Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NO, i will never do that!

i'll do this kind of cycling:

and this kind too:
i'm not one who says the word never very often but i will say it with 100% certainty that i will NEVER, EVER do this kind:

we headed to downtown tampa on saturday night to watch some guys the j-man knows, who were racing. i must say that i have so much respect for these cyclists. i, personally, would never do this for any amount of money in the world. i will gladly stick to my triathlons and mountain biking. you can hear me in the video saying, "oh my God" and laughing nervously as they rounded some of the sharp corners with a sharp curb sticking out. it was truly breath-taking and scary to watch. it didn't help that when we first got there, as we were walking up to one of the corners, a group of riders were making a turn onto a brick street and 2 of them got tangled up and one of the guys hit the bricks face first and was knocked out. it gave me the worst chills. it kills me to see things like that. i'm the type when passing an accident scene, i can't look. i'd rather not go near it, if at all possible.

i hadn't been to downtown tampa in a long time so i brought along my camera as well and snapped a few photos along the way that i thought would be fun to share.

Picture of the historical Tampa Theatre sign. Built in 1926 as one of America's most elaborate "movie palaces", the Tampa Theatre today is a fiercely protected and generously supported landmark.
i couldn't help take a picture of the sidewalk art, a beautiful heart.

me, the j-man and our cycling buddy, Gary at the crit finishline.

these next 4 pictures are non-sports or art related. in the last 10 years, tampa has recently lost way too many police officers in the line of duty, by the hands of felons who shouldn't ever have been set free. yet, they get out of prison, arm themselves yet again and continue to commit heinous crimes.

can you see the silhouette of the police officer? a little hard to see the head b/c it blended in with the black marble in the background. also notice the blue laser beam light at the top. that was just recently added to signify the "thin blue line." the Thin Blue Line Project represents the thin line that separates the lawful from the lawless.

the thin blue line project otherwise known as the tampa police memorial. notice the police cap, holster, batton, and hand cuffs.

the names of all the TPD fallen officers.

i hope everyone is having an awesome week so far.
much love and peace out!


  1. I love watching crits. I love the sound of it. In fact, if I could record that wooshing sound as they all pass by, I would use it as the sound for a sleep machine. No way am I racing though.

    That memorial is so sad. We haven't had too many officers lost in the line of duty in GR, but we just had a 14 year old kid arrested after firing a gun at an officer. 14 years old! And he had a slew of other previous offenses. When I was 14, I didn't have clue as to even know where to find a gun let alone being firing it at someone.

  2. I am with you KC! Crit is Crazy!!!!

  3. Noooo way! Craziness. I know I'd get tangled up and be a speedbump for the rest of them. Then again, they'd lose me after the first 5 seconds, so I guess it wouldn't be so bad! :)

  4. Crits are crazy scary and exciting.

  5. There is all of the motivation you need to go out hard and get out front and STAY out front from wire to wire. NO WAY I am taking my expensive bike into a situation where I can mangle it!4

    ....pretty cool to watch though :)

  6. Amazing bike race! They are flying. I want to do every type of bike race on the planet, I just don't have the right type of bike for all of them =) Very cool post! So sad about the police officers.

  7. crit's are pretty intense huh? it's amazing how they can ride on top of one another like that at blazing speeds and move as one unit.
    Im with you KC-tri's and mtn bikes for me :)

    The TPD Memorial is amazing--

  8. Crits are scary! I want to see one, but never be (in) one!

    That memorial is amazing. Where I live, very few officers have been killed in the line of duty. And really, we only have state police officers around here for the most part because the towns are so small. Further south (near Jenn S) there are more town PDs because there are more people living down there.

  9. Just a normal Sunday on the Sun Coast Parkway. Arnie and I love to play chicken with the peletons coming the other way... well, at least he does..

  10. gshiz5??? Not sure what happened to ONEHOURIRONMAN.... damn kids..

  11. Wow... that is just nuts KC. To be honest, I think I would love the adrenaline rush of doing one someday. Only once though haha!

    I need to see that in person though, I think I might crap my pants watching it LOL.

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  12. I will also never do that kind of cycling

    Love the memorial
    "tampa has recently lost way too many police officers in the line of duty, by the hands of felons who shouldn't ever have been set free. yet, they get out of prison, arm themselves yet again and continue to commit heinous crimes.

  13. @gshiz5, i was getting worried about you Bob. I thought you went all ghetto on me. Thanks goodness you mentioned Arnie.
    @Luke, i was finishing my 3rd year of criminology when i realized it wasn't for me. I remember the exact day, I was sitting in a huge auditorium (classroom), listening to the professor giving her lecture about corrections in America, and I had an epiphany in the middle of that class. I knew I had to get out of it and I have no regrets. Bless you for your service and risking your life everyday.

  14. Great video and you are right crits look crazy! I know I couldn't do that either. I can barely ride my bike safely by myself!

    Thanks for sharing the photos of the memorial of the fallen officers! I am so sorry that so many have lost their lives in the line of duty!

  15. I did a crit once. Once. It's SO terrifying. You have to be fearless to excel at that kind of racing, no doubt. And I think rare is the crit specialist who doesn't have a broken collarbone in their background!

  16. Too crazy for me :) TERRYIFYING ACTUALLY!

  17. First, The bike race was INSANE. I was holding my breath just watching your video. Dang those people are crazy! Yet Awesome!

    Second, The pictures you posted of the memorial were really cool. The Thin Blue Line Project always does an outstanding job at displaying those officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Just looking over the pictures of fallen brothers and sisters brings on a wave of emotions. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Very cool video! I've done quite a few crits and I don't think they're as scary as they look... you just sort of get caught up in it and go with the flow... though I've never been in a field that big.

  19. Yeah, those guys that race like that are crazy! I am amazed at how fast they go! Wow!

  20. Wow, crits are crazy! Looks like fun to watch though. Thanks for sharing the pics of the hubby is a police officer (detective now) and lost one of his friends in the line of duty last year. It was so hard for department and such a senseless crime. I will never, ever forget that funeral.

  21. Yeah, I'd have to be in the back for that kind of race. If I was anywhere else, I'd probably be the person falling and causing half the group to spend the next month in recovery.

    I'll stick to tris and recreational riding myself.

  22. Great pics! Crit races scare the heck out of me, I'd never do it either! I just started riding with a peloton last year and that was a big enough step.

  23. THe memorial is amazing and so important!

  24. About a million years ago, Colorado hosted an event called the "Coors Classic" and it was this type of racing and we'd go and watch - it always make me hold my breath as they rounded the corners past me. You truly have to be fearless - I obviously am not!

    I was in Tampa once but never saw those cool thing - totally love you sitting in that heart!! :)

  25. Oh yeah? I bet I know how to get you to do it...

    Just say something like...

    "hey... I know you could never do a crit.. that looks too hardcore for you."

    Watch you smoke everyone on your first race... bwaaahahahahaha!

  26. wait... you mountain bike in florida?! where the hell are the mountains?!