Monday, July 5, 2010

suckage to the n'th degree

i am all over the place today people! i have an overwhelming amount of scattered thoughts that i'm about to vomit onto this blog, so go grab a drink (i'll wait), take a xanax if you have one, kick up your feet, and enjoy.                 
Total suckage! this is the crap we have had everyday since friday. nice, for a holiday weekend huh? the rain has been plentiful and the riding/training not so much. let's rewind to thursday night. it's pouring rain but as almost always, the rain is long gone by morning, so i still had my plan in mind to get up early, hit the pool and ride after. friday morning arrives quickly at 4:45am so i get up, grab some coffee, check a few emails and get my swim bag and myself ready to roll out. the plan was a quick 2000 meters and then get back home to meet up with the j-man for a 30 mile bike ride before heading into work. i step into the garage, throw my bag in the car, open the garage door and WTF? i had no idea it was STILL raining. now usually i can hear the rain from inside but i didn't this time. maybe i was still half asleep? i made a quick decision to not chance going. a few things that i thought of in a matter of seconds to make that decision: (1) the lifeguards probably overslept anyway because the lightning probably knocked their electricity out and in turn, their clocks were still blinking, or (2) the lifeguards were on time but after one look at the radar, they see lightning in Texas and decide it's too close and won't allow us to swim. in all seriousness, i knew that i would be getting out of work at noon anyway, so swimming later would be the best option. i took my swim bag with me and my plan would be to hit the Y on my way back home. remember all the rain i mentioned earlier? it was STILL raining when i left work. i came straight home and chilled for a while. then, at about 3:30pm, a break in the rain, no lightning, no thunder. it's go time! i got to the pool at around 4:30pm and it was so eerie. there was nobody there except the 2 lifeguards! not one swimmer, except for me. good to know that friday, late afternoon, is a great time to go swim. after i got done swimming, i hit the treadmill for 4 miles of intervals. i've never minded running on a treadmill. in fact, i've done a handful of 26.2 mile runs on the treadmill when training for a marathon and my sanity remained intact, which the same cannot be said for riding a bike trainer inside. after 2 hours, my brain is fried and for the life of me, i can't figure out how the 2 could be so different mentally. anyway, i like that i can dial in a pace and hold steady on the treadmill, which helps when you head out for the actual race. you can actually teach yourself to recognize and feel the pace you want to have.

the last 2 days, saturday and sunday, we were able to sneak in a 50 miler and a 30 miler in between all the rain but nowhere near the mileage we were planning on. after the 50 mile ride on saturday, i ran 3 miles at an 8:10 pace and felt like i was running 10 minute miles. i'm always amazed at how it feels so much slower than actual pace. thanks to my garmin for keeping me honest!

speaking of the garmin, i finally put all of the accessories to use. the heartrate monitor is so comfortable. i only used a heartrate monitor a few times in the mid 90's but quickly abandoned it because it was so bulky and made me feel like i couldn't breathe. i also put the cadence/speed sensor on my roadbike so that i could pick up all the data while riding inside on the trainer. i've never been one to live or die by heartrate, but it is pretty cool to see the data once it has been uploaded.  i also learned something not to do with the garmin when outside running or riding. in my case it was running.

the wrong way
as comfortable as the unit feels facing palm up, don't do it, especially in an area with lots of tree coverage. you will lose satellite contact and will be very pissed when you see a 9 to 10 minute mile, average pace, pop up when in fact, you know you were running an 8 minute mile. i noticed that a couple of my miles were off my normal pace by about a minute. i quickly remembered reading that the face should be facing up for best satellite reception and turned the watch back over. too bad, because it is way more comfortable the way you see it in the picture.

