Tuesday, May 8, 2012

shop til ya drop

i hate to go shopping! ever since i was a kid, i hated it. be it groceries, clothes, furniture, and especially christmas shopping. there is one exception though ...i love to shop online, especially on ebay. i have an eye for awesome deals and i wait like a predatory bird, watching and waiting until the last 15 seconds and then i pounce on it! deal done, i got the winning bid!

within the last year or two, i have bought 3 killer bike frames on ebay. 2 were road bike frames, which the J-man has built up into fabulous racing machines and the other is my beloved cannondale, atom green raven, a mountain bike frame, which is still in the planning phases. i keep telling him he needs to do this for a living. i swear he is that good! and a straight up perfectionist at that. sometimes it drives me crazy. but i digress ...

last week i got bit by the ebay shopping bug (AGAIN!) and found some SAAAWHEEET deals. check it out:

pearl iZUMi tri top, new with tags from Wheat Ridge Cyclery in Colorado. got it for $22 flat with free S & H.
i was sad they didn't have any matching shorts left.

this beauty should be in my hands by the end of the week. picked it up for $45 total.

sugoi tri top and bottom from Keswick Cycles in Pennsylvania for $50 w/free S & H. i already wore it on a 72 mile ride in the hills on saturday and LOVE it!

if you'd like me to be your personal shopper, please contact me, provide me with your credit card number and a wish list and i will gladly shop for you and i'll do it for free!

much love and peace out!


  1. My credit card is Master card: 5405 3701 2964 1074 - Expiration: OCT 2013 Pin # 669 my size is Men's Large - please get me some good deals on some tri outfits! Navy Steve

  2. :) You are so cute! I love ebay - definitely some amazing deals there for workout stuff. Tom bought a carbon road bike frame that matches the Kuota and it was like $300. He built it up to be an amazing bike too! Way to deal shop my friend!

    For some reason your blog isn't pulling up on my reader! :( Glad that you posted a link to this on FB.

  3. You are a rock star! I may need your help in the future!

  4. My issue is that I can never find anything in my size, and when I do the sizing is wrong. Still searching for the perfect tri top.

  5. Dang! Those are some super snags! I'm really good at ebay too, but I have to make some money first before I got buy... :( The only thing that sucks is the sizing is so different for all the brands. I've gotten screwed so many times with clothes. Keep up the good shopping!

  6. Love me some ebay, but I've never been brave enough to purchase my bikes...know many who do tough and are quite thrilled.... need to scout for some apparel though since I'm spending so much time on my bike with my whacked patellafemoral thing...Now, I HAD no idea the hubs was so skilled as a master bike builder. I may need to pick his brain. I've been to shop after shop trying to get this thing set up to reduce my knee friction and NO ONE will listen to my anatomical explanations and why I need it tweaked like I do.....its all about how its "suppose" to look to be fast. How can you EVER be fast if you hurt I keep asking them??? Yes, tell J-Man to open up shop...there is a need for fitters with a brain!!