Thursday, February 10, 2011

KC IS A SLACKER (sometimes)!!!

yep, i admit, when i get busy, the first thing to get put on the back burner is this blog and my blog reader on google is beyond ridiculous. i will never be able to catch up with all of my favorite blogger posts, which really bothers the hell out of me. somehow i need to learn to just let that guilt go and just do what i can do with the time that i have. as i was running this morning, i was actually thinking about what a crappy blog follower i am of everyone esle's blogs. i kid you not, that was in my head while i was running. ok, letting it go now ... deep breath, deep breath. by the way, i'm doing this blog post during my 30 minute lunch because i know it will not get done when i get home from work later (***and here i am at home, 3 hours later trying to finish this post***).

i found this great article on everyman-tri website written by Scott Molina. it is his top ten tips for successful race results in 2011 (or any year really). i thought they were really good tips and worth sharing. i'm also going to comment after each one. my comments will be in this nice shade of blue.

Scott Molina's top ten tips for your best race results in 2011:

1) Get up early almost every day of your life. Nothing interferes with training at 5am except very young children. ok, been getting up super early, more like 4am, since i was about 21. no kids to worry about here so i have no excuses. even on days that i don't train early (rare), i still like to get up early. i feel like i've wasted the day if i wake up any later than 8am and i can't even remember the last time that happened.

2) Training a lot is no excuse to eat like a pig (got this from Dave Scott). i've never used the crazy volume of training as an excuse to over eat. food is just fuel to me. i really don't enjoy the process of eating all that much. i do it because i have to. i consider this a blessing by the way.

3) Include some flexibility work daily by integrating it into other things you do - talking on the phone, eating, reading the newspaper, whatever. i do this! i stretch at work a lot. sitting tightens my ass muscles up a lot so i'm constantly reminded that i need to stretch those babies out throughout the work day.

4) Do a little barefoot walking, gym work, running. i need to work on this one. i don't like going barefoot but have been thinking about buying some type of minimalist shoe like the vibram's.

5) 95% or more of your swim, bike, run training should be done in one of 3 zones - a) easy b) AeT - Aerobic Threshold 3) LT - Lactate Threshold. Stay out of the grey areas between these zones. doing this just fine.

6) Don't be afraid to race occasionally in training, especially in the water. i admit, i race people running in my hood but they don't know it (insert evil laugh here). i chase em' down, pass them and then make believe they are chasing me down. i never look back to see if they are trying to keep up. i race people on my bike too like the guy with the motor on his bike (see last post) and sometimes the guy in the lane next to me at the pool with an inch of fur on his back. i'll save that inch of fur story for another post.

7) If you're over 50 then you should get your ass into the gym and work hard in there at getting stronger. Learn what it means to push yourself in there safely. even though i'm not 50, i get my ass into the gym and have been doing so religiously since i was 19.

8) Use every tool you know of to make training more enjoyable - music, video's, other people, nice locations, whatever works. check mark on this one. i use music a lot and it does make the training time more enjoyable. i change up my running routes often, and always keep my workouts fresh and not do the same routine day in and day out.

9) Minimize commute time to work and to working out. Most of us use our cars like a portable locker room - have everything you need in the car to work out. Have good food in the car too. i have breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner with me at all times no matter what. even though most of my training happens in the morning, and the commute doesn't get in the way of my training, i usually have a workout bag in my car with a swimsuit, running shoes, and workout clothing just in case the opportunity presents itself. i'm always ready.

10) Spend less time reading, talking, blogging about training and more time actually doing it. This sport is about the work. of course this tip was my favorite! i can certainly attest that i am spending less time blogging and reading and more time actually doing the training.
for all of you who leave comments about the tunes i have posted on the music player, i just started making a new playlist and changed it a few days ago, so now there is some fresh stuff to listen to. hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

is it just me or is blogger acting crazy lately? i just tried to do the spell check and i'm clicking on it and clicking on it and nothing. if you see any typos don't hold it against me.

much love and peace out ...i have a date on the bike trainer now and maybe i can catch up on some blogs on the itouch. talk about multi-tasking! 


  1. It took me 3 tries to get my post right this morning - paragraphs moving, getting erased, totally bizarre. Great list you shared!

