nitty, gritty details. all in all, it was a very good training ride for all of us. one of those rides where the heat and humidity makes you tougher...if it doesn't kill you first. i'm doing my best to train in less than favorable conditions as this ironman distance race i'm doing in october can be very hot(and i've been told that it was hot last year). october is a tricky month in florida. it's when you can get a cold front come thru and then none again until december or january. speaking of the weather, i have sweat more in the last 3 days than i can ever remember. it has been unseasonably humid in these parts the last few days. please don't confuse this with a complaint because it isn't. i keep reminding myself how miserable i was all winter (unusually long winter and super cold temps for florida) and how much it hindered my training. training inside is no fun! i'd rather be miserably hot than cold and i'm convinced, hell is not hot like everyone was taught to believe, it's freezing.

ok, back to my garmin. not the one pictured above but same kind of message sort of. i'm not one to give up easy on things. i do sometimes have to walk away and give myself a break from all the troubleshooting. it makes my mind spin out of control. i think i'm getting closer to figuring it out though. the actual unit works flawlessly. i've used it on a bike ride and a run so far and LOVE it! i had some trouble with pairing the unit with the ANT stick but finally got that to work. what i'm having a problem with now is trying to transfer the workout data to 'mygarmin' so i can actually see the data. i've gotten as far as where the data begins to transfer and says so on the garmin screen and shows on my PC screen that it is transferring but it never fully completes. i left it going last night thinking maybe i wasn't being patient enough (not one of my virtues) and when i got up this morning to check it, it was in the exact same mode. nothing transferred. i'm not sure what to do. again, i had to step away from the computer before i went and grabbed joel's baseball bat in the garage to take care of business. so i guess it's back to the garmin forum to see what the hell the deal is. but i'll leave that for later. if anyone has had this happen and you know the trick, please let me know.
on the training front, all has been going well. doing all of my workouts as planned. i had a very good 10 mile run yesterday and really enjoyed using the garmin. it was nice to know what my actual pace was and i like how it vibrates and beeps when you hit each mile. my last 2 miles were the fastest.

in other news, i decided not to post my weekly numbers anymore. instead, i'll just post them at the end of each month. mostly because i'm finding that i don't really get time to blog over the weekend and by the time i do, the numbers are 3 days old, so who cares at that point...i know i don't.

that's all i got for now. lately, jc and i have been experiencing a serious case of the Monday's everyday of the week it seems. me thinks we need to get a way for a while...
one of my favorite beaches...ft. desoto. about an hour drive from our house!
much love and peace out!


  1. I don't have much to offer about the transferring of your data, I'm working on a mac, so I'm doubt what i see and what you see are the same :( Garmin support has always been great when I've had to work with them, if you can't find the answer in the forums, but I can totally relate to just having to walk away sometimes! The vibrating alerts are pretty cool! Great job on the ride, off to read his recap! :D

  2. To be honest, I'm just happy that I can turn my garmin on and change the functions :) So I am no help!

    Oh the heat - right there with you. But I would much rather deail with the heat then the cold!!

  3. Oh man I miss Ft DeSoto, great place to run and ride, plus an awesome beach. Looking forward to hearing more about the Garmin - I'm thinking about getting the 310XT, but haven't made the leap yet.

  4. Oh source of much irritation!!!

    Less bugs with the SportTracks-that will sync pretty painlessly to Buckeyeoutdoors. Or, turn off the garmin and reboot the computer. Try again, and again and again. It will give you all that sweet geeky information we triathletes love. Disclaimer: I'm running the 305, not the snazzy 310xt. Jealous...

  5. ok... i can understand your frustration because technology PISSES ME OFF ... usually!

    I have run this flawless so far. It has been great getting the data and trying to figure out my zones and where I am actually working hard.

    The website to get your data is at: connect.garmin.com

    you cannot get the data through mygarmin.com!!! You have to make your profile there though (mega confusing took me 3 days to figure this out).

    HOPEFULLY!!! this is the problem?!

    Other than that, baseball bat, please take pictures because it will make me feel so much better seeing someone tell Mr. Forerunner whats up!

  6. I have the 310xt too --- but I'm the loser who only uses it for running ---- what a waste!! I was sold on the vibrate thing - love that! [don't read too much into that though ;) ].

    YEA for the last 2 miles of a 10 mile run being the fastest!!??? WOW!