TdF is in full swing. yesterday was full of crashes especially in the last 2km. did you all see the crash earlier on with the dog? i guess they don't have leash laws in that part of the world like they do here. this is just one of many dog incidences in the TdF. personally, if i were on of the riders that crashed with someone's dog, i'd want to kick the shit out the owner for being such a dumbass. here is a video of one of my favorite dog crashes:

next on my list of important topics, the 2010 nathan's hotdog eating contest. this year was totally disappointing to me. joey chestnut only ate 54 hotdogs, which was 14 less than last year. i don't blame him since he really had no competition. without kobayashi there to compete against him, this was about as exciting to watch as paint peeling off the wall. it's hard for me to believe that the governing body of professional eating and kobayashi are locked in a dispute, much like a sports figure holding out for more money before he signs a contract. then, after the contest was over, kobayashi was arrested and charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. what is this professional world of eating coming to? next they will test for performance enhancing drugs! rumor has it that my buddy, jeff, at dangle the carrot, was on scene as a competitor spectator last year at the hotdog eating contest. i know last year was an exciting one to watch on t.v. so i can only imagine how much fun it would have been to be there in person. how many did you end up eating jeff?
as i mentioned before in a recent post, i've been experimenting with different nutrition options before, during and after training, but mostly the before and during. on thursday morning, i did my long run (12 miles) and took along a apple pie lara bar. i ate it little by little throughout the run and timed it so that i could take in water shortly after. i had no issues until i hit mile 11 and could feel my tummy rumbling a little. thankfully, i only had 1 mile to go and made it home with a finishing time of 1:41:51.  my conclusion with this lara bar is that it may have too much fiber to use during training but it may be perfect for part of a pre-race meal eaten a couple of hours beforehand.
back to the drawing board-next on the list before the long run will be a half of a white bagel (not my usual whole wheat) with some natural peanut butter on it. even though i've never been one to eat much before a run, especially a marathon, i went against my better judgement and ate a huge marble bagel with natural peanut butter on it before running the Boston marathon in was one of my best run marathon's ever!

ok, i need to get my butt in gear now. i'm not seeing an end in sight for this rain, so i'm going to hop on the trainer and see how long i can stand to be on it, then i'm heading to the Y for a run on the treadmill and then a swim after.

i hope everyone is having better weather than we are and that you've been able to get out and enjoy it. i will leave you with one more video that almost made me pee in my running shorts. i haven't laughed that hard in ages. pay particular attention when the video gets to the 30 second mark:

much love and peace out!


  1. I prefer to run a treadmill than riding on a trainer. I don't know what the difference is either.

    Sorry about the weather! I hope it gets better.

    Love the video!

  2. It is still pouring here too? Please stop, we have enough rain. Last year we were in a water shortage situation around the 4th ... this year not so much!

    with ya on the indoor trainer and treadmill. I have zero problem putting the mileage in on the treadmill but the trainer has about a 2 hour max before my head wants to pop off. Can't really explain why either?

    The hotdog eating contest was such a good time. Just an absolute circus at Coney Island for the event. Chestnut won last year also but Koybiashi was coming off a jaw injury (i can't make that up) so we don't know if he was able to give Chestnut his best? Guess we may never see these two warriors go head to head with this contract situation!!!

    Stay dry my friend!

  3. Yep - treadmill is bette than trainer for mileage!

    Our rain has held off all weekend!

  4. gah! Those videos are just too much! The side-kicking monkey cracked me up!
    Its been wet here for days too. Now its chilly and sticky. weird.

  5. Wow, sorry about the sucky weather! It's not our fault!! It's been dry here but VERY sticky and hot...and now we have the added bonus of mosquitoes breeding like mad. Yet another incentive to shower as soon as a ride is done - who wants to smell like bug spray and sweat all day?

    I hope you get some good training time in at the gym!

  6. Great job training, even with squeezing it in betwen the rain! Was lol at your pool rationalizations! haha

  7. You are so dedicated to get your rides in between rain and find ways to continue with running and swims.

    It seems that we have your heat and you have our rain. We'll be back to our usual temperatures in a few days; hopefully, it will dry up for you soon.

  8. Actually the rain was quite a nice relief around 10am on Saturday. You really need to try it sometime.

    I hear we are out of the woods on Monday with the rain

  9. I hope you get some dryer weather soon!

    I am terrible on a treadmill. Awful. Give me a trainer anyday.

    Way to get your training in around bad weather! Between the heat, humidity, and the rain it sounds like you have been fighting some battles out there!

  10. Treadmills, trainers, hey they all sound great!!

    Been hammering hours at a local fireworks stand. 10 Friday, 12 Saturday, 13 Sunday. Today was great. TAKEDOWN and packup and only 7 hours.

