Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my other love

i haven't told anyone about this guy but i think it's time to introduce you all to him. we've been together for 2 years and "we tight." truth be told, it took me two years to finally figure out his name.

please meet my roadbike, Thor:

this bike can freakin' hammer and that's how i finally came up with the name.

Thor was the mightiest of the Norse gods. He was also known as the Norse god of strength, thunder and war. Thor was the possessor of three priceless objects: his hammer, his strength-increasing belt which doubled his strength, and his iron gloves used to grip the hammer. His principal role was to protect the cities of Asgard and Midgard from attacks by giants.

the name is fitting, don't you think? so now Mandy Q. Roo (click HERE to see how Mandy got her name) has a brother with a real name and not just "the C-dale."
on the training side of things ...not much to report that is Earth shattering. in a nutshell, i'm doing what i need to do to get to where i want and need to be. period!

next race coming up is an oly distance tri in mid may called the florida international olympic distance triathlon. this is the one i did last year after having been away from tri's for a long, long, time. i have a hard time saying that i did do triathlons before. on paper i did do 3 tri's in the mid to late 90's and then one sprint in early 00' but nothing that i could say was anything that i really trained for wholeheartedly. so in my mind my first 'real" tri was the olympic distance that i did last year in may. i have some business to take care of this time. i'm swimming way better, running faster, and have been working on faster transition times. last year the mindset was to just get out there, enjoy the comeback, and have fun. this year, i plan on still having fun, but at the very least, i want to shave about 10-11 minutes off of my time last year, which was 2:41:44. i came in 3rd and missed 2nd place by 11 seconds and 1st place by 40 seconds. i didn't let this bother me too much last year, but this year, it WILL NOT be that close. i guarantee it! i think i can probably steal about 4 minutes total off of transitions alone. it should be an interesting race and i can hardly wait.

if i don't get to post anything else until the weekend, i want to send a bunch of positive race vibes to 3 really cool bloggy friends who are doing the Memorial Hermann IM 70.3 Texas this weekend. Jeff from Dangle the Carrot and Shannon from Iron Texas Mommy are doing it as prep for IMTX coming up in May. Jon from Swicyclorun is doing it as prep for IMLP. i WILL be stalking you lovely peeps. be safe and have a great race.

much love and peace out!


  1. Love it! That is such a badass name :) haha. Jealous I didn't take it first!

    That OLY distance should be cake for you. Time to "drop the hammer" haha.

    Keep up the good work KC, can't wait to see how this new path helps!

  2. Thor looks like a total badass!

    Thanks for the positive race vibes, just hoping the wind isn't as crazy as they forecast!

  3. Great name! It is totally fitting. A great shout out to everyone racing in Texas this weeend.

    Keep up the great work KC! You are my inspiration!

  4. Thor!! LOVE it! You are the best bike namer ever.

    You are rocking it KC, way to get done what needs to be done to get you where you need to be.

  5. Thor is a great name for a bike! TOUGH! STRONG! Just what you need on the bike!

    Your time in the oly last year sounds fantastic! Taking 4 mins off your transition should pretty much place you where you want to be! That's awesome! Shaving T times is the least of MY worries :D

  6. Well, hello there handsome, haven't seen you around these parts before, are you new? If you'd like, I could give you a tour!

  7. Gorgeous. Tad the name;)

  8. Cannondale! Nice-Chrissie rides Cannondale. Good luck with your Olympic. You will be awesome. I do think the Olympic is a hard distance for some reason, everyone is going so freaking fast the WHOLE time!!!

  9. what a difference a year makes! love the focus and drive for success in your next race keep it up!


  10. I really like Thor, nice bike!!!

    True love is naming your bikes

  11. NiCe Bike name! Pinky is my road bikes name. I haven't thought of one for my Tri Bike yet..Might be Oscar...hmmm..

  12. love the name. I still need to name mine but I am waiting until I bake my last tree equipment changes to here. i am hoping something will come to me.

    Do I understand correct that your comeback season went from Oli to full iron?

  13. Great bike name. My mt bike is still nameless. Nothing has jumped out at me yet. We have time, though. :)

    Glad your training is going well, and good luck to those racing this weekend!

  14. totally dig thor.

    and what is awesome is shaving 11 minutes an knowing you can do it.

    rock that tri....

  15. KC, I'm having a hard time naming my ride, and when you come bustin' out with a rockin' name like Thor, it sets me back a step. Great name! I love it! Now I've got to just let my bike give me the name. Hopefully, with more time in the saddle, we'll fully get introduced... It'll be hard to beat Thor, though!

  16. Thor is an awesome name for your bike! I love it! Now, I really need to come up with some names for my bikes!

  17. Bike porn is bike porn. It doesn't need to be new to be hawt. Hammertime!

  18. cool name for your bike and good luck with that upcoming race...rock it!

  19. I always like hearing about how people come up with the names for their bikes, cars, and other items. Thor certainly is a well fitting name the way you describe it!

    And I have to say I was quite happy to click on your page and hear "Maybe" by the Sick Puppies. Awesome song!

    PS. I'm doing a review of my Blackburn Mag 3 bike trainer and I noticed you have multiple trainers yourself. I was just wondering what models you have and what you like/dislike about them. Thanks.

  20. BTW-I tagged you in my Stylish Blogger post-check it out!

  21. I love road bikes. I don't have one, but I just love them. :)

  22. First of all, LOVE Tiesto, so nice music choice! Second, love the road bike. Rock mine almost every day. THIRD, love the blog.

    Anyway, you've got a new follower in me today! :)

    Check out my blog if you get a chance!

    Keep up the awesomeness!

  23. I love Thor and everything he does for you. Hilarious!
    You'll rock the tri. With the past year+ of training that you've had, you'll easily shed some minutes off your previous time. Good luck!

  24. We do a lot of the same races. Maybe I will see you at one soon. But you will kick my butt because you are much quicker than me.