  7. Yeah, I remember complaining about the cold winter we had and now I'm complaining about the heat. It seems I'm only comfortable in a 10-deg temp range!

    Love that beach photo. I hope tar balls don't start showing up there.

  8. I can't help you with the Garmin. Sorry! I love the picture of the beach. I wanna be there!

  9. I gave up on trying to figure out my ANT on my 305. When my 305 dies, I will get the 310, but by then something bigger and better will be out.

    I want be a guest rider, I read Bob's report, you all ride like Team Roll

  10. Congrats on the great ride and run. I don't have any experience with Garmins, but good luck. It sounds like a fun training tool. That beach looks amazing!

  11. Oh yeah... have I ever mentioned that I LOVE your themed pictures for your posts!?! where do you find them haha!

  12. I guess turn around is fair play on the picture posting. I think that one in particular shows the 20pounds I was talking about.

    Was Matty O referring to me as the "themed picture"??

    As an engineer I hate figuring gadgets out.... go figure..

  13. Garmin issues. Hmmm. I hadn't really thought about those. I'm in the market for one (thinking of making the big purchase this summer), but I hadn't foreseen that computers could mess things up. I'll have to really think about this.

    I think we all need treatment to cure the Mondays.

  14. I'm with you--heat is better than cold any day! Great job on all the training in the tough conditions.

    I don't have a garmin so I can't help at all. But hopefully it will all work out and you'll have a love/love relationship with it before long!

  15. I think it's awesome that you met up with Ironbob for a group ride! I read his report, and it was hilarious! :)

    I have the Garmin 305, so I'm not sure if I can help. But, one thing you might need to do is make sure the software is up to date. It's pretty easy to do an update. I would definitely contact customer support though. I'm sure they've dealt with these issues a lot and know just what to do. It might be easier than trying to find the reason on their forums or online.

    I love the beach pic....it's so beautiful! :)

  16. Update!! Thanks for the suggestions on the garmin issue. I got home and said, what the heck, let me just shut down the PC and then reboot. Once it was up and running, plugged the ANT in and bam, just like that, the upload began and was a success...yes, it was that simple. Now it is a love/love relationship. Everyone who is contemplating buying the 310xt, go for it! And if you need tech help, call me!

  17. Well I am glad you got it figured out! I would have been zero help on that one, I am not good with those gadgets...I just figured out how to make my bike computer show me my average speed. Duh.

  18. Good to hear you got your bugs figured out. I use SportTracks to keep track of my garmin data, it's pretty cool, but that's a personal preference.
    I'd take your Florida 'winters' over our Iowa ones any year...the summers I'm not so sure about though.

  19. Woo hoo for getting the garmin up and running! I have a garmin 305 and I still do not know how to use so many of the options. I need to take it in to where my hubby purchased it and get a little garmin 101:)

    Nice job with all of your workouts! It is getting harder for me to really get good workouts in due to the heat and humidity.

    The picture of the beach makes me want to take a vacation....now:)

    Oh, and to answer your question on the Biffs/Biffys. It is a type of porto potty company and it is written on the outside of the porto potty. I saw the word Biffy as I was walking into it and just used it in my blog. Good question:)

    I hope that you have a great week! It is only Tuesday and it feels like tomorrow should be Friday...what is up with that?

  20. Mine pisses me off too... I fight with it all the time and I def always lose. Good luck!

  21. I also can't help with the transfer of the data. I wear the 310XT as well and I love it, but I certainly don't use it as it was meant to be. I guess I just like having a big 'ole geeky gadget on my wrist. :-)

    Way to go with the training over the weekend. I just mentioned to my DH today that it has been ridiculously hot lately, unseasonably so. He said that the weather dudes have been saying that as well (I don't watch the weather dudes, so I wouldn't know). I love the cold weather (I so do not belong in FL), but I'm on a mission to not complain too much about the heat this summer as I have 2 years worth of summer entries that already do that. Instead I'm focusing on ways to actually keep 'cool' instead of crying the blues. So far, so good!

    Great Floridian is going to be GREAT!!!! I'm excited for you!

  22. Glad you got it figured out! looove the 310xt!

    Also LOOOOVE my H2O audio case for my iPod Shuffle (gen 1) it cost like $60 and it sounds ok. It took me like 4 times before I got it figured out and my "system" of the sequence for getting them on then into the pool, etc. I love it.

  23. iron bob... iron bob... no, can;t say that rings a bell. bwaaaahahahahahahaha!