Friday, February 12, 2010

i'm a lucky girl

i had a very nice surprise happen to me the other day. a really nice guy named Scott saw one of my prior blog posts about all of my favorite things. Scott works for a small PR firm in San Fran called Outside PR. Click here to visit Scott and see all about this fine company. long story short, Scott sent me an email via facebook to let me know that he stumbled onto my blog and saw where i mentioned that i love everything sugoi. sugoi is one of the company's his firm works with and if i'd like, he could send me some sugoi schwag to use and abuse in my every day training and i could blog all about it. how cool is that? Scott totally made my day...thanks Scott!

yesterday morning as i went out for my animal encounter run, i saw that there was a box at the door. didn't see it the night before because i go in and out thru the garage. so that was a nice surprise. i opened it up as soon as i got back from my run and wow...Scott, hooked me up!

here's what i got:

sugoi velocity tri suit

sugoi velocity tri shorts

all kinds of Gu products - another company that outside-pr represents

and this is the mystery flavor gu. notice the front part of the package reads new flavor and the back of the package has nothing. i'm very, very curious to try this mystery gu. it's very stealthy looking!

so there you have it. i'm very excited to get out and use the new sugoi gear and will most definitely post all about it. once again, thank you Scott for your thoughtfulness and generosity. i really appreciate it. next time i'm in san fran, i'll have to stop in to say hi.

on the training front, i haven't missed a beat all week. i haven't had a lot of free time to visit all of my fav blogs or comment as much as i would like because of having to work lots of overtime this week. i'll even be going in tomorrow (saturday, boo-hoo) for a little but not until i get my long run in. first things first. i have my priorities straight dammit!

i will breakdown my training week in tomorrow's post along with my big announcement as to which race i decided to do next month.

until tomorrow, much love and peace out!


  1. Nice ... Sugio makes some great gear! And that secret GU ... it's like all x-files and stuff!

  2. I don't suppose awesome Scott could send your swim buddy her first ever Tri Suit?

    (yes, I am jealous!)

  3. I'll have to try this Sugoi stuff, I've heard about it from quite a few people. Let me know what you think of your new gear...what an awesome way to start the day!

  4. Cool kit! Gu rocks too, wonder what the unmarked one will be??

  5. Big time jealous. Says a lot about the company and the people promoting their products. Confidence in their products. I may have to look into getting myself some sugoi stuff and TRI it out (haha dumb joke I know).

    Can't wait to see your product review :)

    And you can never have too many gu packs on hand!!!

  6. Looking forward to reading what you think of our Velocity stuff! It's super speedy...