Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tia, this post is dedicated to you …

i have to tell you all about a person i met a year ago, about this same time. her name is Tia. how we met is kind of cool. i created a facebook group for the gasparilla/tampa marathon and half marathon back in 2008, a year before they made their own official page. see, i’m always one step ahead! anyway, Tia joined the group and posted a message about any running groups getting together in the area to train for the last running of the gasparilla marathon. being the creator of the group, i sent her a message asking about her pace, what area she was at, etc… long story short, we came to the conclusion that we wouldn’t be running together because of our pace differences, nonetheless, Tia immediately sent me a friend request and by the next day or two, we were having lunch at a local thai restaurant and talking as if we’d known each other our whole lives. running works like that, doesn’t it? it brings us together and we have been friends ever since.

Tia is getting ready to run her 2nd marathon. her first was gasparilla/tampa marathon last March and now she is getting ready to run the Disney marathon this Sunday and she is gunning for a BQ! that’s right boston bound baby! if anyone can do it, it’s her. if she was a race horse, all of my money is on her … LET IT RIDE!


from left to right: Tia, Tia’s husband who will be running Boston 2012, me, and J-man

this inspiration is for you Tia and all of those trying to qualify for boston this weekend. read it before you leave your hotel room:

The Boston Marathon
114 years and running,
From Hopkinton to 'Beantown',
A joyous occasion for all.
A roller coaster ride
That lasts for hours
Through Ashland and Framingham,
Natick and Wellesley,
With thousands supporting
And cheering the runners
All along the way,
On this Monday in April,
Called Patriot's Day.
The longer hills start in Newton,
With Heartbreak included,
Then Brookline is next,
With nothing eluded
As you finally get to Boston proper,
And you've nearly passed your test
Of endurance and patience,
With only a few miles left.
Now you see the giant Citgo sign
As you approach Kenmore Square,
With a mile to go
And you are almost there.
Then you pass Fenway Park,
Where the Red Sox are playing,
And into the heart of the City,
With a right onto Hereford,
And a left onto Boylston,
You can now see the Finish Line,
So sweet and so near.
Then you give it your all
To finally get to the goal,
In beautifully crowded Copley Square.
When it's all over you'll be
One of the thousands and thousands
Who have finished
This immortal race,
Fast or slow,
It's not about pace.
It's about the courage, the grace,
In toeing the line
26.2 miles back,
And covering the distance
With the rest of  the pack,
Through the joys and the pain,
With nothing to lose
And only Immortality to gain.
By: Arpan DeAngelo

i hope Tia doesn’t kill me for posting this video but can’t help but share it because it is so amazing and inspiring what she has done to get to where she is today and being as it is the first week of the new year, this is for all of you out there who need a kick in the butt still.

Tia, i won’t wish you good luck for this Sunday because luck is the residual of hard work and you have done the work. go out and run your race. i will be with you in spirit, sending all kinds of positive race vibes your way girl. SO PROUD OF YOU!

much love and peace out!


  1. Tia, go out and run the race you were meant to have! Like KC, I will be rooting for you from Colorado!

  2. OMG, I can't stop crying reading this. I've been so freaked out this week and not sleeping because of the race Sunday, and this is exactly what I needed to hear. Somehow, hearing this from YOU means SO much to me. Thank you so much! I'll make myself and you proud on Sunday!

  3. I have no doubt Tia. Love you girl! No fear ...

  4. Good luck Tia! You CAN do it!

  5. nice story. and all the best to Tia !!! hope one day i can qualified to run Boston Marathon too...

  6. thanks for sharing this!
    printed for my plane ride down to Phx:-)

    LOVE seeing Tia's comment above mine here...

    GO TIA !!! run run run
    on and on

  7. Tia is Boston bound! This is a great write up KC! You both are so inspirational.

  8. Run like there is no tomorrow!

    I will be rooting for you and the rest of my peeps out there running Boston, Tia!

  9. you guys going to lunch again???? I want to meet this lady! Good luck in your race Tia. You will burn it up!

  10. Nice post! Its so great how we meet each other! Some people come and go but others stay in our hearts! Tia, go out and rock that marathon and BQ is in you!!

  11. Go get it done Tia! (and keep us updated on how she does!)

  12. You and Tia sound like such great friends. Run, Tia, with your heart; Boston's coming.
    And, yes, do tell us how she does.