Friday, March 5, 2010

tgif and 10 random things about me

this has been the trend lately around the blog-as-sphere...list 10 random things about yourself and tag a few other bloggers. so here are 10 very random things, off the top of my head in less than 5 minutes:

1. i used to be a couch potato.

2. i don't drink alcoholic beverages.

3. i eat sushi rolls for breakfast sometimes.

4. i prefer running by myself.

5. i am the imelda marcos of (saucony) running shoes.

6. i married my high school sweetheart and still think he's the bee's knee's.

7. i have 7 tattoos and 6 of those are on my face (permanent makeup-eyebrows and top/bottom eyeliner for eyes=6).

8. i really love my job.

9. i haven't seen a movie at the theater in over 5 choice. i prefer dvd's.

10. i LOVE coffee. all flavors.

i hope you enjoyed reading that. now i wanna read yours, so i'm tagging a few fellow bloggers. are you up to the task?
heidi - tri-angel
teresa - tri-a-licious
beth (aka: velma) - running with boys

much love and peace out!


  1. I loved your 10 random things and your monkey TGIF image. I hope you have a good one!

  2. putting me to work, I love it! stay tuned for this evenings post! have a great weekend! Cheers

  3. Love the list!!! I have a tattoo as well, but I have never heard of permanent eyeliner - very cool! I don't drink either (except maybe one drink a year). TGIF!!

  4. Love these posts! It's so fun to learn something different about people. Thanks for tagging me, I am working on my list!

  5. Awesome list, we've got 2 and 6 in common! I guess 4 as well but probably not for the same reasons.
    Sushi for breakfast?? I guess it's probably healthier than ice cream for breakfast...

  6. #10!!!! We got a new coffee machine a couple of weeks ago. it has a timer so every night I set it to start brewing at 5am ... It is better than an alarm clock!

  7. just read your list again, where is the 7th tatoo!? Have a great weekend!

  8. Coffee!!!!! I think I could not function without my coffee and I have no preference of coffee either! Nice List