Friday, May 6, 2011

get me off this rollercoaster NOW

i love this blog. i love writing it. i love the people i have met through it. my goal for this blog was and has always been to keep things light, fun, positive and more than anything else, keep it real. i hope i have done that up to this point. so even though being injured isn't exactly the most positive thing to blog about, i need to write about it because it is reality and eventually we all find ourselves in "time-out" so to speak and it isn't any fun.
LOVE = running on my favorite trail at sunset
i will be the first to admit that i'm addicted  in love with running. let me clarify. it has nothing to do with weight control or exercise addiction but more from a sanity aspect. running is the one thing that centers me, calms me, creates a peaceful, easy feeling (cue up the Eagles), you get the picture, right? no amount of biking or swimming can create this same effect so when i CANNOT run, i get super cranky and emotional, just ask J-man. poor guy has had to deal with my crabby ass for the last 2+ weeks. here is an example of a conversation we had as we were heading out for a ride recently:

j-man: stop, there's a car coming (as he is waving the car to go and says out loud to the car to go ahead or something like that and i thought he was telling me to go, so i clip in and go ...yes, i proceed to take off in front of the oncoming car that the j-man is waving on). thankfully, the car stopped and let me go across.

j-man: WHAT ARE YOU DOING? i told the car to go, not you. your head just isn't in this today.

me: i'm not riding with you today. i'm turning around and going back home!

j-man(says nothing while looking back to see if i was really going to turn around).

ok, so i didn't end up turning around only threatened to, but looking back now, the conversation was kinda funny. i was super frustrated that day more than ever because i had constant pain the whole day and nothing i did helped ease it. let me rewind now and tell you what the problem is. as you may know from reading my last post, i have had chronic piriformis issues for quite some time. for the most part, the pain is totally manageable with proper amounts of stretching. i had a nice, long 4 1/2 year stretch with very little pain. however, i recently tweaked it (swimming with fins!) again and it has literally stopped me in my tracks. i really can't run and lord knows i have tried and when i try, i pay for it the rest of the day. i can really understand now, how people who have chronic pain can get addicted to pain medication. who wants to feel pain all day? i sympathize with those people. i'm not sure if i am fortunate or unfortunate that i cannot take most pain meds because i am severely allergic to them, so i just deal with it the best i can.

i want to sincerely apologize for not being a good blog visitor lately. between work, fitting in the physical therapy and fitting in some kind of training, it has left me exhausted mentally and physically. oh yeah, and staying up way past my bedtime to watch the Lightning sweep the Caps didn't help either, LOL!

i won't bore you with too many more details but i will tell you that the physical therapy seems to really be helping me strengthen my weakest link which is my hip/glute area. the pain seems to be subsiding but it is hard work. this lovely physical therapist who put humpty dumpty me back together the last time, is helping me again. she also noticed that my left leg is shorter than the other! now the mystery about why all of my injuries have been on the left side has been solved. i'm hopeful that with all of the strengthening exercises, stretches and a heel lift will get me back to where i was and quite possible even stronger. as for the triathlon next saturday ...up in the air. i will make the final decision to do it or not at the last minute. my PT thinks i can do it but i will see how things go over the weekend and next week. i will NOT do the triathlon if i'm half-assed (literally and figuratively). yes, i will be bummed to not be able to do it but i have to look at the whole picture here and the big picture is ironman florida. nuf said!

i want to say thanks to all of you (you know who you are), who called me, texted, emailed, and one person even sent me a card via snail mail to wish me fast healing. you all are just awesome and i'm so blessed to be surrounded by such positive people, even if most of you are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

also, if you haven't had a chance to check out the latest edition of The Athlete's Plate at Cook|Train|Eat|Race, then you really should. it not only made my mouth water but it brought tears to my eyes. again, just another example of the awesomeness of blogger friends. thank you Jason!

i hope each and every one of you has a fantastic weekend, whether racing, tapering or training. enjoy and be safe. i will be playing catch up on my blog reading and commenting.

much love and peace out!


  1. I am still sending you positive vibes sista! I know the pain for which you speak and it is no fun. One of the exercises I have to do a lot of is donkey kicks. I actually love them now because they help me defy gravity!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I haven't ever reached your level of athleticism... but i DO understand the pain and frustration of being unable to run when your heart and mind want to so desperately!!! Hang in're tough- and seem like a true fighter! You're inspirational!!!!

  3. I have missed your blog and the music playing while I read!

    Keep your chin up. You will get better.

    Your biking incident made me laugh out loud. I always tell Colin that I am going to go home or go on without him. Ahhh love it!

  4. The best part of the PT is that you will return stronger than ever!

  5. Chin know that. Nothing puts us down and out.

    Much Love and Peace Out....Go TBL since the Flyers suck!

  6. Thanx for sharing. We've all had those days. I'm glad you didn't turn around :-) Hope you are able to run soon! I feel the same way but it's exercise in general not just running. But it sure is cheaper than a therapist!

  7. Thinking of you - so good to hear from you! Good luck with PT - it is hard, but it is worth it! I was in denial for about 6 weeks, and my mom finally pushed me. So glad I persisted! And you can too!

  8. Love the enthusiasm, and your ability to motivate yourself back up.

    It'll be tough, though, when my Bruins beat your Lightning in the next round. :p

    (Yes I am counting my chickens)

  9. Hey,
    I would bring over chicken soup if I knew where you lived...

  10. Sending good vibes! And thanks for being honest. Sometimes we all need to hear that to keep it all in check!

  11. I'm like you in trying to keep my blog positive, but some of the most valuable posts out there are when someone has had a bad race or is dealing with an injury. It's not all sunshine and lollipops, and seeing how (and that!) others are dealing with the same issues really helps me. So thanks for STAYING real, even when the reality is making you a little crazy. :)

    And my husband has suffered some pretty b****y wife moments himself lately....without the injury to blame it on (he'll maybe think twice before leaving me to change a tire on my own, though! :D)

    Get better soon!

