Sunday, March 28, 2010

i need a vacation

no, i don't need a vacation because i'm tired. i need time off to work on my blog. i would like a solid block of undisturbed time to redesign my blog, which is something i've really wanted to do. i have a picture in my mind's eye of what i want it to look like but again, just need TIME to do it. i'm a virgo and we are perfectionists...we don't do anything half-assed! i tried to do it last night but a piece meal approach isn't working. gotta study the schedule at work this week and see where i can carve out a day off or a half day at least.

from the training front, this week was a really good week. i felt strong, didn't overdo anything, a nice balance if i do say so myself.  i mentioned we were doing the strawberry century today on an earlier post but as we got to the interstate, the fork in the road if you will, we both decided to head north instead and hit the hills since that is what we need to focus on most with the upcoming 3-state-3-mountain Challenge (3S3M for short). gotta keep the training specific! we got in a solid, hard 70 miles with lots and lots of hill repeats. we had a blast! anyway, 2 weeks after the 3S3M ride, i'm signed up for an oly distance triathlon scheduled for May 15th. swim buddy and i are going to do our best to get in 2 open water swims with a tri coach in April so we can both be ready for our May events. plus, i really want to test out the new wetsuit.

here are my numbers for the week:

total time: 2:45:00
total distance: 25.0 mi.

total time: 9:00:30
total distance: 188.0 mi.

total time: 2:00:00
total distance: 5000 m.

weights x 3 (a mix of weights with week 1 of the hundred push challenge) bring on week 2!

abs x 1 (usually i get in 2 or 3 ab sessions...not sure how i only got just 1 in?)

oh yeah, and another reason that i need a vacation day is because i want time to catch up and comment on all of my favorite blogs. i like to really read them not just skim. i had no idea when i started my blog on december 23rd, 2009, how much fun it was going to be and how i've met (not in real life...yet) so many awesome people who have their own cool blogs too. i've really enjoyed reading and learning about how everyone kinda got started with running, cycling, swimming, doing triathlons, losing a lot of weight, coming back from serious health issues, getting back in shape, etc....there are lots of inspiring folks in blog-land and i'm loving every minute of it.

i think that's all i got for now. all in all, a great weekend!

don't forget that tomorrow at 12pm est, the RoadID giveaway ends, so go here if you haven't already, follow the directions and maybe you could win one of the 3 RoadID's i have up for grabs.  the winners will be picked by and i will post the results some time on tuesday, march 30th. good luck!

much love and peace out ya'll!


  1. haha, I understand that. I would love to really develop mine and make it more accessible to people, cool looking, etc. Also, if we could get blogs that turn into a Julie/Julia movie, I would be happy with that too.
    Your training looks solid! Keep it up!

  2. Just an awesome week of training KC -- you are a tri rock star!!!

    Your blog is just fine no need to change a thing! And I am really enjoying all the other bloggers too. Anytime you ever get down or lazy just click on a post from any of these folks and it always gets your butt in gear!

  3. Laughed when I read your comment about the perfectionist thing! Now knowing that we share a birthday, I get it!! I'm the same way! Awesome workouts as always! You're amazing!

  4. You're blog is great (you are definitely a Virgo; I am too and constantly want to improve things).

    Nice training over the past week.

  5. Nice bike totals(all of them, really)! Since I'm not training specifically for 3S3M, we'll just have to see. It might take me all day. I better bring my headlight!

  6. Very impressive bike totals. Nice work!

    I recently revamped mine, it was a pain, took a full weekend to get it right, but it was worth it.

  7. The perfectionist Virgo - SO with ya on that one sista'!

  8. GREAT Training week! I want to revamp my blog too. We should start a support group (ha). AND I know exactly what you mean about wanting to read everyone's blog - not just skim.

  9. sounds like a solid training week. You're definitely getting in some focused, quality sessions.

    good luck with teh site remodeling..I gave up on it with mine...took too much time!