Monday, February 8, 2010

decisions, decisions

as i was doing an interval session on the bike trainer today, i was thinking about what races i'd like to do in prep for the ironman distance great floridian. there are so many to pick from, it makes my head spin sometimes. i can't keep them straight. even though technically i'm not completely a triathlon virgin since i've done a handful way back when, i want to make good race choices and not get in over my head. in other words, i could probably go out right now and do an oly or half iron distance and do well in the bike and run but this time around, i want to do well in the swim, not just fake it til i make it out of the water.

my first race coming up on feb 28th is a pure run, the gasparilla half marathon. my goal would be to place in the top 3 of my age group. i'm gunning for a 1:40:00 or less. that would be sweet.

now here is where i'm not sure what race to do. should i do this sprint distance on march 27th: 400 yard pool swim / 11 mile bike / 5K or this one 820.20 swim in lake / 13.67 mile bike / 5K ? i keep going back and forth in my head thinking that maybe the triathlon in a pool is kinda sissified and i'm no sissy. the other side of me is saying, it would be a great way to get my feet wet again (no pun intended) and it's closer to home than the other one. i don't know. anyone? can you help me make a decision? i'm always open to suggestions.

the next event on the list is the 3 mountain, 3 state challenge at the beginning of may. it's a century that starts in tennessee, winds thru bama, then thru georgia with lots and lots of climbing, which i love...looking forward to that.

the last race i have in mind is on june 10th called the dunedin beach sprint triathlon. this one is 1/4 mile beach swim / 12 mile bike / 5k run.

if i can find a half iron or an oly distance somewhere between july and august, i may consider doing it, otherwise, i'll just hit the training and build up for the full iron in october.

something else i was thinking about today and was wondering if any of you out there feel the same. i almost enjoy the training for events more than i do the actual event sometimes. not sure why that is. i think that's why i don't do a lot of races during the year. i pick and choose a few special one's here and there. i used to do a lot of running races in the late 90's, early 2000's and between travelling to the races, race fees, hotel fees depending on the race venue, it really burned me out and took the fun out of racing for me. being picky about what races i do has worked better for me mentally and physically. i look forward to racing. 

overall, i feel good about my upcoming, somewhat tentative schedule of races and events. i'm excited about it too and can't wait to get out there and put all of this training into a race situation.

much love and peace out!


  1. do the open water race is my 2 cents! try and get into open water as much as possible as you want to be comfortable in that environement! Keep going, your insane training volume is motivating me! Cheers!

  2. KC, I do enjoy training for a race more than the race itself. First, the anticipation of the race is more exciting than the reality of the race. Second, while competing we are primarily concerned about our own outcome. The rest of the participants simply provide the backdrop for our efforts. You run the race to satisfy your own soul. You are competitive and not satisfied with status quo...hence, the anticipation beats the reality. Ell

  3. Thanks Ell (you big lurker you!) for finally coming out of the wood work. I will email you later. got your message on fb. john, i thinks that's what i'm leaning towards...the scary open water, LOL! i've done it before, can do it again just going to better prepared this time around.

  4. "i want to do well in the swim, not just fake it til i make it out of the water." HAHAHA, I don't think I could have worded that better!!! Personally, I LOVE the races. That is the only reason I train. The adrenaline rush at the starting line, passing people when I know that they are dog tired and I am just getting ready to do my 800-1000m sprint to the finish is like a natural high to me. I just wish for once I could pass someone swimming :( haha. Go for the open water swim, it will be a great challenge and its the hardest to "train" for. Good luck and keep up the hard work KC!

  5. Do the open water swim --unless the pool Tri is ALOT closer to home! I actually decided to do a 1/2 IM this year in Conroe as opposed to Austin because the Conroe one does not require me to get a hotel room! All about convenience!

  6. Personally I would start off with the sprint, just to get the first race of the year bug out of my system, more of a mental thing then a physical one. I would toss in at least an olympic distance in OR a 70.3 OR a Aquabike at an 70.3. Since it looks like the run is your strength followed by the bike, the aquabike could be a great option. I think, not 100% sure that 70.3 Augusta has an aquabike option, I believe its in August.

  7. Hi Kristie.
    My sister and i are doing the Florida 70.3, it is a hal ironman in May in Orlando. I did last year, it is a good race, hot but good and close to us.
    i'll not do Gasparilla :-( I've been sick and trying to start train again without get worse.....
    when we are going to have some warm weather ????
    I'll search some races for you, Madeira beach is a good tri, Fort D'soto too, tri in a pool is not for you !!!!!!

  8. the computer cooperated and i was able to catch up on your blogs. loved the listing of what you ran/swam/biked this past week. girl i get tired just listening. you very much inspire me. i'm proud o fyour pool progress. keep it comin. hugs-hw (stbrock, which i pronounced " saint brock" to get this posted ; )

  9. Open water! That's one element of race day I can't squeeze into my training so take I take it where I can. Dunedin was my first Tri and it has a special place in my heart :) Hopefully, I'll see you there! The Mad Beach Tri is beautiful and a great course - it also features a 1/2 mile swim which is a little longer than most sprints in the area.

  10. i had a feeling the no pool would be the consensus amongst my die hard tri blogger pals. thanks for your 2 cents. i was leaning to open water too so the decision has been water swim, here i come! And i ain't gonna be skeeeered this time dammit!

  11. you have so many good race options early in the season :) i'm so jealous... my hubby is from tampa and has done gasperilla. i've heard it's a fun race!

  12. The open water will definitely be better for training, but I can understand wanting to stay closer to home. The 3 state challenge looks really cook, I can't wait to hear about it!
    Good schedule!