Friday, November 18, 2011

100 things about moi

well, i said i was going to do this 100 random things about me dealio awhile back but never got past 25 but today is a new day and i found my blogging mojo. enjoy!

1. After almost 40 marathons, I’ve never lost a toenail.

2. The smell of pancakes and syrup makes me sick.

3. I used to work at village inn as a hostess when I was in high school (see #2)

4. I used to cry if my Mom made me wear a dress to church.

5. I really despise sneaky wheel sucking cyclists. I may or may not try to pick a fight.

6. I should have weighed 300 pounds as a teenager with the eating habits I had.

7. I used to eat an entire strawberry cheesecake from village inn for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one day (see #3 & 6).

8. I got serious about my health and fitness at the age of 19 and have never looked back.

9. I was a vegetarian for about 3 years in the early 1990’s.

10. I have never been to Steak-n-Shake, Checkers, Olive Garden or Sonic.

11. I used to think marathons were fun, now I find them boring.

12. Eating out is a waste of money and time in my opinion.

13. I miss my parent’s every single day and don’t think I will ever meet 2 people more special than they were.

14. I’ve never met my biological parent’s.

15. One day, I hope to meet my biological parent’s.

16. Short hair rules and I will never grow mine out again.

17. I’m scared to see what my hair color would be if I didn’t color it.

18. I eat way too much cheese. I may need an intervention.

19. Learning to swim was a very humbling experience.

20. If I could safely ride my bike to and from work (50 mile round trip), I would.

21. I could live without a TV in the house.

22. I cannot live without the internet.

23. I don’t have any pets.

24. I am deathly afraid of lightning.

25.  I prefer running alone in the dark.

26.  I have to agree that working out is cheaper, better for you and more fun than therapy.

27.  I could eat sashimi everyday but can't remember the last time i had any.

28.  I hate that my body doesn't like to build bigger muscle. And Lord knows i try.

29.  Peas and Lima beans gross me out.

30.  I have no room in my life for gossipy, stir the shit up kind of people.

31.  I wish I lived closer to the ocean so I could do more open water swims.

32.  I am more scared of crashing on my bike because of an animal than being hit by a car.

33.  I have way too many running shoes.

34.  I went thru 5 swim suits this year alone. They sure don't last long.

35.  I didn't pay more than $12 for each swim suit (see #34).

36.  I still don't "get" Twitter.

37.  I really don't "get" Google+.

38.  Slowtwitch forums are full of haters.

39.  Beginner Triathlete forum is so much classier. Especially the IM Florida peeps.

40.  I have never followed a schedule for my ironman training.

41.  I have never followed a schedule for all of the marathons I've done either.

42.  I hate schedules. It takes all the fun out of training for me.

43.  If I weren't so into triathlons, I would probably be a bodybuilder.

44.  I'm addicted to my smart phone, so says the J-man.

45.  I don't stop to smell the roses as often as I should.

46.  I have been eating Flintstones vitamins with iron for about 10 years.

47.  I have a hyperthyroid but haven't taken my medication in over a year.

48.  I really don't think I have a hyperthyroid.

49.  I hate my doctor's office and think they aren't very in tune with me (see #47 & 48).

50.  As a teenager, I ate almost all of my meals from fast food joints, McD's mostly.

51.  I broke into a vacant house on my street when I was in high school. Just cuz.

52.  I worked out with Andrew Dice Clay one late Friday night at Bally's.

53.  I am absolutely against listening to music with earphones on when biking outside.

54.  I can cook, I just chose not to.

55.  Thank God for microwaves.

56.  I'm pretty cranky when I don't get to workout in the morning before work.

57.  I really do think the honey badger is the baddest ass animal out there.

58.  I loved Christmas growing up but not so much anymore. Just another day.

59.  I thoroughly clean my bikes after every ride.

60.  I will never eat popcorn. Farmers feed their cows and pigs corn to fatten them up. 

61.  The first thing I want to do after an Ironman race is brush my teeth.

62.  I refuse to pay someone to wash and detail my car. 

63.  I can detail a car like no one else (see #62).