  12. I am so sorry that you're still having pain. Believe me, I know exactly how you feel about not being able to run. Remember my lovely ITband injury that kept me from running for months??
    I'm glad that PT seems to be helping! I'm sending lots of healing vibes your way!!

  13. That's funny about you and the J-man on the bikes. Jenn and I have similar conversations and get pissed at each other during workouts some times.

    I hope you're able to get back into the running soon. Have a great weekend!

  14. My passion, fortunately, is biking. My injuries have still let me ride so I'm thankful for that.

    Sorry we didn't get to meet in person. After our injuries heal we'll meet in Panama City!

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  16. Crossing my fingers for you for a speedy recovery so you can get back out there and kick some *ss!!!

  17. Hi Kristine,
    I totally understand what you are saying! I feel the same way about running and had to stop because of other junk going on in my life. When I wasn't running I felt like there was something missing and I got so darn cranky. I felt like I didn't have anything to blog about and didn't really have any extra time to do so. I get not being able to visit blogs and make the comments. Do not feel happens to all of us. We love you and will always be here. I am sorry to hear about your injury and hope that you are back in action soon.

    When you come back you will light things up will full force:) I just happen to think that you are so freaking talented! All anyone has to do is look at your times posted on your side bar!!! You inspire me and other people with your awesomeness! I know you will recover and I believe that you will get that calm and peacful back in your life.

    Hang in there, keep the chin up and stay positive! I am thinking about you:) Love and hugs!


  18. Def hang in there
    you can do it

    I totally know that rollercoaster...I get the same EXACT WAY.

    I already know you are doing what you can do and will be ahead of the curve when you are running again.


  19. You are more than excused from being absent. When I get injured, I seem to disappear from everything all at once.

    I definitely understand your addiction to running and the pain of having to leave it for awhile. But hang in there! I'm sure the PT will have you back together in no time!

    Loved the humpty dumpty joke!

  20. Oh man! I didn't realize you were still having pain. I feel like such a bad blog follower now :-/

    It sounds like you have discovered some good ways to manage the problem in the future between the kicking with fins and leg length difference.

    I'll keep you in my thoughts/prayers. Good vibes coming your way! :)

    I'm the same way as you though. If I don't run - get out of my way. The other week, we were supposed to leave the in-laws at 3:00PM (it is a 2.5 hour drive home later). We didn't end up leaving until 6PM. Add in some construction and traffic congestion and we didn't get home until after 9PM. By that point, Jennie knew not to say anything to me until I ran. No matter what she said, it would just set me off.

  21. ((HUGS))

    I know you are frustrated. There is nothing worse than a lingering injury and you are definitely taking the steps to come back stronger than ever. The process may just be as painful as the injury. :(

    I'm sending good thoughts your way... as always! :)

    Keep that chin up!

  22. SOmething must be in the air. A whole lot of frustrations in the blogging world and its barely May, and I am part of the group. Hang in there, you will bounce back!!

  23. I know all too well what you are going through. Trust me, about 6 months and now the achilles issues and my left IT Band just flared up this week again.

    It is very hard to be level headed.

    I laughed pretty hard at your back and forth with J.

    Hopefully he gets what you are going through and your current level of frustration with your current goals!

    Swimming, of all things... that is what nabbed ya? BUMMER!

    Hang in there, positive vibes heading your way :)

  24. even your most angry raving couldn't seem too negative when i have katy perry shouting at me.
    it's ok to get frustrated, experience it and move on. you'll be back soon. after my front row seat to heidi's comeback, i know it's tough. (i'm pretty sure your bike story was EXACTLY what happened to us one day.)
    you'll do great. put in the work and enjoy the progress.

  25. I definitly feel for you, hope you get back to things soon and return stronger than ever!

  26. sending healing vibes your way. regardless of what happens~ IM FLORIDA is priority. keep your sites set on that and take some time off if you need to... injuries suck but you are stronger and better off sometimes when you heal properly. easier said than done right? xxooxoxo

  27. I had this awesome thought last night but couldn't comment. I could only laugh about you and J-Man as it reminded me of the same game I play with my 5 year old. Kids at heart, we are!
    I hear you with the not being able to run woes; there is no substitute for it.

  28. I know its sooo hard for a runner to be injured. Last year I was forced to take three months off when I had a stress fracture. However I retured even stronger than before.
    I wish you the best on your journey of recovery!

  29. Great post. Thanks for sharing your pain and craziness. It's nice to know that people who accomplish amazing things in their chosen sports are human, too.

    Hope the healing process is quick so you can back out there and log some miles soon.

  30. omfg homeslice! where have i been? (buried!) i am SO sorry to hear about your injury. I am suffering from a bad knee injury and am afraid to go for and MRI, but alas, I have to go! dammit!

    yeah, i kind of feel the same way, it is really difficult to not be able to run. i ran a relay this weekend,but could not give it everything i had in the tank because of the pain. sucks.

    i hope you recover quickly. you will be out there kicking ass soon enough!

    p.s. there is TALK about my cousin and i getting together to compete in IMFL next year.... should we make it a three-way? (oh man... that came out terribly... you know what i mean) sorry J-Man