Sunday, July 18, 2010

how do you spell R-E-L-I-E-F?

Treatment for Soreness, Itching and Redness Caused by the Friction of Clothing Against Skin
Relief = Anti Monkey Butt Powder!
i mentioned in a few posts ago, that i was having some issues with getting comfortable in my tri bike saddle. something about being in the aero position was absolutely brutal...

as if my bike short's chamois was made of the coarsest sandpaper money can buy. this had been going on for about 3 months and i was really beginning to get a LITTLE worried about the 112 miles in my future. i didn't buy a tri bike to ride in the upright position..that's what my roadbike is for. i tried every pair of biking shorts i own and they all felt terrible. i just couldn't figure it out. about a month ago, i noticed a lot of buzz going on in the blogosphere about Anti-Monkey Butt Powder and thought, I GOTTA TRY THAT STUFF! hell, it couldn't hurt, right? so i contacted the generous folks at Robin Leedy & Associates, Inc. and they were kind enough to send me 2 types of Anti-Monkey Butt Powder to try for myself, to review and to giveaway to 2 lucky readers (1 guy and 1 gal).

most people who know me, know that i spend a lot of time in the saddle and with that comes the dreaded monkey butt. i have my own definition of monkey butt and it includes all areas in the vicinity of the booty. it never fails, every year, once i start averaging 200-250 miles per week, the saddle sores and the chaffing rear their ugly heads. prior to learning about AMBP, i used this:

have you ever used this stuff before? it feels so GROSS! not to mention, if you wear shorts that are light in color, prepare to ruin your shorts. this stuff smells mediciny, it's greasy and will leave permanent stains much like petroleum jelly would. it isn't a good option for me. 
                      A sprinkle a day will keep the saddle sores away!
the first day i tried the Lady Anti Monkey Butt, i was in love with the smell and the's pink! and, it doesn't have that gross greasy feeling. i'm happy to report that with a little tweaking of my aero position and using AMBP, i've been able to stay in the aero position the entire ride. no sandpaper rub going on anymore, thank goodness. even though the chaffing and soreness have been conquered, i will still continue to use this miracle pink powder as a preventative measure because no matter who you are, if you spend hours in the saddle, you will get some degree of monkey butt. so my advice is to be proactive rather than reactive, get yourself some AMBP and sprinkle away.

now it's your turn to get your hands on some AMBP. one lucky guy will win a 6 ounce bottle of the original AMBP and one lucky gal will receive a 6 ounce bottle of the lady AMBP.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder Giveaway
here's how to get in on this giveaway (please leave a separate comment for each one that you do):

1. Become a follower of 140.6 by clicking on the Google "follow" button located on my blog sidebar under the "friends" heading and let me know if you are a guy or gal. If you are already a follower, just let me know this AND if are a guy or gal. this is one entry.

2. Follow AMBP on Facebook by clicking HERE  and let me know that you did this for another entry.

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4.  For even more chances to win, you can tweet about it, facebook it, and post the giveaway on your blog. for each one of these that you do, leave a separate comment.

contest will run through july 23rd, 12PM EST. i'll pick each winner using and post the winners on friday evening.

thanks to John Whitcomb at Robin Leedy & Associates, Inc. for sending me this wonderful product to try out and giveaway.

The fine print: I was not paid to review this product.

much love and peace out!


  1. Ahhh..Monkey Butt...HooHa Ride Glide...I want to be the person who gets to make up these fun names! I'm so glad that you found a way to solve the sandpaper issue!!

    I know it's hot in your neck of the woods...because I think I melted today :)

  2. ok, I think I need this. Did my 2nd ever Olympic Triathlon this weekend and my butt is feelin' it. But, had a great race and just signed up for my first 1/2 ironman.
    just became a twitter follower.

  3. Hey KC,
    Great Review!!! As we have discussed the AMBP has conquered my monkey butt problem as well. And since I already have a bunch of bottles I'll step aside and let others have a chance to rid themselves of the monkey butt

  4. I've bought my own to try to solve the dreaded pleather issue so let someone else take home the prize. I was going to try the bag balm too but will put that at the back of the experiment list.

  5. I would love to try this stuff out! As you know, I'm already a follower, and I'm a girl! :)

  6. KC! I am a follower of your blog and I am one on facebook for AMBP! Please submit me for the drawing for the women's bottle :) H needs some relief in the saddle... the longer miles we are getting she is having those issues again.


  7. guy, follower, tweeted, liked on FB and posted on my blog.

    Based on your review I'm going to try and track this stuff down locally tomorrow, I'm in a whole lot of hurt at the mo'

  8. I use AMBP, I am a believer, I have two bottles already, I will let someone else experience this great product, I am just agreeing with the producr

  9. I am so glad that you found something that works! And yes, I am a follower so please put me in the drawing!

  10. Yup, thanks to you I've already got mine so I'll let someone else have a go at this one! I agree about the Bag Balm - yucky squishy feeling UGH!!

    Great review, glad AMBP is working for you, too!

  11. I'm already a follower of your blog, follow AMBP on Facebook, linked contest in my sidebar

  12. P.S.

    I put a link to your giveaway on my blog - aren't I nice? :-)

  13. How the hell did the term Monkey Butt come around anyway?? I haven't had really bad monkey butt but I'm not looking forward to it!

  14. I am already a follower and am happy to add FB. but i leave tweeting for the birds. so let me know your review after multiple uses and I will look more into it. would love to be able to stay in aero! i last about all of 30 seconds before having to sit up.

  15. I am new to triathlons , so I have not experienced this yet, but like you said.. BE PROACTIVE..! so sign me up for a PINK bottle.. I am already a follower of yours. Thanks..!

  16. Thanks for the review! I am good for now, but I think next year when I start hitting the big #'s on the bike, I might need some.

  17. Thanks for the review!! I follow you as well as just "liked" Monkey Butt on Facebook. I would love to give it a try!!! :)

  18. Okay, I cringed and my legs are crossed. I can relate!

    I am a follower and I'm a gal.

  19. Following them on twitter as @stickyprints

  20. would love to try this. Just became a follower and am a girl.

    Doing my 3rd HIM on July 31 (Steelhead 70.3) and looking forward to following your quest for IM. Hoping to follow in your footsteps in 2012.