Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ironman Florida - Part 3 - the run

yay! windy 112 miles done and i quickly hand my bike off to a volunteer and start running to the T2 bag area, which was very close this time compared to where the first transition was, and i hauled butt to the same changing area as before. plenty of space, even more than before and i quickly removed my bike shoes, the volunteer dumped my bag out and handed me my running shoes, and the other volunteer (yep, I had 2 helping me) sprayed sunscreen on me and i was out the door running. time in T2: 4:49.

this picture sums up how great i felt during the run but unfortunately, it doesn't reflect in my time: 4:08:28

i learned at about mile 8 that the few big gulps of salt water i took in the swim had done some damage to my GI system over the last 6-7 hours. i figured this out after the race while talking to at least 2 handfuls of others who had the same experience and could only attribute it to the salt water. i would say for me that it couldn't have been anything else as my eating is ALWAYS the same leading up to a race, my nutrition and hydration were exactly the same as last year when i did my first 140.6 race, and always the same as i do during training. i have never had stomach issues in a race. i also have never done a race of this distance that had a salt water swim. so with that being said, i had to make a couple of not so fun pit stops at the port-o-lets which started to eat into my time.

i would have killed for a vanilla frosty from Wendy's across the street right about now

my "should have been" marathon time should have been closer to 3:45-3:50. i never felt bad while i was running and never slowed down my pace but the time i spent reading magazines, really hurt me and does reflect negatively on my run. oh well, maybe i will experiment in my training by drinking salt water.

the spectators along the way were awesome. tents were set up along the side of the road as if people were tailgating for the big game and they were rooting for their favorite athletes. it was great and i had my share of cheerleaders along that stretch. thanks you guys! overall, the course is okay, maybe a little boring on some stretches in St. Andrews State Park. the aid stations were plentiful and i used them at least every 2 miles. i lived off the course for the marathon. i did a post last year regarding my hydration and nutrition during the Great Floridian 140.6, which was flawless, and i followed that again this year and it worked like a charm. if you want to read it, go HERE.

the finish was just as i thought it would be ...bright lights and lots of screaming spectators. the words, Kristie Concepcion, you are an Ironman never sounded so good. i felt fine when i finished, had a great catcher walk me thru to get my finishers medal, t-shirt, hat and then a finishers picture. i found the J-man right away and quickly found a spot to sit down and stretch out. then got changed into some dry clothing and headed to Wendy's for that vanilla frosty i wanted. we were going to stay and spectate until the cutoff but we all were so tired that we hopped on the shuttle and headed back to the car and then to the hotel. on the ride back to the hotel, i told the J-man i wasn't sticking around to register for next year, however, before my head hit the pillow, he had me talked into signing up for IMFL 2012, so that's what i did before rolling out of Panama City Beach on Sunday. I'm so glad I did it and I look forward to next year with even better results. 
Swim - 1:20:30
T1 - 8:26
Bike - 5:43:16
T2 - 4:49
Run - 4:08:28
Finishing Time - 11:25:29
544th OA
15th AG/120
much love and peace out!


  1. Congrats on your second 140.6! I hope you are celebrating that kickass race!!

  2. Wow, totally amazing!!!!!! CLAP CLAP!!!!!!

  3. Great job!
    I know exactly what you mean about sticking around... good pre plans but post... not so much. A pillow and bed sounds a lot better around 9pm..

  4. Woohoo! What a great race! I read of others having issues with the salt water. At least they had potties on the course! :) So, you signed up for next year. That's awesome. You rock! Great job, and Congratulations!

  5. Great Race!! You are so awesome! I did take some immodium for my salt water IM and didn't have any issues. Might be something to think about the next time! it worked for me! :)

  6. Awesome work! You look strong and happy in each of your pictures!

    I can't imagine racing in salt water. One gulp of it and I would done for.

  7. You looked awesome out there KC!!!

    The salt water would be tough for me for sure. I would still be thinking about those jellyfish at mile 16 of the run! ha ha

    Congrats again, you are a rockstar!

  8. Rock Star! I can't wait to read about your nutrition/hydration. While some people I think tend to over-analyze it, I've never gone 140.6 to see how perfect it needs to be.
    Congrats Ironman!

  9. 15th age group?! DANG! With your "expected times" wonder how high up the list that would get you? Pretty dang close to Kona right?

    Was great seeing you on the run, you really do look comfortable and happy out there.

    We had a GREAT experience down there and are SO glad we got to witness the race first hand :)

    GREAT JOB!!!!!

  10. ugh, that salt water tummy just sounds terrible. i hope you are still celebrating, what a great day!

  11. awesome report. awesome race. awesome you! high five, speedy! now you can sit on the sofa and eat that frosty and enjoy...every...little...tasty...bite

  12. Congrats girl! Awesome transition times!! You really did amazing! I’m excited that you are going to be racing Florida next year too!

  13. Awesome job KC! It was an honor to follow along on your training over the last couple of years. Can't wait to pick up again for 2012!

    Now you should venture out of FL and come to Mont Tremblant and hang with Kevin, Jon, Mandy and me!

  14. Great Job KC...Awesome report and such a great inspire me daily! :)

  15. Great Job!!! I can't wait to see that smiling face go blowing past me or giving me a high five at some point in IMFL 2012

  16. What else can I say! 140.6 miles of Awesome!! Great job and loved reading your race reports. Salt water or not, you lived my dream, Girl. You did fantastic! It's hard to train for the unexpected, so you just have to roll with what you're dealt, and that's what you did. I look forward to seeing/reading your improvements for next year! Go get'em!

  17. congrats!!! you never know what is going to happen in the run... honestly i ran an embarrassing 4:50 I think last year.... i think you rocked it out of the park... can't wait to do it again with you next year :)

  18. WAY TO GO!
    Huge congrats Ironman X2!!

    aesome report and AWESOME effort


  19. I definitely think it was the salt water. Happened to me in 2009 and it killed me on the run. I ended up talking to a few others that attributed it to the same thing. But dang girl... a 4:08 is impressive! You always had a big smile on your face which I loved!!!

    Congrats and so excited that you'll be back next year!

  20. you are amazing! i think that run time is still super kick ass. and yay for vanilla frostys!!!!

  21. You are such a rockstar! So proud of you! I stalked you all day and was cheering you on. :)

  22. Hello! Just found your blog. AWESOME race! That is a spectacular time consdering the wind & potty breaks. Congratulations!