64.  The J-man is my bike mechanic and he is the bomb.

65.  I have no interest in learning how to do mechanical stuff to my bike.

66.  Since Ironman Florida, I have had about 50 people add me to their google+ circle.

67.  I don't know any of these people (see #66).

68.  Meeting bloggers in real life is pretty darn cool.

69.  Mellow Mushroom pizza has to be about the best pizza that I've ever had.

70.  Thank God Mellow Mushroom is about 30 miles away or I'd be racing as an Athena.

71.  Coffee is in fact the nectar of the Gods. 

72.  I used to hate Starbucks coffee. Now I can't live without it.

73.  My first hamster's name was Timothy. He froze to death.

74.  I think Vanilla really is the finest of the flavors.

75.  I drink Slimfast shakes but not for weight loss. I just love them. Vanilla of course.  

76.  Tapering for a race isn't as bad I like to make it out to be.

77.  I wish my body didn't rebel so damn much when I try to run over 45 miles/week.

78.  Men with overly hairy bodies should not be allowed to swim in the pool.

79.  I never knew snorkels were allowed in triathlons until last year. 

80.  All of my "vacations" in the last 15 years, have involved some kind of race event.

81.  I am not a procrastinator even though I've been putting this list off for months, lol.  

82.  I prefer running alone with music blaring.

83.  I graze all day long.

84.  I don't participate in food days at work. I have watched too many Hoarder episodes.

85.  I refuse to shop at Walmart during normal hours. 5-6am is usually best and safest.

86.  I vowed to never buy an American car. I think I may have to go back on my vow.

87.  I love the new Ford Focus SEL Titanium 5 door, fully loaded in red. I'm getting one!

88.  J-man doesn't like that I want to put more race stickers on my SUV back window.

89.  I still haven't gotten that 140.6 tattoo I was thinking about last year.

90.  I really like the M dot tats but not on me.

91.  I'm still devastated that I can no longer eat peanut butter b/c of allergies. I miss it.

92.  I hate excuses. They are just reasons to fail.

93.  If I could, I'd wear a running cap to work everyday.

94.  I don't get along real well with people who tend to always be running late.

95.  I still haven't visited my parent's grave since the funerals, almost 5 years ago.

96.  I think funerals are a big waste of money. What a ridiculous ceremony.

97.  I want to be burned at the stake cremated.

98.  P90X rocks. If you don't already have it, go buy it and DO IT!

99.  Don't be fooled by my quietness.

100.  I got married in Vegas almost 15 years ago. I'd do it all over again too! With J-man of course.

Much love and peace out!


  1. I'm with you on 18 and 19!!! Regarding #91...I wish I was allergic. I can see 10 pounds immediately vanishing from my waist line.

  2. yay! i can post now! that was weird.

    anyway...i didn't know about the PB man that stinks! and i miss my dad too. parents are awesome and have to be appreciated every day.

    work pot lucks are scary. you never know what a person's house is like. eek!

    also, poor Timothy! :( and please detail my car for my birthday k thanks?

  3. I could never live without internet either....but I do like long hair, I have never had mine short. Peas and Lima beans rock, though!! :) Guess that's what's so fun about making us all individuals, huh? :) Happy Weekend!!!

  4. I miss my Dad as well and today is his birthday. Never an easy day.

    Get this about Christmas.....never a fan. Could have cared less. Used to make my sister wait for hours until I woke up. I mean why wake up at 5am to rip open presents when they aren't going anywhere. Let me sleep.

    How does one break into a vacant house? If its vacant wouldn't you just walk in?

    I too have never been to Steak-n-Shake, Checkers or Sonic. Nor do I plan to.

    I love this list and I feel closer to you than I ever have. So cool to learn about people and can't wait to meet you in person so we can laugh our asses off.

  5. I love vanilla, the Internet, and my smart phone, but I'm punctuality-impaired, so it's probably best that we can't hang out in real life. :)

  6. A great list! I am with you on peas and lima beans! Nasty!

  7. OMFG! This list is classic... and I mean an instant classic!

    Some thoughts:

    #2) You would not survive one weekend in my house. Real NYS Maple Syrup on buckwheat pancakes. I think I might be able to convert you.

