Thursday, April 21, 2011

special delivery from a ninja

last week, shortly after getting home from work, there was a knock at the door. being the anti-social (just kidding ...sort of) that i am, i stealthily made my way to the door to see who it was, knowing full well I wasn't going to open it for anyone anyway. my parent's taught me well, stranger-danger! the only thing i could see was a ninja like creature and he left a box at the doorstep and took off running. he sure looked like a marathoner or a triathlete. i had no idea ninjas could run that well.
i could tell that this ninja was a little different ...instead of long black pants on, he had shorts like the one's pictured below. in fact, those were the exact shorts. who knew they wore tri shorts?
once i brought the box inside, i opened it up and this was what was in it ...homemade fig-bars. rumor has it that the ninja even used his sword to chop up the figs he used.

the last piece : (
 i did share these with the J-man and he loved them as much as i did. see, we love fig newtons around here and this is how the idea of fig bars came about. after blogging about how awesome fig newtons were working out for me while i was training for my first 140.6, a fellow blogger's light bulb went off and he came up with an even healthier creation based on using figs. genius! i'm sure many of you already know the special ninja who made these and i'm pretty sure he'd be more than happy to share the recipe. interestingly, he used garbanzo flour and soy flour to make these! who knew garbanzo beans could be made into flour and taste so good?

enjoying the last fig bar. excuse my red face. i just finished a hard swim and bike.

here he is, Jason the ninja chef/triathlete/marathoner/motivator and the list of compliments goes on ...
rumor has it (i'm full of rumors today) that you may one day be able to buy these killer fig bars to compliment your IM or marathon training. do yourself a huge favor and go visit Jason's blog at Cook Train Eat Race  or you can just click on his race picture above. his blog rocks just as much as he does.

Jason, thanks again for your generosity and friendship. i'm sure our paths will cross on a race course soon enough.

much love and peace out ...Thor awaits me!


  1. I am red-faced now from these warm and fuzzy compliments. I mean seriously who but you could make me blush.

    I am so thrilled that you and J-Man enjoyed them. That warms my heart like you wouldn't believe.

    And there will be more when that next 140.6 to AWESOMENESS comes along for sure.

    I not only use the fig bars but I also use you on the course with me as my motivation to move my a** faster and faster.

    You are not 140.6 miles from AWESOME.....


  2. I love fig newton to. Those fig bars sure look good. I love the ninja.

  3. Sooo much awesome going on here! :) Go ninja's! I'd do some fancy karate kick, but I'd probably hurt myself. Safety first- at least for the next month!

  4. Very cool and the fig newtons look very yummy!

  5. Oh man that is my fantasy! Someone running up to my door and leaving me food. Awesome, enjoy!

  6. What an awesome ninja!

    I wonder if you can substitute strawberry filling instead. I love the strawberry newtons, but I'm not really big on the fig.

    PS: I don't open the door either when I can avoid it. The only problem is that we have a big front window that solicitors can see in. Hard to ignore them then.

  7. Send that Ninja to Valrico please?

  8. That was sneaky...kind of, but you caught him! Fig bars sound like awesome fuel/nutrition. I had a PB&J on the bike today, and it was kinda sticky. I'll have to try the figs. It's nice to have good friends that share the same goals.

  9. Jason rocks. Seriously, I hope I get to meet him and you someday soon.

    I say a bloggy meet-up this winter in Fla. Just saying, you all could come to ME but that would be ridiculous. ha ha

    I like the Kona or bust on your neck BTW. :)

    Those look awesome. I can't wait until he puts out his first cookbook, you know it is going to be a fast best seller.

  10. That is sooo awesome! Jason seriously rocks!!
    I want the recipe!!! :)

  11. Awesome!!! They look so yummy; I need a ninja to come to my place and plop some of those on my doorstep! Enjoy.

  12. (laughing and scrating head at the same time)
    This sounded SO Jason!! but I was thinking "how did he sneak over to FL???"

  13. I love the new neck tattoo ;)

    Hey, glad you liked them! I think Jason is 100% awesome with everything he is doing. He makes me mad though that he is able to crank out awesome healthy meals home made and I am scrapping to get one meal made a day.

    I need to learn the ways of the force!

  14. That is why we all love Angels and Ninjas

  15. Awww, Jason the Ninja is too awesome! LOL at the door thing, I do that all the time, never open the door unless I know someone is coming over. Sometimes I wonder if that is weird but I think you just validated me :) Stranger Danger!

  16. Yummm! How do I get one of these ninjas to come visit me!:-)

  17. Awesome - those bars look yummy!

    Way to go Jason... :)

  18. the look yummy and it's even better when things show up magically.

  19. Looks like Jason is wearing an Oceanside 70.3 medal... I was there too! Those fig bars look like a treat.