Sunday, July 25, 2010

race bling and random race photos

just for fun, i thought i'd do a mostly picture post tonight of some of my marathon and half marathon medals from 1998 to the present. i'll throw in a few other pics as well that are related and mean a lot to me or just make me LOL.
Boston marathon 1999, 2004, 2005, faves!

my first marathon medal...Disney marathon 1998. i was hooked from then on.
2nd marathon was the San Fran marathon in 1998. i figured i needed more of a challenge so the hills it was!

a few more Disney marathon medals. i don't see anymore in my future. Disney is too high maintenance for me. i don't need all the fluff or crowds.
Tampa marathon medals. the middle one was from the inaugural run in 2000.  all the one's i ran were HOT!

one of my favorite shaped medals. this is from the florida gulf beaches marathon (aka: Clearwater marathon).
miami marathon medals from the first and second year. the one on the right spins in the middle.

jacksonville, florida marathon. this is one of my favorite marathons to run. a great boston qualifier and no fluff! very low maintenance, easy to get there and leave without all the crowds and traffic.
an assortment of Gasparilla 15K medals. always a pirate or flamingo theme.
Amy, my running buddy and I after running our first Boston marathon in 1999. ran that one with a stress fracture. thank goodness for Aleve. good times!

2004 Boston marathon, my second one and no stress fracture. found my name on the wall of runners. that was cool.
goofing off after running the san fran marathon 1998. it was still foggy. you can faintly see the golden gate bridge in the background.
and this is one of my all time favorite pictures. this was a 50K trail run in Sarasota, Florida called the Knight's Trail run. does anyone know who that is giving me a trophy for winning overall female?
Per the Boston Marathon website:
One of the most colorful characters in the history of the
B.A.A. Boston Marathon, John A. Kelley, was a fixture of the race for nearly seven decades. A starter on race day 61 times, Kelley completed 58 Boston Marathons. Kelley was not only a two-time winner of Boston (1935 and 1945), but he also finished second a record seven times and recorded 18 finishes in the top 10. Kelley first competed in the race in 1928, but it was not until 1933, in his third attempt, that he completed the course, placing 37th in 3:03:56. He completed his last marathon at Boston in 1992 at the age of 84. In 1993, the statue "Young at Heart" was dedicated in honor of Kelley. Located at the base of Heartbreak Hill in Newton, a landmark which had its name coined in reference to one of Kelley's seven runner-up performances, the statue depicts a young Kelley winning in 1935 at age 27 and clasping hands with an older Kelley finishing in 1991 at age 83. The sculpture stands in tribute to his longevity and spirit. Kelley served as the Boston Marathon's grand marshal from 1995-2004 (missing only 1999 due to illness), preceding the race in a pace car. On October 6, 2004, John A. Kelley passed away, leaving behind him an endless trail of contributions to the sport of running that will continue to inspire generations of athletes for years to come.

thanks for reading and hope everyone had an awesome weekend. i sure did but it was HOT and FUMID (i did spell that with an F on purpose) but still got all of my training done. much love and peace out!


  1. have some really cool medals! You have accomplished so much!

  2. How cool that he was the one to give you your award!!
    Nice collection lady, very impressive and inspirational!

  3. Awesome and very inspiring! Hopefully I'll have some bling to post on my blog sometime soon!

  4. I love this post! Look at all of your awesome bling! You have accomplished so much already:) It is pretty scary because I know that more great things are going to happen to you! I love all of the pictures too:)

  5. Cool post! Boston has a "wall of runners" for those that compete in the race? I love those BM medals...looks like you nabbed 3 of them old school then they changed to a new color version? you have both!

  6. You have such a great collection of hardware. That's an interesting comment about Disney. The hoopla and fanfare that surrounds it now is a turnoff for me, but my boys are at the right age to see Disney and it's close to my MIL. I also think I can take a day or two from work to run that so I may end up there after all.

    Great pictures too!

  7. Oh girl, I loved looking at your medals! I have to tell you when you commented last week on my blog about doing SF, it totally inspired me to run the full - I had no idea you ran a marathon with a stress fracture (where was it????) so reading it today just made me smile. I DID run the full in SF today and thought about you often :). My heel was ok....not perfect...but totally manageable - yay! You are forever and inspiration to me! I hope to meet up with you one day...maybe we can both do SF again some year :).

  8. KC--God I love BLING!! Totally awesome post. I'll admit I'm kind of speechless. You've done some impressive events.

    Being a fairly new blogger, I didn't realize you had THAT kind of a running background.

    Damn--and you are following my little ole blog?? PRESSURE!!

    I love it!! Great post! Can't wait to get back started hanging bling myself. C-Ya!!

  9. Holy Crap Arnold, look at those guns and abs!!

  10. Wow! I didn't realize you've run Boston so many times.. and you were even built back in '98! Awesome accomplishments throughout the years!!

  11. Awesome!!! You inspire me to do more marathons!! I have a few medals from Lake Placid and a few for winning my age group, but thats it!!! Congrats to all that you have accomplished!!

  12. bad ass. Simple as that haha! Serious hardware you are hoarding over there girl!

    Cool post, was really fun seeing the evolution of KC! Can't wait to see the 140.6 in there shortly :)

  13. With my family in tow, I think the fluff will work in my favor if I decide to run Disney. Great collection.

  14. You have some of the COOLEST medals!!

  15. Very cool medals and pictures. How fun!!

  16. Now that's what I call HEAVY METAL!!
    Book has your name on it... maybe a week from Saturday..

  17. Damn, woman, do you have a license for those guns??
    Love the medals, you have some awesome ones! I love the Florida Gulf star fish that looks like a blob doing the Egyptian dance.

  18. Gotta love the miami 'spinning' medals! Sometimes I find myself wearing it around the house :)

  19. very cool looking medals. Love the fact that there's always a story tied to one of those medals.

    Oh..and i LUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHUUUUVVVVV the gun show!!!

  20. Good pictures. I had no idea you have run so many marathons, including the Boston. And that is a very impressive story about Mr. Kelley -- I always like learning new things.

  21. I have no idea how I ended up here when I was initially on FB, but WOW, you're impressive!!! Love all the bling and I'm sure that there are a ton of stories to go with them....

    best wishes with all your future training and races!

  22. Love the bling!! Very fun post!

    AND I agree with your comment on my blog - we will get to meet sometime! We have to!

    I did the Goofy Challenge because I was dropped on my head a lot when I was a kid. Seriously, that goes down as one of the dumbest things I have ever done. I felt great on the 1/2, and was rocking it until mile 20 of the marathon...Then I almost puked on Minnie. BUT I am with you, it is way too high maintainance and too many freaking people.