Monday, June 27, 2011

where am i?

the last 3 days i feel like i've been living in Seattle rather than Florida. raining, raining and raining. i hate it! puts a big damper (no pun intended) on my bike miles and you know i like getting in my bike miles. don't mess with that! i've had to get creative in order to squeeze in my training for week 2 of ironman Florida training. i think it was a very successful week despite the lower bike mileage which really isn't that big of a deal in the whole scheme of things. which brings me to my next topic regarding my mileage on the bike. a few people commented about how many miles i rode on the bike last week and it was only week 1 of IM training. here's the deal: i ride a lot! regardless of whether i'm training for an IM or nothing at all. so when you see the cycling mileage posted each week, it isn't that big a deal, it's just normal ...for me.  

i woke up on Saturday morning, checked the radar and made the decision to not go to the hills for our usual long ride. i didn't like what i saw and honestly, i don't enjoy riding in the rain or wet roads. it's gross! oh i hear you Target 11:15 (formerly known as 1 hour ironman Bob), "but what if race day is raining?" my answer is, i'll deal with it on race day because i have no other choice but i have the choice on training days and i rather get a quality workout in, rather than be miserable and have a crappy workout." make sense? also, i hate having to clean the bike after. what a waste of an hour i say. since the forecast was calling for rain, i had to resort to plan B which was to do my long run (12 miles and swim). i had a good laugh as i was swimming at the indoor pool when i looked outside and saw that it was pouring. 1 point for KC, 0 points for mother nature. although, she would even up that score the next day ...which brings me to Sunday. wake up, check the radar. yep, there's rain coming but we might be able to squeeze in a quick 60-90 minute ride. 60 minutes was it and then it started to pour so we made our way home, cleaned off the bikes and i immediately put the bike on the trainer and did another 20 miles. HOW BORING! the longest hour ever, even with all my gadgets (itouch, smart phone, music on) to keep me entertained. thankfully, the weather cleared up around 3:30pm and we went out for round 3 - 29 miles, so i ended up with a total of 71 miles for the day, albeit all chopped up but it got done. mother nature and i are even for now. i think she isn't done with me yet though because this week looks mighty rainy again. we shall see.

Ironman Florida training week 2 of 2o:
ran - 27.6 miles
biked - 179 miles
swam - 8100 meters
weight trained - 3 times
Ab ripper X - 1 time

i've been inspired by Beth, the discom-BoB-ulated running girl to do my own 100 things about me. i told her that i don't think that this is possible because i am not the most interesting girl in the world, nor do i think i could come up with that many things but i will try. i also told her that i think it would take me a year to come up with that many things. ok, so it may take me a few weeks but i'm going to do it. i think the timing couldn't be better as my 200th post is coming up right around the corner and wouldn't that be a fun post to celebrate with? i will warn you in advance ...there may some TMI in there. 

let the music play! i didn't like that disabled the music auto start on the blog widget i had so i switched to instead and now the music is back on when you visit my blog. rock on!

happy monday to you all. congrats to a bunch of you that raced this weekend. as you can see, i'm slowly making my blog rounds. it may be sporadic but i'm slowly moving right along. thankfully, many of you are on dailymile, twitter and facebook so i can keep my fingers on the pulse of whats going on around me. 

much love and peace out! 


  1. oh thank goodness for the music being back. This makes me smile and increases the amount of time spent on your site. I'm sure if you look at time spent at your site when you post it must be huge b/c I hear the music and never take the site down. Sometimes to the disgust of the people in the coffee shop where I make my office somedays.....ha ha ha!!!!

    Keep up the great training KC you are such an inspiration for me. Your posts and numbers make me want to keep pushing myself.

  2. I am sorry that you had rain this weekend but I am glad that it waited until we left your fine state.

    I loved Florida or maybe just lying by the pool all week. Either way it was a blast!

    Good luck with the IM training!

  3. Dear Florida,

    Please send rain to SE Texas. Thank you!

    We are in bad shape here as we have not had a substantial rainfall since Oct 2010. It rained Wednesday but just a few showers.

    Way to work around mother nature and get the miles in!

  4. I think you are all over what IM training should be--lots of time in the saddle! Keep up the great work and make the sun come back.

  5. Yeah... i hate riding in the rain... big time haha.

    Great job playing tag with Mother Nature, she is quick and elusive ;)

    Keep up the good work!!!

  6. I feel your rain pain...four days of it here in NE last week!

  7. Sorry 'bout all the rain. You do make a great point about not training in it. I'll just deal with it on race day too. Your numbers are huge. Way to go, KC! Nice work. Keep it up.

  8. Feelin you on the rainy days - did and hour run in a downpour yesterday - the post downpour sauna reminded me of Tampa. Keep up the great IM work - see you in November.

  9. I would leave a comment but you already took it....
    but I can say the 60 miler in the rain on Sunday was actually refreshing.. 73F, nice down pour, road grit kicking up in your face... ahhhh... you gotta love it!!!

