Sunday, February 27, 2011

killer fun weekend – part 1

KC & One hour Ironman Bob One hour Iron Bob and KC ride again – Bob came out to join KC and her Sunshine Band of Bikers (his name for us!) for the inside story on that, go visit Bob’s blog HERE. He is getting ready for IM Texas.

to start off what turned out to be an awesome weekend, we headed up to the hills yesterday (about 20 minutes from home) to get in a 70 mile ride. again, it was a perfect florida day, just amazing riding weather.  even though i knew i had a half marathon to do the next day, i just have a hard time turning down a good ride in the hills, especially with such a great group of riding friends. all week long, i kept going back and forth with myself about what my race strategy would be for the half mary that i ran today while keeping in mind that i’m also training for a 1/2 iron coming up march 20th. i rationalized that since i did PR at the clearwater half mary a month ago that my focus should be on the 70.3 so that was my thinking …beat the crap out of my legs in the hills and run the half mary on tired legs the next day. totally my idea of good training for the half iron!! 

here are some more pics of some of the bikers in the band from yesterday’s ride: Charlie & Jeff

Jeff, the squirrel whisperer and my favorite Canadian, Charlie

 My fave Canadian

Charlie wearing his Canadian jersey per my special request


and Canadian socks to match!


Charlie trying to talk the boys (the J-man and JM) into doing a race

Bob finishing

one hour ironman Bob coming in for a landing!

killer weekend part 2 (Gasparilla half mary race report) coming up in a little while. need to get up and move around some. the soreness is setting in and i can’t sit at the computer for too long before i start seizing up.

much love and peace out!


  1. I won't steal your thunder for the upcoming report.... but I cheated and went online. NICE time especially after a 67+ miler yesterday. You have that pace in your 1/2 IM and I think you will be quite happy.
    Thx again for the invite.

  2. Nice ride! Send the sun and warmth up our way!

  3. Looks like you all had a great day for a ride. I wish we had some of the warm weather here. Have a great wk.

  4. Looks like you guys had a great job. And yay that you got to ride with Bob! :) Send some of that beautiful weather our way, will ya?

  5. Looks like a great ride with a great group of guys.

  6. So awesome!! Looks so nice to ride outside KC! I can't wait, I get to meet Bob this summer!

  7. Great ride! A 70 mile ride sounds like a great taper for a half marathon :) I saw your time on FB already and you smoked it even after the long ride!

  8. Very cool to get to ride with the sunshine band!

    congrats on the 1/2 (saw on FB) you rocked it KC!

  9. I soooooo need to become a snowbird and live in Florida in the winters