Sunday, July 31, 2011

july training numbers and other crap

finally i am ready to blog about my training. why now you ask? because for the last 3.5 months, my training has been just okay but not at a level that is worth putting in print. ok, wait, not all of my training has sucked, just the running wasn’t where i needed or wanted it to be. you can’t force recovery from an injury, you have to let it happen and take its course, which i think has finally happened. one of my favorite quotes found in a book called The Lore of Running by Tim Noakes, MD, is:

 “Finally, remember that God heals and the doctor sends the bills. Give nature every chance to do her own good work.” 

~Tom Osler (1978)

sometimes with certain injuries, medical intervention is definitely warranted. with a little A. R. T., and working around certain activities that hurt, i was on my way to getting better. i want to be real clear on something before i move on because frankly, i am tired of thinking about and talking about this stupid ass (pun!) injury (located at the glute/hamstring insertion). IT WAS NOT CAUSED BY RUNNING!!!! it was a fluky incident and i have learned to just trust myself from here on out when it comes to my training. i am my own best coach and i shall remain self coached. that is all i have to say about that from here on out and i hope to never revisit this kind of injury again because it really scared me and in the end, cost me money that i would have rather put into races or in the bank.

moving on to this month’s numbers. can you believe july is over? almost 3 months of solid training to go and i am so ready.

7/1/2011 thru 7/31/2011

biked: 1,182.83 miles

ran: 81.51 (2 long runs in there – a 14 and 15 miler)

swam: 19,312 meters (will be bumping this one up going forward)

overall, i think i had a really good month. looking forward to the longer bike rides and the long runs coming up. i am following my plan from last year because it worked very well for me. i just started scouting out the different places to stay in PCB (panama city beach) for ironman florida. it sure is nice to have a blogger buddy (Chloe at running with a bottle of wine blog) who lives right there for good advice about where or where not to stay and she did IMFL last year. i’m also scouting out as many IMFL race reports i can get my hands on, so if you know of any in particular that you think i should read, please let me know. i already know a couple that i need to go back and read. i also found a great breakdown of the bike course and i will be printing that out and saving it in “THE” folder. i had a special folder last year when i was getting ready for the great floridian 140.6 that i kept important reading material in, like race reports, the endurance nation 4 keys to a successful IM (brilliant article by the way) and other informative items related to the event. yeah, i’m organized like that!

speaking of other blogger buddies …these last few months have been special. i have met 3 local triathlete/bloggers IRL (in real life). one is Beth, the Discom-BoB-ulated runner, who i already mentioned in a previous post. super cool chic! the latest run in was literally a run in. actually, i ran them down before they were about to walk into LA Fitness.

JC and KC meet JC (not to be confused with my JC). funny story how we connected. a park that we train at gets flooded every now and then and i did a search on twitter to see if anyone had posted a pic of the area that gets flooded before i headed out there to then have to turn around a come home. low and behold, there was a picture posted by JC. then i saw where he had a blog and the rest is history. Click HERE to visit his blog called The Fat Slow Triathlete.

Jennifer and KC and meet Jennifer, JC’s training partner. they both just started doing triathlons this year and are progressing very nicely. they both have worked very hard to get where they are in their training and put in the training time. i have the utmost respect for pro triathletes but it is the mere mortals that inspire me everyday. Jennifer also has a blog. Click HERE to read her blog called Run, Run, Bunny Run.

i got some awesome news this week that tickled me pink and really motivated me …not that i’m not already motivated enough. Colleen at IRONDIVA posted on my facebook wall that she and Mandy (aka: Caratunk Girl) were coming down to PCB to cheer their butts off at IMFL. needless to say, that totally made my day. these ladies, both Ironmen, are awesome and i can hardly wait to meet them. also, there is a rumor that Mark (aka: tri dad of five) will be there to cheer as well. this could be an epic blogger meet up. let’s see, who else will be there? Heidi from the blog TriAngel will be there because her honey, Scott from Enjoy the Ride blog, will be racing. Also, Chloe from Running with a bottle of wine (already mentioned above) will be out there leading the party. Joe (aka: Rock Star Tri) will be racing too. who else is coming??

last but not least, who can help me out here? i’m having serious issues with BLOGGER. the main one is that every time i sign in lately, i get this strange error message:

Blogger You Suckand i can’t really do anything like change the design or add a function because the page layout is a hot mess. is it time to make the switch to wordpress? i admit that i’m scared. i’ve tried to migrate twice to wordpress and every time i get to the part where i have to push that button to finalize it, i cancel it out.  i don’t want to lose everything. i’m no dummy when it comes to this kind of stuff but i don’t understand the part about backing up this or that just in case, so you don’t lose your old posts/comments. clueless! i’d be devastated if i lost all of that. if anyone can help a sista out here, holla.

much love and peace out!


