Friday, May 18, 2012

i did it!

before i even tell you what i did, let me take you back to 1997 as i was training for my first marathon. most of my training was done solo so i wasn't exposed to the typical runner's antics, like snot rockets, peeing out in the open, changing clothes in your car, etc ... fast forward 6 months to January 1998, to the start of the disney marathon, my first marathon. i was in total shock for the first mile or two as i saw men and women just running off to the side and relieving themselves and not even being discrete about it. i thought to myself, oh my god i would never do that and to this day i haven't, but, let me clarify. i can pee outside just not in the wide open or while people can see me. in order to pee, you need to relax, and just knowing i can be seen, makes me tense up so forget about being able to go. give me a tree or wall to hide behind and i'll let it flow.

****side note****
to all of my non-athletic friends, my family, my beautiful husband (hi honey! sorry i couldn't tell you to your face that i did this while we were riding), who may read this, i know you may be slightly appalled at first when you read the rest of this post but all the cool kids are doing it, so why can't i? isn't that a title of an album??

back to the story over the last couple of years that i've been doing tri's, i have had many conversations with my compadres via email, twitter, and facebook about peeing while you are riding your bike, specifically while in a race. this really is a common topic among us tri-geeks. 95% of them encouraged me to DO IT! they even sent me instructions and tips on how to go about it. imagine that! so my excuse is that my friends made me do it. if you'd like to read some more humor on this particular subject, check out this article HERE.
not only did i pee on my bike once, but i did it twice. i think riding in the rain had something to do with it. fortunately, i wore my road shoes and not my tri shoes. raise your hand if you know what an underpass of an interstate smells like, where all the homeless people gather.  unfortunately, my road shoes now smell like this. good news though ...based on the most recent fabreeze commercials, this should not be a problem, right? fabreeze can kill the odor of dead fish and decomposing bodies according to the commercial. 

a little sunshine and a lot of fabreeze should cure the stink, right?

ok, enough of the pee talk, let's move on to more important stuff like lots of fun things going on this weekend like IRONMAN TEXAS. i want to wish Jason at CTER  and Heidi an awesome race! you both will have so many stalkers sending you good race mojo the entire day and we are all there with you. tomorrow is YOUR day!

here in florida, we have the FLORIDA Ironman 70.3 in haines city going on. what makes it a little more special is that Lance Armstrong will be there racing, which i think is pretty cool. i'm looking forward to meeting Summer, a blogger that is like my long lost little sister. you'd think based on all of our email and text messages that we've known each other our whole lives. i also get to watch JC (not my JC) and Jenny rock their first 70.3! and lastly, i have to settle a bet with this guy on Sunday ...i'll be coming for you on the bike mister! a great weekend indeed.

KC bib#425 and Mandy reporting for duty on Sunday!

much love and peace out!


  1. Kick some ass! Still haven't peed on my bike... something about riding around in your urine for hours doesn't do it for me ;)

  2. Good luck KC! Still haven't been able to pee on my bike yet. I think if I was a contender for a Kona slot I could see saving a minute or two by lettin' it flow on the bike & flushing the shorts with lots of water. This is not a decision I have to worry about at this time :). Ridin' at the Flatwoods loop, I have snuck off the side of the path to pee while still straddling the bike constantly looking back for oncoming cyclists so I can presumably act like I'm doing something else other than public urination while they ride by! The worst would be the park ranger driving by. Those dudes are sticklers out at Flatwoods!