Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the 3 lucky RoadID winners

thanks to everyone of you who left comments on my blog for this giveaway. i wish i could give all of you a RoadID but unfortunately there could only be 3 winners. here they are:

~ Cynthia O'H at Balls in the air ( i love that title because it can be translated in so many different ways).

~ Angie at Barefoot Angie Bee (she runs barefoot!)

~ Matt W. (who does not have a blog but really should).

congrats to all of you! if you go to my profile page on blogger, you will find the link to my email and if you could just send me a quick message and then i can reply back to you with the code you will need to order your RoadID. Thanks to Outside|PR and Sports Marketing and of course the folks over at RoadID for the giveaway opportunity. it has been fun and for a great cause...our safety!

time to go out and play in this glorious weather. according to the weather widget on my blog, it is 72 degrees and feels awesome. i already got in a great run this morning (8.25 miles) before work and now gotta get my bike on.

is it friday yet? much love and peace out!


  1. Yay Angie B and the rest! Glad you guys scored a great prize.

  2. i'm using this comment as a test. is there something wrong with blogger comments? it shows that there is 1 comment but when i click on it, it says, there are no comments yet. is blogger messing with my head now? is there a "known" issue i need to know about? things that make you go hmm.

  3. My blog is doing that too. I think blogger has been messed up lately.

  4. Woohoo! Thanks, KC! I'm really excited about this.

    And, yes, I'm having trouble with comments too.

  5. Cynthia, can you email me so that I can reply back with the code you will need to order your RoadID? I looked on your profile page but didn't see a link to your email. Just go to my profile page and click on "email me." Thanks and congrats!

  6. I think it was me. I posted a comment and the blog censors must have pulled it.... hmmmmm.

    Well, I'll just have to clean this one up..

    Got my Road ID yesterday. Looks great... even the part where I put my wife's name down and MY phone number... (must be my age showing). Guess that means I leave my phone at home on rides....

  7. Bob, i had a feeling that was you who left a comment. My blog filter must be working then (he-he!). I want to see your RoadID now. I think you should take a pic and post it on your blog. No close up needed on the info of course.