  10. I'm with you on the rain. I always do the "I'll cross that bridge when I get there" approach.

    Great job!

  11. Jeez, you are a crazy woman with your workouts! I sure love reading about them, though.

    Got myself a new pair of running shoes (even blogged about them - TWICE) so we'll see how it goes. Still having trouble with my right foot.

    Fingers crossed for tonight's run!

  12. This weekend's weather can totally suck it. Way to stick it to the man - er, woman. IE- Mother Nature. ;)

    Can't wait for that 100! I expect TMI.

  13. jason-i missed having the music start up right away too. i keep it open at work. keeps me going!
    christi-i'm so happy that the weather here held up for your vacay. i really enjoyed your fb posts and pics : )
    jeff-i'd gladly share some of our rain with you and some of our wind too.
    Ms. Z-no excuses allowed when training for an IM. Thankfully, I enjoy the time in the saddle.
    Matty O-mother nature may screw up my schedule but i will always find a way to make the training happen. I may not like it but gotta do it.
    glenn-sorry that you are also getting bombarded with the rain. i hope you can make up some of the riding time soon.
    Matt S and Cory - There will be plenty of days to ride without the messy rain. Plus, who wants to clean a bike after for an hour? Scott - I need to get over to your blog to catch up on your IMFL training. We all need to do a recon weekend soon in PCB with Chloe.
    Bob-riding in the rain stinks, that is all.
    Kat-I saw the pic of your new shoes on FB. I heart them. The colors are way cool and they look fast. I hope your foot behaves. Injuries stink!
    Beth - yeah, mother nature is a biotch! But I think we still came our *WINNING* this weekend!

  14. Send the rain our way it seems like our whole state is on fire!!!! I totally get the quality over quantity thing! I'm inspired by the fact that you get all that mileage in AND weight training! I need to make it happen!

  15. 100 facts on KC that will be epic for sure! Fact # 1: Awesome. We are just now getting some of your rain although it sucks for outdoor training but we really need it. Oh and way to get the training in! That speaks volumes on your dedication. I know some many people who will use things such as weather as an excuse for not training when there are other options. My hat is off to you once again. I think I might as well just keep it off... Peace out Smalls

  16. Riding in the rain is like getting hit in the head by 1000 pellets.

    Glad you are back! Missed ya!

    We had rain this weekend, not so bad as what you had though.

  17. I feel your weather pain. We've had so much rain lately...I truly wish we could donate some of it to the parched south because we have WAY more than our share. I don't like riding my road bike in the rain, but I will and do. Where it's really screwed us over is the ridiculous amounts of rainfall on mountain bike race/ride days. Several mtb races have had to be cancelled/rescheduled in order to prevent trail damange...and then rained out on the reschedule date, too!

    Your training volume is amazing. Glad you've found ways to fit it in, despite M.N.'s antics.

  18. Way to get in the workouts despite mother nature!

    The weather all over the country has just been downright bizarre. Too hot, too cold, too rainy, too dry - no one can win it seems.

  19. I'm like you and will avoid training in rotten weather = unless it's my long run or a night when I run with my buddy (misery loves company).

    Strange- we've hardly had any rain. I do hear that it's coming, though.

  20. Yes - Sunday was an interesting one for the ride - we got in 30 at San An - but after someone flatted, it started to rain more, so we got in 30 - with the last 15 pretty wet. Then went out later and rode a quick 12, but I blew off the middle trainer part!

  21. I would be really happy if we could have the rain spread out and not 3 or 4 days in a row and never on weekends. Is that too much to ask? I don't mind running in rain, just no lightning. I ran an entire marathon in the rain once (Miami Marathon).
    Navy Steve-sounds like a carbon copy of Saturday's ride based on my husband's description of the ride except nobody flatted. Glad I opted out of that ride.
    Chuck-usual ride of about 50 miles starting on the Bruce B. Downs side of Flatwoods at 7am.

  22. I'm with you about the weather - it has sucked the past few days. I don't mind Florida's normal rain, when it storms like crazy for an hour and then the sun comes back out, but this slow and steady stuff with its endless gray skies has got to go!

  23. Thank you for the comments about Parker you left on my blog. We are thrilled to have him. I am looking forward to your next training update, but it's starting to look like we may have to move the Arizona to see the sun again.

  24. I'm so sorry that I'm just now catching up on blogs... it's been a crazy couple of weeks!

    Hope the rain has stopped... always makes training more difficult! :(

    Can't wait to read your 100 things list!

  25. ooooh, can't wait to read your 100 things!!

  26. Hasn't the weather in Florida been crazy!?! It has shaped up recently, but still too dry. As much as I hate the rain, we still need so much more down in the southern portion.

  27. wow thats a lot of training already... hope it's feeling good. i can't wait till IMFL... you would think i was racing too lol.....