Thursday, February 11, 2010

nice rack baby!

went out for a nice 8.25 mile run this morning and as i was into my first mile, i saw a huge buck like the one you see in the picture. scared the crap out of me because he was in the middle of the street and walking towards me. being that i love watching animal planet channel, i had this vision of a clip i once saw about good animals that go bad. check it out:
i didn't want to end up with 8 holes in my torso this morning so i turned around and ran the other way. i was skeeeered people! i've had enough animal encounters and don't want anymore. last year i had a workout specifically planned for a duathlon i was doing and the last run that was supposed to be only 5 miles ended up being 8 miles because of a rabid raccoon! i spent about 10 minutes trying to scare him off to no avail and i wasn't about to go near him since he was exhibiting all the normal signs of rabidness. then there's the hog incident which you can read about here.

interesting day so far. there's more in this constantly churning brain that i need to blog about but that will have to be later...gotta get to work now!

have a great day!


  1. Usually deers are skiddish. I am boring, just dog adventures for me.

  2. I have had numerous encounters like that. We live in the Cleveland Metroparks, gorgeous nature preserve with running trails and a towpath for miles and miles. My coolest encounter was 3 years ago, middle of a heavy snowfall, a red fox ran on the trail, I stopped, looked at him, he looked at me, we each took about 10 seconds to just take it in and then he was on his way. Favorite animal encounter to date. Scariest-chased by a buck when I was on my bike... those boys are fast!!!

  3. I got attacked by a black cat in my neighborhood while running at 5 in the morning. Not so scary but kind of funny because I jumped like it was a bear.

  4. Too funny! The deer around here are not skiddish, they will stand 2 feet from the path as we run by, I'm convinced they would roll their eyes at us if they could :) Thank goodness I've only encountered deer so far. After every Saturday run, I am thankful I completed another boar-free/snake-free run.

    BTW, I think after this weekend's long run, I will feel ready for the Gasparilla 15K. The Princess HM the following weekend is another story, though LOL Happy training!

  5. i looked like a fool clapping my hands trying to scare that beast! i looked around to make sure nobody was out there to see me looking stupid. Clapping my hands didn't work : (

  6. running, swimming, biking and now playing with the animals! you do like to do a lot dont you! Glad he didnt get you:) Look forward to the rest of your day's adventures! Cheers

  7. Our in-town " mountain " called Knox is a quick incredible cardio burst for running or biking. Dirt trails and a paved road up. Intervals - TT climb - XC bike race down.....the possibilities are endless. Why do I write about this ? Knox is home to a couple of younger bucks - one big one - and a whole gang of female deer.
    They are so used to hoomans that you can ride you bike just about beside em and certain days. I think they know us by our smell - Ha Ha
    Early morning runs w the Niterider HID on head are cool as they just stare and stare ( no I don't look em in the eye ! ).
    Very cool interaction for a run or bike. We always comment and marvel how easy they can blast thru the bush...and so quiet. Have seen coyotes too.
    Enjoy the training