    Can't wait to TRAIN AGAIN!!

  11. Dang it, your comments on my blog didn't post for some reason. Would you mind sending them again, please?


  12. Please, please, please send some of that rain here!!! It is so freaking hot and humid that the rain would be welcome if it cooled things down a bit.

    I have a recovery week this week which means that I have plenty of time to sit on my butt and watch the TdF. However, I'm sure that I will grow restless and pull out my bike for some extra miles after watching the pros crank out the miles.

  13. I don't want your chips!!! and just for insulting me, I will kick you in your face! LOL too much!

    Sucks on the rain. We finally had some solid 90+ degree weather. Car thermometer read 100 on the way home yesterday, loved it. Nothing feels better to me than that heat.

    Solid numbers as usual :)

    Keep it up!!!!!

  14. Hi Kristine,
    Wow, you are really getting some nice rides in...even with the crappy weather! I have had some issues with my garmin too because of the weather. Great videos:)

    I am digging the music... I will just have to leave your blog open so that I can continue to listen:) Have a great week!

  15. Isn't the tour fantastic!! Have you tried fig newtons on the bike and run?

  16. The TdF has turned into the TdC with all the crashes they've had.

    Unlike you, I don't mind the bike trainer but am not a fan of treadmills. You can run 20+ miles on one??

  17. @Bob, if i get caught in on the bike in the rain that fine but heading out on the bike when I'm sure it's going to rain is not happening. If it rains on race day, then I'll suck it up. Otherwise, no need to take chances with slippery roads and crazy drivers.

    @Mandy, how will i ever be able to do that 100 mile indoor ride next year like you did? Maybe I can break it up and do some inside and some outside and alternate like that. Or, I could just do it all outside weather permitting.

    @64 classic, I would have had tent fever instead of cabin fever! I hope you made lots and lots of extra cashola for all of your upcoming entry fees and any new gear your heart desires.

    @Kat, I'm still itching after reading about all the mosquitos.

    @IM by 30, please take some of the rain. I beg you. Good luck sitting still watching the TdF. I agree that it would be hard to recover when I'm watching cycling. Makes me want to get out and do it too.

    @Christi and Matty O, I've watched that video about 20 times since i posted it b/c it makes me laugh so much. That monkey totally planned that drop kick out. You can see how he starts getting into position to strike. Matt, After the winter you guys had, i know you are totally embracing the heat. I am too believe it or not. We don't melt dammit!

    @Julie, Just for you, I'm adding a few new tunes here and there so be on the listen.

    @Velma, love the newtons(the figs not the shoes). I have been eating them on the bike but haven't tried it pre or during run...yet!

    @Maria, YES! The TdC for shizzle! Can you believe that craziness. I never, ever want to ride on cobble stones, let that be known. I don't get paid to do it so I refuse. I have run many, many marathons on the treadmill just cuz. No, actually, I try to do it once prior to the actual marathon that I'm running just to get the pace down solid. WOrks like a charm!

    Update on the eating prior to long run. I tried a 1/2 white bagel w/natural p-nut butter about 15 minutes before take off and it worked like a charm. Felt strong the entire time and had an avg pace per mile of 8:10 for the 13 miles.

  18. I will take some rain, its bloody hot here, not normal.

    26.2 on a dreadmill, I almost fainted after reading that. I am a trainer freak, so much can be done is a short period of time and well, I think Coach Troy hates me, because he tries to kill me every time.

    I like larabars, I find a little rough while training, but a great snack when I feel hunger and its not meal time yet.

  19. It's pretty Bad ass that you ran some treadmill marathons...personally I only use the treadmill when it's too icy in the winter to run outside. Hope the weather improves for you guys down there granted we've been getting pounded with some pretty hot weather up here in New England.

  20. So frustrating this weather! I rather have the rain than the 95+ heat and 60% humidity we are getting in NYC. It has been a tough week of training here.

  21. Gosh, maybe Seattle sent the rain. Its been all SUN since the 6th of July.....finally!

    I really can't believe your treadmill run....whoa!

  22. Awww good luck with your weather!!! Wow on your treadmill run :)