Sunday, June 19, 2011

week 1 of IMFL training ...done!

i recently wrote out my 20 week ironman florida training plan. yes, that's right, i follow my own training plan cuz KC knows best. actually, i'm pretty much following what i did for my first 140.6 since that worked out as well as it did. i'm happy to report that week 1 of 20 is in the books, minus one swim but i have a really good excuse for why that last swim didn't happen. our refrigerator decided it had enough time on this Earth so we had to scramble to figure out what to do about it, so i simply ran out of time to fit it in today. no worries!

here is a breakdown of week 1:

ran: 23.1 miles
biked: 254.15 miles
swam: 3000 meters
weight trained: 3 times

not a bad week and i felt healthier than the last 8 crappy weeks with the glute/hammy issue lingering. it is still tight at times but not really an issue anymore and i hope it stays that way.

in other news, i got to meet a fellow blogger, Beth B.o.B. from discom-bob-ulated-running blog who lives locally. that's a rare happening. i told her that i think most of my favorite bloggers all seem to live in O-H-I-O (you have to spell it out, right BDD?), Georgia and Texas.  this chic is funny as all hell and her blog rocks. i'm sorry i didn't stumble across her sooner but thanks to my buckeye outdoors training log catastrophe, we found each other on daily mile and that my friends is how it all began. i've said it before and it was confirmed today, my blogger friends are the bomb diggity. even though many of us have never met, you know if and when we do, it will be an instant connection if we've known each other for years. today was a perfect example of that.
 me and the dicom-bob-ulated runner (triathlete too), Beth.
look how tan we are!

question for my friends: do i look like i could be her mom? do i look THAT old people? i knew all this sun from training for triathlons was going to come back and bite me in the ass but not this soon. anyway, here is the funny story ...the 7 foot tall giant that took our picture asked us after he took it if we were mom and daughter. yeah, can you believe that? Beth tried to make me feel better by saying she thought he may have had vision problems. i'm calling my favorite plastic surgeon tomorrow! anywho, we had a good time hanging and chatting at Panera's. seriously, we probably could have sat there all day and never run out of topics to talk about and the topics were not all triathlon or training related, really. we are way deeper than that. good times!!

i also got to meet up with Bob (aka: 1 hour ironman) on saturday. this was our pic from the last time we rode.

it was not our first time meeting of course ...we are old pals. every once in awhile i am blessed with his presence at out saturday long ride. good seeing you this weekend Bob! come back out soon and stay longer. 

so let's make a toast shall we (go ahead, grab your drink and i'll wait) ...
here's to another 19 weeks of healthy, smooth training. can i get an amen?!

much love and peace out!


  1. yay! we are freakin' tan. woot! eff that giant dude. seriously, it's cause i look like i haven't hit puberty - AKA no boobs. ;)

    great meeting you! as the saying goes, "this could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship!"

  2. oh hellz yeah!!!! I get so fired up when my friends start their Ironman training. I love all the stories and seeing the progress.

    That is a great Week1 and I can't wait for the next 19 to fly by.

    You are a ROCKSTAR!

  3. Sometimes I wish I still lived in Tampa so that i could train with you guys! That is awesome!

    I am getting SO PUMPED for IMFL (even though I'm not racing this year!) We need to plan a training camp asap!!

  4. Chloe ...YES i wish you still lived here too!! Camping trip/recon of the IMFL course for sure I am in. Holla at me so we can coordinate.

  5. That's some crazy mileage for the first week of training. Way to go! It's pretty crazy to meet fellow bloggers. Have fun!

  6. He asked if you were Mom and Daughter?? Wow...he MUST have vision issues. That's a no-no of first order (kind of like asking a woman when the baby is due unless you are 100% sure she is pregnant). Anyway, love reading your training miles on DM and on here when you blog. You are truly an inspiration (plus you have met Jennifer and I also, though we were both in the middle of work outs ... where's MY shout out?? LOL).

  7. Jc, it isn't official until you, me, and Jennifer take our pictures together ; )

  8. Whoo hoo, off to a great start! I too lost all my data on BuckeyeOutdoors and just joined Daily Mile... love it! Just friended you.

  9. Ooooohhhhh ... I'll make sure to bring my camera next time :)

  10. KC...this is wonderful news! keep up the great work you continue to do with the training.

  11. Woohoo, week one done!! I love it that the fridge is to blame for a missed workout!! ;)

  12. Amen! We need to meet up soon- I really want to ride! It's funny, I was just in Ohio with all those other bloggers you couldn't meet...

    Riding this week? Tomorrow is my first day of work here!

  13. Bob is awesome.

    Congrats on week 1 of training in the books - good week!!

    I love blogger meet-ups. Also I think instead of all your favorites being from O-H-I-O you meant M-A-I-N-E ;) ha ha

    Have a great day!

  14. Nice riding a bit of the Saturday ride with you. Hope I didn't upset anyone when I did my Lance impression at the end where I broke off from you.
    On the swimming, see if you can find a mass start race somewhere to practice. It will definitely help and save a few minutes in your Kona aspirations...

  15. Amen... here's to good health and good training


    Sorry, had to get that out.


    Hope that you have smooth sailing through this training cycle!!!!

    O _ H _ I _ O!

  17. 250+ miles in your first week!?!? You rock.

    You forgot M-I-C-H-I-G-A-N. Oh wait, we aren't pretentious like Ohio, you don't need to spell it out. haha

    Woohoo for the blog meetups. Always fun.

  18. Her mom??? Heck no - maybe sister!

    WOOHOO for the first week down! We follow our own plan too. Glad to know we aren't the only ones.

    And yes, the cool kids live in O-H-I-O but are super jealous of the year round tans of our Florida friends! :)

  19. uh, yes he had vision problems! Are you kidding me? :) Congrats on week one - that is some crazy mileage for week one too... makes me scared to see the rest of the weeks...

  20. I was in a small town on the peninsula (Yucatan, I live in Mexico) and was asked if my girls (11 and 9) were my grandaughters. :) Course, I'm 50 and down here that is DEFINITELY grandmother time, but yeah, it did take me aback. :)

  21. KC you are AWESOME! Congrats on a killer first week. You are going to rock IM FL!

  22. Hello! I am new to following your blog! I'm a triathlete in Michigan who just did my first 70.3 2 weeks ago and am contemplating another one in August! Not sure yet about a full. But you are very motivating and I will enjoy reading about your training! Best of luck and you're off to a great start!

  23. Good luck with that injury. What are you doing for weight training, and are you finding it's helping with your injury? I have a very different injury, and I'm finding weight lifting is helping me out a lot. My big issue is a strength difference between my right and left hamstring (probably caused by my torn tendon) so single leg exercises and lunges are working wonders for me.

    Injuries are tough to work through, especially when you start feeling good because you want to ramp things up right away. Stay smart and conservative and you'll get through this.

  24. Congrats on week one done - you demolished my numbers - especially on the bike!