Wednesday, February 10, 2010

miscellaneous wednesday

I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort, when I am filled with music.
~George Eliot

i love listening to music when i'm running, biking (not when i'm riding on the road, only on the indoor trainer), typing a blog entry, driving, working, just about all the time i guess you could say. for some people it can be distracting but for me, it helps me focus, depending on the situation, or can get me very hyped a positive way.

i've read studies that swear listening to music while you run makes you run faster and frankly, i didn't need a study to tell me that or prove it because for me, it works. i absolutely run faster with music. i won't bother listing my favorite music to run to because you can see and listen to my playlist above to sample what i like to listen to. the only music i ban from my playlist is MOST country music. there are a few tunes out there that are classified as country, like some songs by taylor swift, but i personally think those are hybrids...a cross between country and pop. for example, you will never see randy travis, rascal flatts or garth brooks on my playlist or on my ipod. just can't deal with the sound. and, there is a time and a place for classical music but not when i'm working out. i'm always interested in what other athletes like to listen to when they are training so feel free to help me build my playlist up. if you don't see it on there, holla, because i always like discovering new tunes.

i've pondered buying a waterproof MP3 player for the pool. anyone listen to music when you swim?  and, is there a decent MP3 player that you would recommend?

well, looks like all that snow-la-palooza up north is coming our way, minus the snow, which means no pool time tomorrow morning. no big deal though, i will fit it in somewhere between thursday and friday. i may just do my long run (13 miles) on friday morning, let the temp get to 43 or above so the pool will be allowed to open, get my swim on and then head to work. endless possibilities and thankfully a flexible schedule that lets me do that...blessed!

hope everyone is having a good week so far. i'm ready for the weekend already.

much love and peace out!


  1. I love coming to your blog because i get to jam out to random music -- Coldplay right now (-:

    I've been going through a late 80's early 90's phase with my iPod ... Gn'R, PearlJam ... I just got XM in my car and they have a channel called "Hair Nation" -- all the big hair 80's bands -- I am loving it!

    I was just googling waterproof MP3 players last night!! (great minds think alike I'd be interested to hear if anyone has recommendations too.

    Happy Trainings!

  2. I have this swim MP3 -

    I got it from Target for $40 a year ago. I bet I used it 6 times. The ear plugs are like, well egg plugs, and if they loosen up any at all the sound goes away. Also, I hated the cord hanging off of my goggles. In addition, it is just a distraction unless you are swimming really long. They are useless for 100 repeats or anything fast.

  3. I have an Otterbox case for my pod; tried it once swimming and won't do it again. Like Tri-James said, the cord is a pain and it is a distraction.


  4. yeah, wire in your way with swimming is not a good combination. thanks for the input everyone. i'll have to do some research on it. so far what i've read isn't anything too promising out there that would work the way you would expect it to. oh well.

  5. My music depends on my mood. I often get on an 80's kick, or stick with hip-hop if I'm not in the best mood. Lately I've been jamming out to some serious dance club hits...sometimes I get distracted and bust a move instead of focusing on the task at hand!