Sunday, February 28, 2010

lazy runner tonight

the Gasparilla half marathon was today and i've been thinking about blogging about it but that's about it, just thinking about it. i'm seriously too tired to give a proper race report at this time so tomorrow it will get the full attention it deserves. at one point as i was driving to the race, i thought i may not make it in time for the start but that story will have to wait too.
last weeks numbers looked good:
ran: 23.2 miles (could have done more but tapered back for the half mary)
bike: 121.2 miles
swim: 6451 meters

more than anything, i was very happy about my swimming this week...almost more than my half marathon finishing time.

until tomorrow, much love and peace out...and lights out for me.


  1. What are your favorite places for swim training in the Bay?


  2. Any of the Y's in Tampa especially when set up for long course. North Shore pool in St. Pete also.

  3. Great time in your HM! I knew you'd do great - you were flying speedy!

    Look forward to the RR tomorrow!

    Let's get some rest and start hard on a new week of training!

  4. Great blog! I just bookmarked it. Hope you got some rest tonight.