Thursday, November 4, 2010

shout out to my IMFL peeps!

just wanted to wish you all the best of luck this weekend. tear panama city up yo! i really don't like to use the term, good luck, because i feel that there is really no luck involved. luck is just a residual of all the hard work you put into your training. simple as that! so without further ado, here is an inspirational poem for my pals:

In my world,
The water is cold,
The wind is hard,
And the road never ends.

In my world,
There are no losers.
Only competitors still on their way,
And spectators waiting to be inspired.

In my world,
Victory is not weighed in gold,
But in determination and courage.

In my world,
There are no boundaries,
No limits,
There is no end.
Every day is the last day of my life,
And the first.

In my world,
The word “can't” does not exist,
And nothing is impossible.

author unknown

sending this shout out to:
~ Chloe at Running with a bottle of wine - bib#2254
~ Heidi at Swim. Bike. Run. Blog. - bib#2225
~ Bob at One hour ironman - bib#1994
~ Michael Ervolina - no blog but a tri-buddy nonetheless - bib#1334

i'll be following all of you on Saturday!! race smart and finish strong!

much love and peace out!


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! It's going to be an awesome race - and hopefully nice an cool :)

  2. Great poem and I hope all the competitors have the race they deserve!

  3. Great poem and to all the IMFL'ers....go get 'em.

  4. Like the poem. Music on the site is awesome also. I usually don't have my speakers turned on, so was a pleasant surprise. :)

  5. Thanks
    I'm zoning right now and performing my Tibetan chants "Mmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmm, Mmmmmm"
    (The Bud Light in the fridge looks really good right now)..... "Mmmmmm, Mmmmmmmm"

  6. thanks, one day I hope to complete 140.6 too!

  7. Great poem! Good luck to all competitors!

  8. Sounds like a triathlete wrote it. Nice poem though!