Sunday, March 7, 2010

sad to see a great weekend come to an end

my new aero helmet came in this week. jc says i remind him of rick moranis on spaceballs. he also said i've officially entered the world of dorkism. it does look funny as it should after years of wearing a "normal" not so aero dynamic helmet. here's a picture from this morning with the new giro advantage 2:
i haven't worn it to do a ride yet, i was just being a poser this morning. here's what it looks like out of the box:
i wasn't mentally ready to wear it out to flatwoods this morning. plus, i want to just save it for race days, not so much for training days, but i will take it out for a test ride before hand to make sure it feels comfortable.

this weekend was wonderful. started off in the 40's in the AM but quickly warmed up to high 60's and today it hit about 70 and pure sunshine all weekend. we had a great 51 mile ride in the hills yesterday (yes, we have hills for those who read my blog and think florida is flat) in dade city. kicked my butt too. haven't ridden the hills in over a month and first time back always hurts but you know it's so good for you. we ended up with about 1700 feet of climbing which wasn't our normal route. usually, we do a 60 mile route and end up with about 3500 ft of climbs. we weren't quite ready to tackle that yesterday, plus, the wind was a biotch!

this morning, we met our friend joe out at flatwoods and cranked out 49 miles. once again, the wind machine was turned up full blast. i told jc to think of the wind as hills in disguise...i don't think he was amused by that.  normally, this ride is a 50 mile ride but jc got a flat on the last mile, so i rode home and came back to retrieve him in the truck, that way he didn't have to waste a CO2 cartridge. all in all, a hundred mile weekend on the bikes.

can't wait for the time change next weekend because that means, a significant jump in my weekly cycling mileage and warmer temps. it also means no checking 20 times a day to see if i can swim in the morning and i can hopefully start putting away all of my winter workout garb. i'm excited about that. enough of the cold temps, lets spring forward!!

here are my training numbers for the week starting sunday, feb 28th and ending saturday, march 6th:

total time: 3:33:12          
total distance: 27.1 mi.               

total time: 6:45:45
total distance: 133.0 mi.

total time: 2:00:00
total distance: 5000 m.

weights x 2
abs x 3
swimming has been going well. planned on doing 3 swims last week but i ended up only being able to do 2 since the weather has been cranky. one nice thing about rearranging the swimming schedule is that i start my swim just as the sun is setting and the moon is awesome; there is a peacefulness about it that i can't explain.

i want to thank my swim buddy for letting me borrow the total immersion, freestyle made easy dvd. i watched it, studied it, and will incorporate it into my swimming this week. good stuff!
update on my greek yogurt taste testing. i tried the vanilla yoplait greek yogurt this week and didn't care for it at all. they cost about $1.09 per cup,  has 2.5 grams of  fat, 12 grams of protein and 19 grams of carbs (18 of those grams from sugar, which is not good). the yogurt reminded me too much of regular tasting yogurt, not as thick and yummy as the chobani brand and i thought it was too sweet. i won't be buying it again.  next on the list is fage, so stay tuned.
have a great week everyone. much love and peace out!


  1. Love your helmet! Looks like you had a great workout week. I like the Greek Gods plain greek yogurt. I add fresh blueberries and Kashi U cereal to it to give it a 'granola' feel. It's delicious. Glad it has warmed up there. Have a great week!

  2. thanx again for the yogurt tips! still workin on the greek yogurt thing :) hope this week is just as good as last week :)

  3. KC - SOOOOO excited for the time change, thanks for bringing it up b/c I forgot. And that helmet is great and the Lord Dark Helmet comparison cracked me up!! Here's to a great week of training - we're supposed to be up to the mid 70's by wednesday!

  4. I do love the's so ironman! When is the race date again? I hate seeing a good weekend go also. It's a good thing there is another coming next week:) I don't want to see the cold go, can't we just have a few more months??? Have a good week!

  5. Thanks for reminding me about the time change!!! Exciting time of year :) Sounds like a great weekend on the bikes, and love the helmet!

  6. Three cheers to an awesome weekend!
    The weather is warming up up here too, I'm getting pretty excited! Love the new helmet!

  7. I love the helmet and the pic of your swimming area. Very nice!

  8. I am so excited for the weather to get warmer! Florida should never be as cold as it has been this winter!!

    I'm also training for my first IM as well! Looking forward to following you!!

  9. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad you found me.

    Nice helmet. WOW, you really do put in some miles between running and riding.

  10. Welcome on board. Arnie has one of those helmets. As you progress along my blog, you will quickly figure out who "Arnie" is.

    We are in our final 5 weekends of San Antonio hill training leading up to St George and after that we will probably be back to various SunCoast or Flatwood rides for the IMFL training regime.

    We need to hook up for a ride.

    I haven't dug too deep into your blog, do you have an IM on the horizon?

  11. Way to rock the workouts. I am glad that I am not the only one who is a compulsive checker. Yea Spring!

  12. You got a sperm helmet! Huhuhuh, I always thought they looked like a giant sperm. I know, I know, it's the single best thing you can do;)

  13. Your helmet rocks! I haven't gotten an aero helmet yet because I have such a small head that I think I would just look like an idiot. I'm serious...I wear kid's hats!

    I used the total immersion video too. I think it really helped me with my balance in the water. I hope it helps you too!

  14. thanks everyone for the props on the helmet. i have to get used to the way it looks on my pin head.

    @aimee-i totally know what you mean about the helmets being so big. I feel like some of them swallow my head.

    @missy - hilarious! a sperm helmet! I will never be able to look at the helmet the same again.

    @chloe - it will be fun to read about your training for your 1st IM too. looking foward to it...welcome to my blog.

    @iron bob-i ride at flatwoods at least 4 times a week and in san an on the weekends. i'll keep you posted and you and "arnie" are welcome. By the way, i'm catching up on your blog and trying to figure out who this arnie is. you asked what IM i'm training for...I'm training for the great floridian.

    hooray for the time change this weekend!