Sunday, March 14, 2010

what a great weekend!

i couldn't have asked for a better weekend. warmer temperatures, lots of sunlight, and 2 great rides in the hills. this hilly area i refer to often, is a part of florida known as the kumquat capital and there's even a festival that celebrates this icky fruit. it's also a mecca for cyclist and for runners who are preparing for the boston marathon. we all meet up on saturdays and sundays at the "ballfield" parking lot and go from there. no matter what route you take, you will be climbing. it's a gangta's cyclist's paradise!

as i mentioned in the previous post, yesterday's ride was a 70 miler and brutally windy, especially crosswinds and today we did 50.5 miles on a route with more climbing than yesterday's. i was thinking my legs would be toast after the 70 miles yesterday but no, i felt great and hit the climbs hard. i love group rides but i cherish the one's with just me and love of my life. we can read each other so well. can't remember ever having a bad ride with him.

here are my numbers for the week (slightly disappointed in my lack of swimming time this week but next week is a new week and i will fix that right up):

total time: 3:20:07
total distance: 25.2 mi.

total time: 11:20:15
total distance: 229.0 mi.

total time: 1:50:00
total distance: 4350 m.

weights x 2
abs x 2

oh, and i almost forgot...i just "signed up" to do this:

thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Jeff at dangle the carrot...a triathlete in training who put up this hundred pushups challenge on his blog. i think it will be fun to do and i love to mix it up on the workouts, so this should be a blast!

i had a chance yesterday to test out some nice Ryders Eyewear sent to me by Outside|PR & SportsMarketing.
these are from the adrenaline essential line and the model i chose to test out is called Drill. i had a pink and a blue pair to pick from. not a hard choice...had to go with the pink. the first thing i noticed about them was that i could see really well when i looked to the side versus the shades i usually wear that have a frame that wraps all the way around. these only have the frame on top and slightly down the side. therefore, no blindspots. i liked that a lot. i also found that when i looked back for cars, that i didn't have to turn my head all the way around since i had more viewing area from the sides. i loved the color and i thought they looked pretty cool. the only negative was that i didn't like the way it felt on my nose. since there is no frame on that part of the sunglasses, it touched the sides of my nose a little. it wasn't bothersome enough to take them off but i was aware of it. the good news is that this is only one of many styles. i would definitely go with one that has a different nose pad or no nose pad, where the frame is thick enough in that area to lie comfortably on my schnoz.

on that note, tomorrow, i will post details on my very first (and definitely not the last) reader appreciation giveaway and how you can get involved and win some free Ryders Eyewear.

much love and peace out!


  1. what an awesome week of workouts! isn't spring a great time of year! Cheers!

  2. Incredible week KC, you are so darn inspiring ...thank you!

    We are putting together the "100 PushUp Team" -- it should be fun and thanks for signing up. I just hope we don't get too ripped up to fit in our new Xterra wetsuits!!

  3. I'm glad you were able to get in another great ride! Those glasses look really cool!

  4. "here's even a festival that celebrates this icky fruit" that made me LOL!

    I love the new shades - thanks for the review! Great workouts, too!!

  5. Awesome weekend, it sounds like it was a great time! I was able to get out today for the first time and loved it!
    Good luck on the new challenge, I've thought about trying it, maybe I should give it a go. Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you!

  6. great effort on back-to-back cycling sessions like that.

    Keep it up!