Thursday, February 25, 2010

a triathletes dream store right in my backyard

this is what i've been waiting to blog about...the new IRONMAN store 4 miles from my house. how cool is that? it's the only one of its kind so far. however, there is talk of others popping up near you in the future. in the meantime, if you aren't in tampa, you can still visit their online store here.
this is a picture of where you can have your bike worked on or you can bring your bike for a retul fit. the IRONMAN store uses the state of the art Retül® Fit System, which is a seriously cool, 3-D motion capture technology that accurately determines any adjustments their professional certified bike fitters may need to make to provide you with the perfect fit for your specific bicycle and is free with the purchase of a bicycle. right now they are running a grand opening special for $199.00. each session can take up to 2 hours to dial your fit in perfectly but from what the owner Hunter explained, this can shave some serious time off your bike split. here is a random picture of someone getting 'retuled'...
basically, they put sensors all over your body at different joints so that the retul sensor can pick up on how you move and then take it from there to start tweaking your fit. you can watch the whole process on a plasma screen as you pedal.
the store has lots and lots of bikes. you can go crazy looking at them all. such things of beauty. they carry my fave tri bike quintana roo, ceepo, scott and blue, just to name a few. they have a full line of wheels like american classic, zipps, and easton's. they also have a wheel demo program so if there is a wheel you'd like to try out before you buy, you can do that there too.
lots and lots of running shoes to pick from here too. they carry one of my favorite running shoes, saucony! they also sell asics, k-swiss, pearl izumi, and zoot just to name a few. they also have a large variety of triathlon clothing, wetsuits, helmets, swimsuits, goggles, too much to list here but if you go to the online store, you can see everything they have there.
they also carry a nice line of nutrition products like gu, powerbar products, and hammer nutrition. they also have all of the nifty accessories you would need to carry all of this fuel with you such as gu flasks and a variety of hydration systems, water bottles, etc...

the main thing i've heard over and over again is how friendly everyone is at this store. i've spoken to a few beginner triathletes over the last few months who feel intimidated going into most "bike" stores but this one is different. you can be a seasoned, veteran athlete or a beginner and they treat everyone the same. i found a forum thread on the beginner triathlete forum that pretty much speaks volumes about how awesome the IRONMAN store is and i for one am happy they opened up in this area. click here to read this thread, you'll be glad you did.

if you live in the tampa bay area or surrounding locales, here is the physical address, hours and contact info for the IRONMAN store:

6417 County Line Road
Suite 104
Tampa, Florida 33647
(next to LA Fitness)
Toll Free: 877-822-4769
(10am-7pm EST M-Fri)
Fax: 813-751-1259

you can also find them on facebook by clicking here and on twitter by clicking here.

thanks for reading. much love and peace out!


  1. This is a great store. I happened to be going to the grocery store when they were close to opening and I saw the bikes and asked "Is this going to be a Triathlon store?" And they said YES! I was so excited as this is on my 2010 goal list. I met the owners and they really are very friendly. My husband bought his last pair of shoes there, and we've purchased several things. They are so knowledgeable and don't make you feel stupid if you're new to any of the sports. Just thought I'd share! Thanks for this blog KC! - Tia

  2. I have Ironman store envy!! How lucky you are! That would be so dangerous to have...and only 4 miles away! You lucky thang!!

  3. I just drooled on my keyboard ... seriously - might have to load up the wife and dogs and move to Tampa!

  4. Wow, that sounds like a great store. I hope that bring one close to me like maybe in Boulder.

  5. Wow..what an awesome store! That's so cool that it's so close to you. I think I would be in there all of the time!

  6. Wow, thats cool, I hope they dont jack prices up because they have the M Dot on their building.

  7. Awesome stuff in this store. I was there yesterday. Bought a pair of plush Ironman sandals, an Ironman blanket, an MDot key chain and some really cool polarized Boston Bill Sunglasses. Hunter who is the general manager told me that they just went live with a really killer website called and all of the stuff at the store is now online. Check it out!! I saw these 2XU wetsuits called Project X. There are only 100 available in the world and they have 12 at the store and they are available on line. $1,000 each. He told me that they have already sold a half dozen. Great bikes too. Their mechanic Dave is one cool dude. Knows his stuff. He is a great wrench and certified Cat 1 racer. He just came back from a huge race in California. He is certified in fit systems and they offer Retul at the store. The other thing that is neat is if you live outside of Florida, you can order a bike online, fly to Tampa, they will fit the bike for you and you can have it delivered with no sales tax. They call it Fly n' Tri. And they pick up the cost of your hotel room too!!! These guys are going to really kill it. I hear they are thinking about another store in the next 6 months.... Houston, Dallas, Orlando or Miami.