Monday, March 15, 2010

my first reader appreciation giveaway - 3 pair of ryders eyewear

as i previously blogged about in my prior post, i was given an opportunity to try out some sunglasses made by Ryders Eyewear thanks to the folks at Outside|PR.

i have 3 pair to giveaway. one pair just like the one's you see on me above but in blue and

2 pair of hi-jacks in a matte army greenish color, so they are not shiny. don't let the color fool you, they look really good.

How to Enter to Win a Pair of Ryders Eyewear:

This quick giveaway will run from today thru Friday, March 19th-12PM EST.
Follow these steps:

1. Comment on this post for 1 entry. (In your comment, make sure to note which of the following things you did.) If you’re not a blogger, give me a little info so you’ll know if you get selected as a winner. (ex. “Hi, I’m Kris Cee from Tampa”).

2. Follow Ryders Eyewear on Twitter by clicking here to earn an entry! Send the following tweet (copy and paste) to make it known:

I just entered the @Ryderseyewear giveaway on KC@140point6miles blog-

3. Become a fan of Ryders Eyewear on Facebook by clicking here to earn another entry! Follow the link and click on “Become a Fan.”

4. If you want a 4th entry, you can become a follower of KC - 140point6miles through your blogger/blogspot account by clicking FOLLOW (see upper right hand corner widget) and
by back linking KC at 140point6miles blog to your blog-(

You can do any of the above for any number of entries.

So, for example, your comment may look like this: “This is Kris Cee from Tampa. I followed Ryders Eyewear on Twitter, became a fan of Ryders Eyewear on FB, and I’m following "140point6miles" and have your back link on my blog roll. So put me down for 4 entries! Thanks!”

Or this: “I don’t do all that complicated social networking stuff, but I’m commenting, so put me down for 1 entry. Thanks!”

Get the picture?

now for the Fine Print:

• If you’re already a follower of my blog and have me back linked then you are good for 2 entries. So make sure to note that in your comment.

• You can comment now through Friday at noon (eastern standard time). So you don’t have long! Enter now!! I will assign a number to every entry and use to pick the winners. The first pick gets first choice and so on.  Good luck!

• The winner will be announced sometime on Saturday. Check back to see if it’s you!

THANKS Ryders Eyewear for making such a great product and for being so generous and to Outside|PR and Sports Marketing for the opportunity!

much love and peace out!


  1. Hi! You can put me down for one entry!

  2. Ok, posted on twitter, following Ryder on FB. :) Love the contest!

  3. I already follow the blog - so I guess that counts for 2!


  4. I already follow your blog, which I love, so I guess that's 2 entries for me...woohoo! :)

  5. Hey - seriously the coyotes are so bad they offered money if you brought in the chopped off paws (2 of them) - I thought no way could they be that barbaric - but they were and people did. As much as I don't like wild dogs, I wish that there was a different approach.

    I commented on your blog - I am a fan of ryders on FB and I now follow you :) AND I love Ryders :)

  6. Yo Yo put me in the hat for these awesome shades! Thanks for hosting this!

  7. Great Give-a-way KC! The shades look cool too!

    Okay I signed up for tweets and FB. I also am a follower and have you linked on my site ... 4 entires baby, yeah!

  8. ....and, gonna go hit up twitter now ;)

  9. Hey there! I am a new follower and would love to enter... I'm off to follow Ryder on FB and Twitter too!

  10. This is Brian (aka Tribork from Tribork is Trying). I followed Ryders Eyewear on Twitter, became a fan of Ryders Eyewear on FB, and I’m following "140point6miles" and have your back link on my blog roll. So put me down for 4 entries! Thanks!
    Love the well as your progress! Espessialy love your advice to me on my issues! Thanks for taking the time!
    P.S. I love my Ryders already! I own 3 pairs of Aero's! GREAT shades and protection!

  11. Sweet! So here's my comment, I'm a follower and I linked the give away to my blog. Thanks for the offer and good luck to everyone entered!

  12. OK I'm in. Facebook fan of ryders, and now a proud follower of KC without the sunshine band.

    I hope the ryders last longer than my 70.3 world championship foster grants!

    BTW I Don't do twitter.

  13. I'm new to your blog. It's fun to follow you on your IM journey. I'm so impressed! I would love to be put in for one entry for the sunglasses. Thanks for hosting the great giveaway.

  14. Here's my 1st comment :) Love these glasses!

  15. Okay, first of all, how I have not managed to officially follow your blog yet? Bizarre!

    I am officially a fan of Ryder eyewear.

  16. I have done it all so please put me down for 4 entries!

    I also have you on my Google reader - does that count for anything, LOL!?

  17. Ok. I am following your blog, you are linked on my blog, i am following on twitter and a fan on FB. Now I am going back through your posts looking for keen tips and tricks. Nice site!

  18. Hey there! I'm already a follower. Thanks for the half-mary wishes. I had a great time in Florida - what a beautiful state!

  19. Hey there - Mandy from Caratunk, ME. I am a follower, have you backlinked on my blog roll. Love your blog, thanks for hosting this contest.

  20. I agree with James, do we get 2 for be loyal follwers before you got rich and famous and gave away great stuff.

    Following as well on FB!

  21. Oh, and I am linking to my friday morning post

  22. I got my winners, I got my winners! But i'm not revealing them until tomorrow.

  23. I'm too late :( But it was great talking to you yesterday!!!!