Thursday, February 18, 2010

whinefest 2010...get your violins out!

the only way that i can best describe this week would be an out of sorts kind of week. one of those weeks where nothing catastophic happened and nothing worth writing home about happened either. this is the sort of week where so many little things aren't quite right and they just start compounding...that's the week i'm having. i'm using today's post to make me feel better like writing in my dear diary. i need to get all of these "little" things off of my brain and onto paper so to speak, and then just leave it there.

my mind has been going a hundred miles a minute in a hundred different directions. they make medication for that, right? i'm kidding. nothing like a 100 mile bike ride outside in 80 degree weather wouldn't fix but that's part of the reason i'm so out of sorts lately. now i understand seasonal affective disorder (sad). or better yet, subsyndromal seasonal affective disorder (ssad), which is a milder form of sad. just add some outdoor activity (ie. swimming and cycling) and direct sunlight and ssad is all but gone. to my friends up north, please forgive me but this florida winter has been one for the record books. it feels like it has been cold for almost a year to me. i finally bundled up yesterday because i couldn't stand to do not one more bike ride on the trainer. i put on 3 layers and headed out. i was very happy to finally ride outside, however, i also felt like i was sucking wind like an amateur. i ride hard on the stand and do intervals but it is no substitute for real outdoor riding with wind and all kinds of other variables. to make matters worse, my last 2 swims have felt like crap and i have a handful of things to consider investing in before my tentative half iron in 4 weeks. for example, should i buy a wetsuit or should i just wait and do a race later that i know i won't need a wetsuit for? which aero helmet should i buy? what hydration system should i buy? can i swim even 400 meters without feeling like i need to put an oxygen mask on at the end? what makes me think i can swim 1.2 miles if i can't even do 400m?  in a nutshell, everything just sucks this least in my mind's eye.

patience grasshopper, patience...ok, i feel better now.
much love and peace out!


  1. You're doing GREAT with swim, and making enormous progress. I see it every week! This week is tough, but keep at it and you WILL do it. I think next swim, instead of doing the program twice, do it once, and then see how many laps you can do without stopping. You WILL surprise yourself!

  2. Dear Kristie
    You may feel better with my comment. I'm having this kind of week that you are having for 3 weeks... since Disney marathon. In 5 months I sat on my bike maybe 5x. I'm getting crazy, for all different reasons, I'm just surviving !!!! :-( I hope go for a bike ride SA this weekend, if I can still know how to ride a bike. :-) Love U

  3. Hey! I hope you are feeling better! Be patient in teh water, baby steps will get you there! you have jumped from zero to hero and you need to let it build as it will! your weather does suck! smile and thin happy thoughts, being an optimist I am betting in a couple of days and a long ride you will be back on teh top of your curve! Smile, its Friday! Cheers

  4. Thanks Dineen, Pati, and John! Zero to hero (that's great John, I love it!).Mama said there'd be days (weeks) like these...he-he. Next week is a new week and possibly a little warmer. And as my friend Hali would say, onward and upward!

  5. Keep your head up! I came off of one of these weeks last week. Maybe try mixing up your diet with some different foods?

    The swimming, well you got me there haha, I had a horrible swim last time too. I think you may have plateued with the swim and just need either recovery or a different approach. Maybe take your next swim EASY (if you are like me, this is impossible but its worth a try). Focus on your form and take your swim at 60% and just go for volume NOT speed.

    I know all too well how it feels to not get outside for awhile, and when you do, if you post a sub-par workout (to your own standards) that is a double whammy, makes me INSANE!

    But there has to be balance with physical and mental to compete. So we all know that its not easy :)

    Gotta stay "Strong and Positive" to succeed!!! Good luck and toss the last week in the trash, next week is a new week!

    (I will be looking for your product reviews/choices on wetsuit and hydration system haha, I am in the same boat.)

  6. Everyone's entitled to have a bad week (I just had one). Have faith in yourself and your training. Sorry to hear about the weather, I'm not going to throw my Iowa crap at you, I totally understand wanting to get outside, you'll get there!

  7. We all have bad sessions and sessions, before you know it, you be back to normal.