  1. Glad you're "back"!!! I don't read a lot of blogs but love keeping up with yours!

  2. Great news ur "up and running"!
    July numbers look great and sounds like you are primed for a solid 3months:)


  3. I tried to look into the error Kc and couldn't find much. It's related to the templates but it seems that it's happening on every browser that's tried (Safari in your case it looks like?). The only thing I can offer is to try clearing all the cache's. Not sure if that would work.

  4. I was having a lot of issues with Blogger when I tried accesing it from Internet Explorer, but when I use Firefox I have trouble at all. I've not seen that error message, though...

  5. Looks like IMFL will turn into IMPARTY! Of course, we have a little training day to knock out. :)

  6. Unbelievable mileage on the bike, KC! You rock! I've been pissed at blogger a lot too. Are you going to Wordpress?

  7. Holy crap - you had a great month! I can't believe you biked nearly 1200 miles. I thought my 700 was a good month! :)

    Mandy, Kristin and I are so excited to head to PCB. I've raced there twice if you need any suggestions for things... places to stay, eat, go, etc. It's going to be a great time!

  8. You practically swam a half-marathon last month! Holy crow!
    You are going to have an awesome 3 months and I'm excited about watching your training.
    WP- I've thought about changing too but I haven't run into too many issues to really make it worthwhile.

  9. Well if all these bloggers will be at IMFL then I'll come too! Can't wait to be one of those bloggers you meet IRL lol

  10. glad to hear the glute/hammy stuff is worked out. it'll be SUPER cool to have all those buddies at IMFL. u are going to have a great race!

    let me know what you hear about word press. i have heard folks want to make the switch lately.

  11. Damn
    Thats pro mileage on the bike. Good job
    Sunbird is the closest to transition unless you stay at the host hotel which is a rip off. has all the choices ($400 for the week is typical)

  12. You better not let Kevin read this about Wordpress or he will fly to FLA and press submit if I don't do it first.

    He and I are HUGE proponents of Wordpress and want all to migrate just do it. Kind of like the first time you signed up for 140.6 you were nervous but you hit submit anyway and it turned out great.

    Seriously 1200 miles? That is 40 miles per day on average. Are you biking to work with a tennis ball on your saddle to work out the glute issues? BTW - b/c of you mine are gone as well. Thanks.

  13. Yikes, those are some serious numbers! That is no Joke, congrats! When you do IMFL don't do the course twice by accident since it will feel so easy to you.

  14. The bike numbers are amazing, especially in the heat you guys have! Wow!

  15. Awesome bike numbers, girl! Way to rock the month! I just started following your blog, but I wanted to add that I will be volunteering at IMFL. Maybe I’ll get a chance to meet all these amazing bloggers that you mentioned--I’ll have to start following them all now too! Yay!

  16. holy cow your numbers scare me :)

    just curious on what you eluded to with your injury? Did the ART work? Or was it just R&R that took care of it?

    Totally agree though, we know our bodies best. I try not to run fast anymore or the achilles rears its ugly head again.


    H and I may schedule the trip down as well for PCB. WE NEED A VACATION! That and maybe H will sign up for IMFL next year? Who knows. Nothing in concrete yet but would love to witness you making history :) :) :)!

  17. As ususal I'm impressed with not only your training, but your tenacity. The mental part of overcoming a serious injury and trusting the body again has proved to be one of the hardest things I've ever done. I know my training volume/style did not cause me to tear my hamstring (at 2 different insertion points...WHO DOES THAT???). Sometimes shit some point we have to decide to Let go and Let God or risk loosing out by filling ourselves with self-doubt. You have it all figured out... all falling into place and it's so much fun watch!! :)

  18. Wow, you're accumulating some serious miles!

    How cool that you're meeting/going to meet all those bloggers.

    Glad you're feeling like you again.

  19. Hey KC. Talk to Kevin at Ironmanbythirty. HE can help you with WP migration and make it PAINLESS. Honest.

    You are rocking the training!!! I can't wait to go down there to cheer you on!!

  20. Like Mandy said, let me know if you are looking to make the switch. I've helping a couple switch already and am helping Mandy switch as well.

    1100+ miles on the bike in a month? Wow. I'm lucky to hit 600 a month. You are amazing!

  21. KC, I completely dismiss the notion that your training EVER sucks. You are far too awesome. I hear you though on the injury. I was not able to run for eight weeks and I wanted to scream. The worse part about it was that I did not think I was ever going to be able to figure out what was wrong with me.

    Do you think BLOGGER knows you are trying to divorce it and it is rebelling?

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