Thursday, July 15, 2010

Q & A with 2 superstars - part 2

Beautiful Bling!
6. Could you list everything that you ate and drank from the moment you woke up on race day to the time you finished?

Paula: Race morning started with a mini whole-wheat bagel with organic peanut butter, and some water.
Before the swim, I had one Hammer Gel, with a sip of water. Out of the swim, another Hammer Gel.
Once I got onto the bike, I had 2-3 1/2 hour bottles of Hammer Perpetuem and a gel. I didn't use, but also had on board the bike, baby red potatoes with sea salt, and pretzels. I think I had 2 pretzels. I drank 2-20 oz bottles of H2O, and 2- 20oz bottles of Heed. I also used Endurolytes (electrolyte replenisher), 2 every hour, Race Caps (energy production supplement) 1 per hour, and Sportlegs (Lactate energy supplement to reduce fatigue) 2 every 3 hours on the bike. On the run I had a really hard time with my nutrition, due to my stomach. I had only one gel, and sipped water, and a little Heed. I did take some cola, at mile 23, and a few pretzels at aid stations starting about mile 15.

Angie: Woke up at 3am to get coffee going...drank about 3/4 cup with my favorite, evil creamer...just a bit...always on race morning, I do this...I lived on English muffins while training...peanut butter and jelly, so I made that up too, but could not seem to get myself to eat it. I had a couple bites of my Power Bar protein bar (vanilla), that seemed to go down ok. I took the English muffin w/me in the car for our drive into town, realizing I needed to eat something about an hour before the race. I took one bite of it. It ended up in my husband's pocket. Could that have been the beginning of my race day demise...who knows. I did not eat anything on the bike for about 5 miles...wanted to settle into things. I started w/a couple Clif blocks, then at mile 10, ate 1/2 of my pb/j bagel thins that I had prepared the night before, but in half, so I would eat 1/2 every 10 miles, clif blocks in between and protein bar. NUUN in the water bottles. I had 1/2 bagel left at the end of the ride and quite a few clif blocks...perhaps THIS was the beginning of my demise...too much SOLID food...but what the heck else did people do? This is the formula I'd found to work during my long rides, so I stuck with it. I contemplated trying Perpetuem, but it got to be too close to race day to change things. I ended up eating about 3 margarita clif blocks during the run. I made sure I stayed was hot when I started my run...poured lots of water on my head at each aid station. The nausea set in around mile 13, so I stopped at my run special needs bag and took two Pepto-bismol tabs...demise? As I trotted along into my second loop, I began trying things I had never tried during races...pretzels, cola, orange wedges, chicken broth...demise, demise, demise!!! I'll never know why I got so sick, but I am going to guess I had too much solid food in my belly from the bike ride, so I am going to try Perpetuem in the future.
After the race...back home at the home of the awesome people we were staying with, my husband made me some was like hangover toast. I took it to bed with me (I so wanted to lie down) and fell asleep w/my medal, and hat on my chest and a bite of toast in my mouth! :D

7. Besides finishing, what was your favorite part of the race? Least favorite?

Paula: I met some of the most amazing people during training. From here in CdA to across the country to Canada. I loved seeing friendly faces on the course, and the fact that everyone was so encouraging along the way. That bond of race day is unforgettable. And the volunteers. They really pumped you up, and made the day fun. My least favorite besides my bad stomach, was knowing that some of my friends were not going to finish. Not only people I knew personally, but those out on the course late, that I knew were not going to make it in by midnight, was just heartbreaking. You know how long these people have trained, and what they have sacrificed over the past year or more, and to not cross that finish line would be excruciating.

Angie: My favorite part of the race had to be the swim start. Although I was full of nervous energy, I felt in awe of all the people around me and the fact you could "FEEL" the positive energy and excitement. Mike Riley is amazing at pumping up a crowd and when all of us age groupers began walking down to the beach after the pros started it still sort of seem like a dream. I remember looking around at all the faces. Everyone, regardless of experience, had the same'll know it when you see it! There was music and chatter from the spectators behind us, but all around "us" it seems strangely quiet. I get a lump in my throat just typing about it. I loved those 15 minutes of was torture, but I loved it. Mike Riley told everyone to have the best day of our lives...the cannon went off and I just walked toward the water and started swimming...I was doing an IRONMAN!!! I think my least favorite part of the day was when I realized my 14-15 hour time goal was long gone...walking was the best I could do for the last 6 miles....I was disappointed in myself, felt like I'd let my husband down...all the time, money and sacrifices over the past several months...what would he think? Why was I doing this if I couldn't do it well? I knew I would still make the cut off, but I didn't want to "just finish.” Of course, Thomas was nothing but smiles when I saw him at the finish...he never expects anything from me and when I saw him on the corner just before the finish, I started crying...telling him I wasn't going to make it in kidding! He was just so excited, asked if I was ok, then ran back to the finish line to get pictures. It was an exciting day for him too and I know he'll be there 110% when I begin training for the next one.

8. Knowing what you know now, if you could push rewind, is there anything that you would have done different in the race? If so, what?

Paula: Taking in a little less calories on the bike due to the heat. I am sure that is what caused the stomach issues on the run. I also think I would have tried to not worry so much about being sick, and pushed harder on the run.

Angie: Well, the two things that took time away from my race were things I would not or could not change....the stop for the rider was necessary and I am glad I stopped right before he went regrets! The LONG potty stop on the run was, I guess I would dig even deeper during those dark miles...18-26 and RUN!!! Walking seemed to be taking every ounce of mental and physical strength I had...but could I have done better? I would have made it under 16 had I just dug deeper and overcome that evil darkness.

9. What training plan did you use to train for this IM? Would you follow it again?

Paula: I used the beIRONfit book, by Don Fink. I loved that it had different plans in it, depending on your time commitment. I used the competitive plan to start the bike and run training, and used the intermediate to start my swim training. I ended up bumping up the swim to competitive during the last 10 weeks. I would recommend it to new Ironman athletes or people with time constraints. Next time I think I will use an even more competitive plan, or possibly hire a coach.

Angie: I followed beginner triathlete online. Free training plan for first time Ironman. I would use the plan again, but change it a little here and there since I now know I can handle a heavier training load. Mentally I need more, and I know physically, I can do it. I may get some coaching as well, but I don't need/want too much "hands on". I am very self motivated, and wouldn't want to have to meet w/someone once a week or whatever. I do need to follow some sort of plan for this big of an event because I am notorious for over training.

10. Will you do 140.6 miles again? If so, which one do you want to do next?

Paula: I am planning on doing it again for sure. I am still deciding on doing CdA again in "11, or possibly Canada. I am also looking at doing 3- 70.3's instead in '11, to work a little more on my nutrition, and add in alot of speed work, and possibly do another 140.6 in '12. I would also like to do AZ.

Angie: I WILL do another 140.6. Planning Canada for 2012. Will probably go up next August to volunteer on race day and then register. I have heard Vineman is a great race, not an "IRONMAN", but I am considering that one. I WILL reach the 14-15hr time goal!

Anti Monkey Butt Powder review and giveaway coming up next post. Stay tuned! Much love and peace out!


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