Monday, March 14, 2011

cupcake marathon 2011 & deal of the century

 CC marathoni even put my customized race number on my race belt and i may or may not have worn it when i ran at 4:30 this morning. for those not in the know, you can go HERE to see what it’s all about. very cool event and all the cool kids are doing it.

CC marathon Run 1

here is the proof screenshot showing my first run of 8.72 in 1:11:46. not bad for a sleep deprived, day light saving weekend. i must say that i surprised myself because normally, losing an hour of sleep screws up my whole week. i haven’t felt any ill effects yet and usually would by now. keeping fingers crossed.

now for my favorite part, show and tell. this weekend, the ironman store by my house was having a “tent” sale. i had been getting the reminder emails for the last 3-4 weeks and even penciled it in on my desktop calendar here at home. the tent sale was on saturday, so after swimming, running and biking, i headed over to see what the fuss was all about. let’s just say that i made out like a bandit and spent a whopping total of $19.17 for all of the following items:

Sugoi shorts2 pair of these Sugoi tri shorts - $5.00/each

IMFL tri jerseyIMFL Panama City Beach Sugoi tri jersey (front) - $5.00

IMFL tri jersey back IMFL Panama City Beach Sugoi tri jersey (back)

IM World Champ frontClearwater 70.3 Worlds Sugoi tri jersey (front) - $5.00

IM World Champ back  Clearwater 70.3 Worlds Sugoi tri jersey (back)

Dri fit shirt 1IMFL dri-fit t-shirt - $2.00

Dri fit 2IMFL dri-fit t-shirt from 2008 - $2.00

it appeared to be all the IM merchandise from a lot of the races that didn’t sell during the race. i tried to find stuff that didn’t have dates on them, except for the last shirt pictured above. i had to have that one. i saw stuff from IMAZ, IMLOU, lots of IMFL stuff. almost got some IMFL arm warmers that would have matched the clearwater jersey but couldn’t find a size small. i made the J-man dig thru several bins looking for some but no such luck. this was my kind of shopping excursion. hopefully they come back next year! i won’t buy anything at the IMFL expo and wait to buy it for 95% off the sticker price. Ha!

70.3 so i have this little 70.3 race i’m doing on sunday in sarasota, florida. first tri of the year and i can’t wait. kinda bored with the half marathons and just running races. this is the only triathlon distance i have not done yet. i really wanted to do this triathlon last year but i did not feel like i was ready to tackle the swim but this year, bring it on. the weather is looking pretty good so far with a low of about 58 and a high of about 78 which will probably feel a little warm on the run but i’m not worried about that. hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, nuun, nuun, nuun!

that’s all i got for now. i hope everyone had a nice weekend and that the loss of an hour isn’t hindering you too much.

much love and peace out!


  1. I am INSANELY jealous of your deals! That is unheard of!

  2. So stinkin jealous... of the gear AND the weather AND that you already have a 70.3 on the schedule GRRRR!

    GOOD LUCK :)

  3. Damn that is some good deals!

    So exciting about the HIM this weekend! You are going to smoke it out there!

  4. Cool gear! I wish I had an IM store nearby, I guess I should be happy that they are at least finally selling tri suits at the local sporting goods store. Buying those over the internet always results in me trying to squeeze into something way too small!

  5. That loot is out of control! I am so jealous of your deals.

    Nice job in your cupcake run. I'm starting mine this weekend!

  6. Holy crap!! Next time there is a sale like that let me know & I will mail you $20 to shop till you drop with! :) That is awesome.

    Best of luck this weekend!!

  7. Sweet gear! And what a deal!

    Good luck at your race! Kick butt!

    I'll look for you at the Cupcake Marathon :) haha

  8. You get all the good deals. I just ordered my race gear today from Trinity Multi.

    Thanks for the heads up on them and for the fig bar idea. Rocking those in CA for sure.

  9. What a score on all the gear! That's amazing that you only spend $20. Way to go!

    Good luck with your 70.3 You'll be awesome.

  10. you have an IM "store" near you??!!
    INCREDIBLE deals, great gear!


  11. DAMN IT!!
    I knew I should have come down!
    Totally unlike IM to GIVE that much away!
    Next time

  12. And you couldn't have picked up a few extra pieces to sell to your bloggers *cough*cough* me *cough* ?

    I would have surely gone nuts at that kind of a sale!! Awesome job picking a place to live that's so close to an Ironman store.

    Good luck with the 70.3. I've got my first coming up in July.

  13. You look pretty badass in that picture KC—wait, you are totally badass!

    I think you should tell everyone you ran those races now as well. No one will ever know and I will not blow you in. New shwag is awesome.

    Running at 4:30??????? I think that is when Amalia crawled into bed with me to cuddle up.

  14. Nice job on the first leg of the Cupcake Marathon. That's a great race pic! The IM tent sale looks like it was amazing. Those prices are unbeatable.

  15. Wow, you made out like a bandit at the IM store. That is awesome!

    I hope you have a great race this weekend. I will be rooting for you from Colorado!

  16. You are so freaking fast

    and nice job on the deals, its all a steal

  17. Should have looked for IM KS 70.3 stuff. I would have paid shipping to me plus a finders fee. =) Didn't want to pay $100 for a jersey at the expo...

  18. I'm so jealous! You got some great stuff!!

    Good luck in your race! You are going to do awesome!

  19. Sweet deals! I love a bargain!!!! Good luck in your race.

  20. I love this picture of you... Bada** Cupcake! Nice job on the run! Great bargains... You know I love a deal! :). So excited for your 1st 70.3- you're going to do awesome! I have just a few more weeks left!

  21. Have fun in Sarasota - can't believe you haven't done a half before!

  22. great deals!!
    Next time email me so I can give you MY order!! LOL

    I hear you rocked Sarasota...:)

  23. Nice swag!! I'm a new follower & also doing the CupcakeMarathon.

  24. holy
    holy freaking awesome.

    girl you are amazing.

    and the bike...the bike.... even I a non-biker knows that your bike is awesome.