Sunday, December 5, 2010

christmas...kc style was between the Charlie Brown Christmas tree...

 or this very beautifully, lit up palm tree with one Waterford ornament (not included). afterall, i'm in florida and we have palm trees, lots of em'. i couldn't be more pleased with this choice. i love it when it's all lit up at night; it makes me smile when i see it. and, it only took 5 minutes to put together!!

this weekend, although it was cold, we managed to get in some pretty good miles on the bike. yesterday we waited it out a bit and started around 10:30am, with a nice starting temp of 66 degrees. no arm warmers! in fact, i went sleeveless! we got in a solid 51 mile ride.

this morning was another story. i think we kind of experienced all 4 seasons on our ride today. actually, we ended up doing 2 rides. here's what happened. we started at 8am, a little cloudy (arm warmers on this time) and got in a very solid 65 minutes before it began to sprinkle, then rain. we waited the rain out for a few minutes and during that time, it began to get colder. we decided to head back home and get the rest in later. fast forward 2 hours later, we are off for round 2. now it is super windy and super sunny, not a cloud in the sky. overall, ended up being a great day and a total of 60 miles for the day.

i know there were lots of blog buddies running marathons or half marathons this weekend. i hope you all did well and i will be looking out for your race reports.  

much love and peace out!


  1. I saww the Charlie Brown Xmas tree for sale at my grocery story today and that surprised me.

    I think I like your palm tree best!

  2. I need to move down to Florida...your training weather right now would be a dream come true for us northerners.

    Love the Xmas tree!

  3. Seems like you had an interesting weather pattern this weekend. I wish a I could ride the bike outside right now. I just had my first winter run this weekend and know I could not bear a harder beadwind like on the bike.

  4. All I want for Christmas is your training weather! :)

    Love the tree!

  5. OMG, I would love to go outside and ride my bike right now. Love your tree!

  6. I don't know KC. There is something rather endearing about the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

    My bike is officially on the trainer for winter. Terrific. And by terrific, I mean, can I move in with you this winter? I am sure your husband will not mind. I am a good houseguest. Perhaps, when I come down to Florida I can just crash at your joint and work in some rides during the day in real pavement? Pretty please?!

  7. p.s. I meant "on" real pavement. In real pavement would be really bizarre, as am I—bizarre. Ask my wife.

  8. Nice tree. If I didn't have a kid at home I would probably do the same, but can't bring myself to do it now.