Monday, June 13, 2011

scatter brain

urban dictionary's definition of scatter-brained - the inability to produce any coherant thought pattern. often a side effect of, but definitely not limited to, alcohol or drug consumption. my definition is slightly different and has nothing to do with alcohol or drugs and everything to do with training for an Ironman, never having enough time in the day or enough days in the week, yada, yada, yada. oh? you too? that's what i thought. i knew i wasn't alone.

as i noted in my last post, i am on the "blog once every 2 to 3 weeks plan." i swear not a day goes by that i don't think and say to myself, "KC, you really need to blog and stay on top of it. You love to blog and read other blogs too." honestly, since i got injured about 8 weeks ago, i lost some of my mojo and just felt like i had nothing really good or of any particular interest to blog about. a few friends even called me out in an emial or two asking when was i planning on blogging again.

since i have so many random thoughts in my head, i will bullet the rest of this post and catch you up on what has been going on.

      • first things first. remember i thought the injury i had was my piriformis? come to find out, it was not that at all. it felt like it because the entire glute area hurt like hell but it was actually right where the butt and hamstring meet up (the ischial tuberosity). i actually found a 10 page forum thread about it on runners world and i feel very lucky to be on the road to recovery. many of the people who wrote about their issue, have not healed very well or have had pain for years with no relief. it scared me when i read it a couple of weeks ago.
      • 4 ART sessions and i feel like a new person. i've been able to run for the last 3 weeks without too much pain and for the first time yesterday, i was able to match my "normal" everyday pace for 5 miles. i was starting to get discouraged ...not that a 9 minute mile is a bad thing but it really bothered me because i know that my body is capable of running 7:30-8/min miles for hours on end.
      • part of the free time i normally would use to blog has been spent foam rolling, stretching, trying to fit in the ART sessions, doing strengthening exercises, etc...
      • i had to bag another race this past weekend because i'm just not willing to risk pushing myself over the edge. i've taken a couple of steps forward with this crazy injury and will not take 2 or 3 steps back to do a race that ultimately means nothing to me.
      • funny story ...while i was on the floor foam rolling my butt at work, one of my coworkers walked by and thought i had fallen. now they are all used to me sitting on the floor rolling on the roller, tennis ball, golf ball or just sitting on the huge physioball instead of my real chair.
      • i did a back to back century in georgia over the memorial day weekend. it was so awesome. the first ride was actually 104 miles and it took us 5 hours and the second days ride had a lot more climbing and our legs were somewhat fried from the day before. we finished that in 5:40. that day turned out to be about 102 miles.
      • georgia has a lot of irresponsible dog owners. i've never been chased by so many dogs. the scariest was day 2 with a doberman and a german shepard.
      • i thought the world had ended recently when i lost 4 years worth of training data on buckeye outdoors training log but now i'm so glad that happened because i have met so many awesome people on dailymile. goes to show that things always happen for a reason.
      • i have officially started my training this week for IMFL. that sounds funny b/c i feel like i've been training for it since january.
      • i mapped out my IM training plan for the next 20 weeks. if it goes as planned, then i will be a happy camper come november.
      • i have an ISM saddle on my tri bike and have ridden it 5 times so far. it is different and i'm still getting used to it. the jury is still out. a week is not enough time to make a decision on it. i will say that i am able to stay in an aero position much longer than with the other saddle so that is a positive. my bones just feel bruised and that is the part that i'm trying to get used to. i have felt it less and less with each ride thank goodness.
      • i'm addicted to angry birds!
      • i'm very, very, very behind on all things related to blogging. i have no idea where to begin reading. i'm 3 weeks behind and sporadically catch a blog or 2 during the day when on break at work but other than that, i'm pathetic, blah!
      • my playlist recently changed. now the music won't start up automatically and scare you. i didn't change it, the powers that be at playlist did. so you have to hit the play button if you want to listen. i hate that!
      • i'm wear testing these bad boys (Vivo Barefoot technology):
i think that is about all i've got to update on. see? not a whole lot of anything to rave about around here. just working hard to get healthy and in IM shape.

much love and peace out!



  1. Great to see a post. Glad you are recovering and that your official imfl training begins. Pretty funny about the dogs....I would have been screwed if I had 100's of miles on my legs, the dogs would have caught me.

  2. So much randomness to comment on..
    Good luck w IMFL. See u there.
    What kind of shoes are those?
    Angry birds is evil.
    Good luck w the recovery.