  2. I saw this list and saw all the things I need to be working on. It looks like you have smashed this list! Great job!

  3. I know how you feel. This week has been crazy for me with work. My little free time has been spent training.

    I have always been a night owl rather than an early bird. However, I am trying to force myself to be an early bird. I've been getting up at 5:00/5:30 for a couple weeks now and I think my body is finally starting to adjust to it. Just curious, when you wake up so early, when you do eat breakfast/lunch? I have been finding myself needing two breakfasts - usually a yogurt right when I wake up and then a bowl of cereal a hour or two later.

  4. Dude, I am JEALOUS of people like you and my friend Beth who view food purely as fuel. She basically said the same exact thing as you when we talk about it (when I talk about me eating too much) she was like, "Mandy, it is just fuel." Um, not for me. I love to eat, I enjoy it. I wish I didn't. Anyway...I am TRYING to get caught up myself. Wearing your (my) necklace! Hugs.

  5. well I for one dont know how you guys do it with umpteen blogs ur following.

    LOVE the list/
    Already printed the 4keys to IM execution and plan to emulate your training last summer by reading it more than once.
    this list:::printed!



  6. Great post and equally great music!

  7. KC is no slacker!!!!

    The list is pretty simple. Since I have been sick getting up early has been hard. We have BEAUTIFUL weather on the way starting Saturday so this should be much easier to accomplish knowing it is nice out!

  8. KC, you Rock! Thanks for the motivation that you give me. That list was super great, and I need to start doing them all! Good luck to you as you train!


  9. I use food as fuel... and to emotionally satisfy me :) Not able to view it as only fuel :(

    Loved the list. Happy to say I do a majority of them.


  10. If you call yourself a Slacker then I'm afraid what that makes me... Your not a Slacker no way no how!! Love the tips. I cracked up at the guy with fur on his back. Thanks for the wonderful image!!

  11. blogger... that editor tries my patience... thanks for the list.

  12. @Kevin - I usually don't eat before I train that early in the morning. I will take either Powerbar chews or a Powerbar with me and nibble on that throughout my workout. I have never been able to run well with food in my stomach. It sits like a rock. I can eat some whole wheat bread and an omelete before a long ride with no problem though.
    @Summer - the guy with the furry back grosses me out. they might as well allow dogs to swim in the pool too.
    @Matty O-you have a good balanced view of fuel. I'm just all or none with it, so i rather not "like" food or i may weigh 300+ pounds despite all the training.
    @Mandy-glad you like the necklace. it has magical powers (LOL!).
    @Derek - become one with that article. you will kill the IM if you do. i intend on reading my copy a lot this year to keep my focus.
    @Thanks Jan and Velma - glad you all enjoy the tunes. i take special requests too!
    @Jeff-i'm seeing that beautiful weather coming soon. enjoy your weekend! i'm just a slacker in the blog world : (
    @Matt-Thanks!! I saw on your blog where you are getting closer to your goal weight...keep up the great work! It is paying off.
    @Kovas and it's all about pace - blogger has PMS a lot! So moody at times.

  13. You, my friend, are a LOT of thing, (wacky, smart, courageous, funny, insightful, and clumsy), but a slacker, you are not.

    Yes. I called you clumsy.

    Do you really need evidence?

  14. KC and slacker are not two words that go together from what I know.

    These tips are so easy and simple yet so easy to forget.

    And again you have provided me with invaluable information that I will commit to fig newtons.

    Keep on keeping on inspire daily!

  15. You shouldn't feel guilty about the blogging at all! We all get busy! I have been meaning to do a post for 2 days now and still haven't done it...ugh!

    Thanks for the tips!

  16. Love the list. There have been a few times in the past year when I've had to put blogging on the back burner; I think we all go through it.

    And, by the way, you are your worst critic. I don't think any of us think you're a slacker.

  17. Really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting!

  18. Great post! Ok #1 - I don't think my body can sleep past 6am. And #9 - just be careful with those cycling shoes! Ugh - my car smelled like death for a few days after leaving them in there for a few days!

  19. I can understand the slacking of the blogs... I'm just getting back into it! Good advice... I need to work on #10 for sure!

  20. Thanks for checking out my blog! Wow, an IM! I can't wait to read more about the journey to your second one.

  21. great list and thanx for sharing !!!! miss you! hope IM and early season 70.3 training is rocking :)

  22. Hmm, I am an active person but wouldn't score well if this list was a test. It has good tips, thanks for sharing!