    #6) Yeah, me too. My mom, bless her, use to buy Pop Tarts and Soft Batch Cookies as snacks. But.. we never, EVER had soda around. To this day, I can't stand the stuff.

    #12) Eating out is the only way I can speak to my wife without hearing "mommy? daddy?" every five seconds.

    #19) Ditto.

    #26) Amen

    #36) I'm on the Twitter.

    #78) You are a hairist

  8. ST is one of the most entertaining forums out there. I post on both BT and ST but really enjoy ST for information (BarryP, enuf said) and entertainment value.

    I am starting to suspect I have asthma and I think a trigger might be (gasp!) peanut butter!!! ACK!!!

  9. ewww #84 now I have another reason not to go.. I just got ousted for not participating in one today.

    I feel the same about weddings, #97

    Fun post!

  10. The similarities between us is baffling! Wow! Except for the Peanut Butter allergies. I've even broke into vacant houses before!! ha1

  11. Love this - no way could I think of 100 things. So many comments i want to make... :)

    LOL at 47 & 48. I thought I was the only one who was weird about the office food days. I like to know how clean a person's house is before I eat their food.

  12. Wow! That is a lot of stuff that I never knew! I agree with the whole "getting" twitter and google+. I don't understand them either. I'm amazed that you've never been to Olive Garden, although I always regret going. I can't stand people being late either.

    And, I'm looking forward to our blogger meetup next year at some ride or race! :)

  13. Great list!! Lets us know more about you in a way!!

  14. I have so much to say!!!

    But mostly...


    Seriously, I loved this so much!! And if Mellow Mushroom wasn't like 1700 miles away, I would have to rename my blog "Caratunk Fat Chick" LOL

  15. so much to comment on

    was moved by 14 & 15

    I think we'd get along well 93 & 94

    no schedule following for marathons or IM's ?!? unreal - what if you followed a plan or had specific coach prescribed workouts for next UM would you experience a lift?


  16. #79 allowed me to at least get through the swim. Now to do it without it

  17. Love the list KC! So many great facts.

    I didn't know you were adopted. Maybe I did, but for some reason it slipped my mind. My sister is in the process of trying to adopt and it's so awesome to hear that you had such a great relationship with your parents! ;)

    I love me some cheese. And some Mellow Mushroom. Will we need to do a pre/post race dinner there next year?

  18. Great list! I really enjoyed getting to meet you at IMFL, blogger meetups are the best, and I have not added you to a google+ circle because I'm too lazy to use g+ very much.

    I would call peanut butter visible proof that there is a God and he loves us.

  19. I love this!!! #46 Flinstone gummy vitamins are absolutely divine...I could potentially eat the whole jar as a snack...[control, Patty, 2 a day}.

    I can’t believe you don’t ever follow a schedule in your training. That is incredible, girl!

  20. ps. Agree with Colleen. Pre/post race dinner needs to planned for IMFL 2012! :)

  21. Love this!! :) I might have to do one, too to get back into blogging mojo. When are our racing paths going to cross?

  22. Great list!

    So many of them ring true for me as well.

    As for #64 "The J-man is my bike mechanic and he is the bomb.", after that picture of the rotted out handle bars today, are you sure??? haha!

  23. "Me too" on numbers 18, 21, 22, 29, 30, 36, 57, 94, and 98...Seriously, though, you need to go to Olive Garden for lunch and have the all you can east soup and salad!

  24. How did I miss a post from you… Dammit this makes me late… I hate being late (#94)

    So much to say…

    #2. I wish I did not love pancakes.
    #4. I still cry!
    #13. I can’t even imagine…
    #16. So AGREE! Esp. with a Mohawk!
    #42. Also agree! If you know your body well enough you know what you need to do to get where you want or need to be without reading what works for another person.
    #49. Seriously they really don’t listen.
    #51. Hmmmm I knew you were a gangster this helps confirm.

    Awesome post! I am about 100% sure I could never come up with 100 facts!

  25. 96 = true.
    I told my wife I don't want a funeral. Just a big party with bounce houses for the kids and maybe a comedian or magician. And lots of junk food at the party.

  26. I love love love this, but mostly #92.