Saturday, July 16, 2011

convenient nutrition is not an oxymoron!

i’ve had quite a few people (some triathletes and some coworkers) ask me lately about what i eat. this happens a lot and i’m pretty used to it. if i think they REALLY want to know for their own knowledge, i’m usually more than happy to tell them and help them the best i can. ultimately, i cannot do it for them, they have to want to eat healthier for their own reasons not mine. also, like with training, you need to fuel yourself for whatever it is that you do. so if you just workout a couple of hours a week, then you are not going to eat like someone training for an ironman.

remember, i like to keep it real here at 140 point 6, so before i go any further, let me just say that i am no saint in the nutrition department. i would say that i eat very healthy 93% of the time and the other 7% of the time (usually on Saturday night), i may eat a pint of ben & jerry’s ice cream all by myself. ok, you can pick your jaws up off the floor. overall, i truly believe that you cannot put crappy food in your body and expect to feel good. here is the analogy i like to use when i’m explaining this to someone: you don’t put 87 octane gas in your ferrari or corvette and expect it to perform the way it was meant to. the proof is in the pudding (i have just been full of puns lately). when you start making a conscious effort to eat better, you WILL feel the difference guaranteed. i hear some of you saying, “but this takes too long, it’s easier to just grab whatever is there.” and to that i say, you would be wrong! i am the queen of NOT cooking but i do buy things that i can put together quickly and it is still healthy.

i would like to say that i recently came across a fellow blogger named Crystal Krebs but it wasn’t all that recently, i have just been a slacker when i comes to blogging and i’d like to apologize to her since she was kind enough to send me a bunch a goodness to taste from Rokit fuel awhile back. 

Rokit bar

this was one of the two Rokit Fuel prototype sample bars that Crystal sent me and it was by far one of the best nutrition bars that my lips have ever touched and VERY filling. i do love me some bars because they are so convenient. we may need to have Crystal tell us what this yummy prototype bar had in it. whatever it was, it was chocolaty (can’t go wrong there) and i think it had raisins in it too. it had a lot of stuff in it and it blended well as my taste buds let me know.

Convenient nutrition is not an oxymoron! you will see this on their products and to me, it speaks volumes.

All cereal Crystal also sent 3 different flavored cereals. they all were very good. Pumpkin Chocolate was my fave and the J-man loved this one the most too. there was also one called Chocolate Dream and the other was Cherry Almond. you can make them with milk or water. we opted to use half water and half milk. once again, a quick and easy alternative that only takes 60-90 seconds in the microwave. the nutrition on each one was different but not by much. overall, they average out to 350 calories each. the main ingredient is rolled oats and here are just a few of the many wholesome ingredients each one contained: gotu kola, maca root, chia seeds (guaranteed to make you grow hair), pure cane dark brown sugar, amaranth, milled flax seed, sesame seeds, bee pollen. good stuff! by the way, there is a warning on the label and it reads, NOT FOR WUSSIES*

*Wussie (noun) A persons whose pursuit of excellence is eclipsed by a total lack of discipline and drive.

RF Cereal - Pump Choc

a close up of the NOT FOR WUSSIES warning

on each container, there is a really neat faded out background with an image on it. the image is of a sponsored Rokit fuel athlete and on the Chololate Dream container, the image is of Crystal rock climbing!! how cool is that? you can find Crystal’s blog right HERE!

scan0001additional info on butt-kickin’ fuel for the body. click on image to enlarge.

scan0002comparison chart. Rokit fuel vs. the “others.”

so remember, no excuses* when it comes to putting the right fuel in your awesome machine. your body really is a temple and should be treated as such.  

*Excuses – Sorry ass reasons to justify failure.

(i made that definition up back in my personal trainer days)

go say hi to Crystal the rock climber and athlete extraordinaire and the Rokit Fuel website noted above. you can also find them on Facebook by clicking HERE!

much love and peace out my peeps, i miss you all. sorry i’ve not blogged in almost 3 weeks. 


  1. You are so busy with your training that I'm impressed that you have time to blog at all. I've found the past few months to be a real struggle to keep up - and my time spent training is a fraction of what you do.
    And, I laughed when I read today's workout. I covered that many miles - all week! Mind you, I'm injured and it's on a windtrainer, but still....
    Rokit Fuel sounds good but I haven't seen it up here. I'm with you on the nutrition front; you need a bit of bad (my weakness is cookies).

  2. Thanks for reminding of the importance of nutrition. I will have to try some rokit fuel. I have really been slacking in the nutrition department and need to get back on track.

  3. I like the analogy of the gas in the ferrari. Good point. I'll put down the ice cream... JUST KIDDING! :)

  4. Great analogies! I must remember these because I am back to eating horribly. I must get back on track!

  5. This stuff looks awesome I constantly have to remind myself - junk in = junk out. The info you sent me last year (has it been a year?) helped me so so much. Anyway, looking forward to trying that Rokit Fuel.

  6. And I just ate some potato chips....damn it...

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  8. I am looking into this stuff now ... always looking for something good and convenient.

  9. oh it is such not an oxymoron. Pick up a pepper and cut it up and eat it. How much easier does it get than that?

    Cut an apple and eat it with nut butter. That's hard? Oh it drives me mad to hear that excuse.

    I have been seeing Rockit Fuel everywhere lately and may need to dive into this product finally.

    I just did a review on 22 Nutrition Bars that are very tasty and don't have a laundry list of ingredients. Check out the blog and enter to win a box.