  3. Enjoy your updates....and really like hearing what you're up to and doing on Dailymile.Glad you're there:)
    I've been thinking of doing a 70.3 on July 31st....I kind of want your opinion if you think I could be ready by then. But I'm scared to I'll leave it there and keep contemplating....
    Had to laugh at the Dog Day comment you made. What the HECK do YOU do when They come at you? I can't believe how I can pick up the pace when I feel I have nothing left in dog runs....:)

  4. Great ...I'm not alone in the Angry Birds addiction .. and now it's FREE on Google Chrome? Lord Help Me.

  5. Wait, you "yada, yada, yada"-ed over the best part. haha: :)

    Woohoo on getting the injury under control!

    Awesome work on the back to back centuries! I don't know how you got back on the bike the 2nd day.

  6. It's nice to see that you're still alive in Florida! I flew into Fort Myers last weekend, and as I passed over Tampa, I gave you a little wave...

    I'm glad you've got the leg/butt issue worked out and are feeling better. Good call on bagging that race. IMFL is going to be awesome.

    I'm really interested in that ISM saddle. When the jury has a verdict, let me know what they think.

    Next year I'm planning on doing that double century weekend in Georgia. See ya there?

    Good luck with the training! Have a great week.

  7. Good to see your post today :). I know when I was (am still) injured for 18+ months, I was like, "What should I blog about? My heel hurts? Like you haven't all heard that 500 times before..." It's kinda fun to share my discoveries along the way thought.

    Um...I did a century yesterday (I know, shocker!!) and um... it took me a LOT longer than your amazing 5 hours. WOW o wow! Well, I did have a lot of mountain climbing but I am pretty sure I was brining up the rear. :( Very nice job on those inspire me to just be better!!

  8. Yeah, my centuries took a LOT longer than yours...I'm going to blame it on the hybrid I was riding...and then think twice about doing a century on my new road bike so that I can keep blaming the bike and not myself. :)

    I know what you mean about not blogging. When I'm not doing anything training-wise, I don't feel like I have anything interesting to talk about. Of course, "interesting" is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. Thank goodness for the blogworld, saving my family from endless rambling about training!

    Glad to hear the recovery is coming along. The back to back centuries sound awesome! Well, except for the dog chase. Scary.

  9. is buckeye outdoors still around? I had so many problems with them a year or so ago I just ditched them.

  10. I'm obsessed with Words With Friends so I'm going to stay away from Angry Birds, one is enough! I hope that ISM saddle works out for you. And my co-workers got used to me walking around with variously place iced packs. LOL! Glad you got your training all mapped out.

    P.S. Clermont kicked my butt!

  11. It's quality not quantity homeslice—and you bring it each and every post.

    I mean, honestly, where else would I learn to avoid the rabid, violent, testosterone laden creatures of the Georgian landscape? Love your observations. You crack me up.

    I am right with you though homeslice. This knee injury is putting a serious psychological dent on my psyche. I will recover from this, and so will you!

  12. Good news on the injury front. Glad you figured out what it actually was too!

    ISM ... took mine off, gave me sores, I give up. Back to the old faithful rock hard bruiser.

    20 weeks huh? :) YOU GOT THIS !!!

    Keep up the good work and keep training smart girl!

  13. I love reading your posts, even the random ones. You inspire me.

  14. I am so happy that you are feeling better. That is a big relief!

    I wish I could have ridden with you on Memorial Day weekend. That just sounds like so much fun. I may have to organize a ride in my neck of the woods.

    Good luck with the IM Training! I am sure you will have some great stories from all of it and I can't wait to hear about them!

  15. Keep with the Adamo... it does take time but you'll gt used to it I bet and love it!

    Back to back centuries in a smoking time! I'm so jealous of your speed! :)

    Yay for IMFL! We might try to get in next year. We miss that beach. I know it's a long shot to register without being down there... but maybe we have a chance. Maybe...

    Glad the art sessions are helping! And glad you blogged! We miss you!

  16. Glad you seem to be recovering so well. I really need to spend more time rolling. Perhaps if I put the roller under my desk...

    I agree with you on the Buckeye thing. I HATED losing all my stats but find that I really enjoy the interactive piece of daily mile more!

    Don't get me started on Angry Birds... I could not put that thing down. I finally made it to the final level on the iphone app and was done with it. Too much fun.

  17. I'm glad you have an answer for your pain and are finding ways to make it feel better!
    Nice job on the back to back!
    What are those shoes?? I want to know!! I can't wait to hear what you think about them!

  18. glad to hear that you are back and recovering... I like the change

  19. What the hell is wrong with your ischial tuberosity???