Thursday, December 2, 2010

last minute 2010 goals & a preview of 2011

goals wow! 2 back to back blog posts for me!! i’m not a slacker anymore…according to Matty O at Staying Strong and Positive. this morning i was looking at my training stats for the year on my workout log, at buckeye outdoors. are you like me? do you play a numbers game sometimes where, for example, you are on the treadmill or trainer and you keep telling yourself, ok, just one more mile and then you get to the mile and then you look at the time and you see that you are 2 minutes from making it to an hour so you tell yourself, 2 more minutes and then you get to the hour mark and the distance is an odd number that you just can’t bear to see, so you repeat this crazy process until all of your numbers are nice and even. before you know it, you’re at 90 minutes. i do that a lot, so when i jotted down my totals this year for running, biking and swimming, i had to set a few short term goals to make my numbers “even.”  here are the short term goals for the rest of 2010: i have 29 days to reach 1400 miles of running, 9700 miles of biking, and 120 miles of swimming. weather will probably try to derail my last minute efforts but i will do my best to even out my numbers cuz that’s how i roll. good thing i have the next four fridays in a row off because i’m going to need all the extra time i can get to chip away at these last minute goals.

here is a list of races that i’m planning on doing in 2011 barring any unforeseen circumstances:
  • 2/27/2011 – Gasparilla half marathon in Tampa, Fl.
  • 3/20/2011 - Gator half iron distance race in Sarasota, Fl.
  • 5/14/2011 – Florida International Olympic distance – Siesta Key, Fl. (website hasn’t been updated yet)
  • 9/??/2011 – Florida Challenge half iron distance – Clermont, Fl.
  • 11/5/2011 - Ford Ironman Florida – Panama City Beach, Fl. (side note: Velma at Running with Boys left a comment on my blog post from yesterday and totally nailed my goal for this race, even though i’ve yet to mention this ultimate goal to anyone in the blog world yet. how did she know?? so YES, my goal is to qualify for Kona, period!)
i’m pretty sure there will be a few other events here and there, thrown in for fun but nothing else set in stone…YET! 

meanwhile, back to 2010. i had an awesome trail run yesterday evening as the sun was setting. it was eerily peaceful and i felt one with the universe…don’t laugh!
flatwoods sunset
i’m planning on doing about the same run tonight but this time i’m taking my camera with me because the cell phone cam just doesn’t do it justice and of course, i will be posting them here for your enjoyment. oh crap! i gotta get ready for work now. work gets in the way of my blogging…how annoying!

have a great day everyone….much love and peace out!


  1. :) Feels like when we started blogging again huh? Snow on the ground up here and training for a marathon again haha.

    Hope all is well, soooo jealous of your weather. Schedule looks pretty solid just like your training volume, sheesh!!!! KEEP IT UP!

  2. I am totally a numbers girl!! Everything you just said related to me :) Have a great day!

  3. Very impressive numbers and you got your 2010 can do it....just don't kill yourself to get there because you got a great 2011 in front of you.

    Glad to have back to back posts and now it seems another on the way from the run tonight.

  4. Uh-oh, I have never even thought about even numbered mileage. I could get obsessive about that!

    Good luck with all your races next year and I know you can nail your Kona qualification!!!!

  5. Maybe your 2011 goal should be to embrace uneven numbers? :) Looks like a killer schedule and then Kona in 2012? That will be cool.

  6. I always play with numbers - makes the time go faster when I forget what I'm doing! :)

    You'll love IMFL - great Kona qualifier race too! :) Looks like a great schedule!

  7. Great goal for IMFL.

    The swim can be ify so you need to head on down to Clearwater and put in some open water swims in less than desirable conditions.

    Also, everyone is fast there, so another tip would be lightning fast transitions.

    Lastly, there is beer at mile mark 25 on the run..... don't have any.

  8. nice schedule! Love the fact that you can do a HIM in your area in MARCH!

  9. i'm not a numbers girl.. i'm more of do-what's-on-my-training-schedule kinda girl. sounds weird right? i do heart rate, how long, pace etc but tracking numbers like you do-not my cup of tea. go get em! miss you! i'm thinking of doing a summer race in tampa (maybe) hope all is well !

  10. Solid, Solid schedule!

    You so have a chance to KQ. Have you looked at the results in your AG from the last couple of years to get a guesstimate at time?

    Very cool!

  11. do you sometimes look at a clock or your digital watch and see a time like 11:11 or like me yesterday when I was in the pool at looked at it said 4:44:23....ansd I of course waited for the seconds to reach 44 also because I thought that would be super cool?

    I never thought of tallying my YTD totals to be EVEN ...UNTIL NOW...thanks for creating new mania for me! haha - lol

    GREAT GOALS and great race schedule
    envious of the Siesta Key and Sarasota location races we used to go to SK every year for Spring Break. Note to self for Sarasota in 12'!


  12. That is too funny, I was doing the same thing recently and realized that I will be ending the year at 1,714 miles for the year running. I would love to end the year at 1,800 but there is no way I can boost my 70 miles per week enough to make up the 86 miles in a month. :(

  13. ....I think the fact that I knew why you were running in circles to finsih out the run last week answers the question of, "do I do that"! I must have that even number even if the gym is closing and the gym is shutting the lights down. I must finish properly. It's a runner thing!

  14. At first, I thought you were going to do in 29 days, 1400 miles of running, 9700 miles of biking, and 120 miles of swimming, I was like OH WOW, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!!

    Nothing in June, July, or August?

  15. Oh, and I failed to say "You ROCKED 2010!!!" no matter what you do in December. Not only did you do 1,400 miles running, which is hard all on its own, but you still managed to do 9,700 miles on the bike AND 120 miles swimming! (Not sure what your current numbers are, but if you reach these it is very cool.)

    My mere 1,700 miles running pales in comparison without the cycling and swimming you did. I'm not worthy. :)

  16. Kona 2012 here you come!! I absolutely cannot wait to watch you get there!!

  17. Ha ha...I was totally cracking up about workouts evening out. But, for me, it's usually only when I'm on the trainer. Weird huh?
    How exciting about the Kona goal! Woohoo!

  18. I'm afraid to look at my numbers because I know that once I do, I'll get stuck trying to round out the numbers like you! :) You've logged some crazy mileage this year! 9700 miles on the bike???! Holy bonkers!

    Good luck with your training! Kona or bust!

  19. OH yeah, I am totally a numbers girl! Like yesterday on the trainer I was at 33.21 miles according to my bike computer. I HAD to get to 34. ha.

    Like the looks of your 2011 goals!

    Holy crap, you put in some miles on the bike!!

  20. KO-NA! KO-NA! KO-NA!

    What a great schedule!

  21. I'm obsessed with the numbers. I love the start of the new year when my numbers start at zero and I get to watch them grow.

    Good luck with your Kona journey. I look forward to following you to see how it goes. As someone who just went through a year of focusing on qualifying, my advice is to make sure you don't leave any free speed on the table. Be as aero on the bike as possible (make sure you have good race wheels - rent if needed - and consider getting a wheel cover or disc - I see about a 25 difference between my training wheels and race wheels). Make your weaknesses as strong as possible and work on them in the off-season. When you get to your final IMFL build, focus on your strength. I believe you get to Kona on your strength, not your weakness. You strenghten your weakness to limit the damage.

    btw, those are some huge numbers for the year. Impressive.