Friday, February 5, 2010

a few of my favorite things

this post was originally inspired by Annette and you can visit her blog here. i don't know if it was a coincidence or not but after i read Annette's blog, i noticed quite a few other bloggers posting about their favorite gear, so now it's my turn. i will tell you up front that i really like to keep my training methods and training tools/gear as uncomplicated as possible. once the things i love doing most start to get too scientific, i start to not have fun anymore and honestly, that's the first reason i run, bike, swim, weight train, etc....all the other reasons are secondary. the second thing i will tell you is i buy everything on sale. i WILL NOT and NEVER pay full price for any of the training apparel, gear, or tools that i purchase and i don't believe that the most expensive is always the best, the fastest or the lightest. i've learned that first hand...lightspeed vortex = piece of s#%t! with that said, here are my favorite running, cycling, swimming, related things:

by far my favorite roadbike ever. this is one fast mutha! a 2008 cannondale system 6 with full durace. they don't make these anymore so when this one gets ridden into the ground, i'll be checking out the cannondale super 6. until then, i'm riding it until the wheels fall off.
this is my beloved tri bike, my quintana roo dulce. she fits me like a glove. i just got her for my birthday in august (thank you jc!). i love this bike! dulce and i will be spending a lot of time together this summer.

this is my favorite tri/cycling shoe. i don't like a narrow fit and with these you get a nice, roomy toe box with plenty of room for my feet to breath and not feel all cramped up. i got them for a great deal, brand new in box on ebay. i love the red flames on the back!
these are my favorite trail running shoes. the saucony TR4. i can always find these at famous footwear, buy one and get the other half price...can't beat that. i love, love, love saucony running shoes. i can't say enough good things about them. i used to run in adidas for a few years but came back to the saucony and have no plans to ever change brands again.

my favorite pure running shoe. not a specific "trail" running shoe like the one above it. this is the saucony grid cohesion. really well made shoe, well cushioned, and looks good too.
this is my favorite running cap made by nike. i have many of them in a variety of colors but i have one very special one. it is a black, nike running cap with a lime green swoosh logo on the front and it was the first running cap i ever bought back in 1996. i still have it! it's a little faded and looks a little more brown than black. that hat was with me when i ran my first marathon and many others.

these are two of my favorite socks for running or cycling...the wright sock and socks made of bamboo.
both socks are extremely comfortable to run or cycle in. many different companies are using bamboo fiber to make socks and other apparel now so be on the lookout. bamboo socks are supposed to be better than cotton socks due to their incredible absorbency, antibacterial and wicking properties. and, despite what you might think, bamboo is very comfortable on the feet!

here is one of my most favorite brand of biking and running apparel:desoto sport comany makes a full line of triathlon clothing. i have about every color of tri shorts they make and love them all. been wearing them almost exclusively since around 1999. they are made really well and don't get see thru areas like other cycling shorts. great for short or long rides in the saddle. 

my next favorite brand:anything sugoi, i love! my closet is full of their triathlon tops. i even have 2 of each color! i've been lucky enough to snag a few new with tags on ebay for a steal.

this is my favorite watch, the timex ironman watch. they do real well in water. i have 4 of them and 3 of them are awaiting new batteries. a task to put on the to-do list for this weekend.

i also love the lycra swim cap made by speedo. i don't like latex swim caps because they hurt my ears. the lycra caps don't keep your hair dry but that's a non-issue for me. comfort is king.
i bought these aqua-sockets about 5 years ago and still love them. nothing fancy and they weren't the most expensive one's either. most importantly, they don't leak and they are very comfortable and fit my little face perfectly.

and lastly, a few accesories i cannot live without :

and these are all of the things that make me happy.
the end.


  1. like your style! I like my gear and am very fussy about it! no one rides my bikes or touches them because they are my babies! when we find something that works, I swear it provides a mental security blanket that makes us faster! 4 wathces, what the heck is that all about! Have a great weekend! Cheers

  2. Lots of awesome goodies! Thanks to Brooks recent "improvements" of their shoe sizing, I just recently converted from Brooks to Saucony and I LOVE them. Like little pillows for my feet. And Body glide = greatest product ever!

  3. Juhn, i'm gald you called me out on all the watches. It made me finally go to Walmart and buy batteries for all of them and now they are all working. When one died, I wouldn't bother replacing the battery, i would go buy another. I think i had a bad experience with a timex repair shop and i think they put old batteries back into 2 of my watches and in less than 4 months they were dead again. But i figured out how to do it myself. like you, no one touches my bikes except for my husband and yes, they are my babies too. i love them so!
    Teresa, saucony in japanese means little pillows (just kidding). But it should b/c they are by far the most comfy running shoe ever. NB and Asics feel like they have no padding in the ball of the foot area and adidas just keeps messing with their fit. saucony seems to keep everything the uneeded changes. i say, don't fix it if it ain't broke!

  4. Ok, so after going to the bike store the other day and doing some research on bikes... you have got yourself a serious set of bikes... ... ... DAMN GIRL! Haha! Now I am insanely jealous and can appreciate your gear. Thanks again for the input and I will keep hitting up craigslist. I told Heather there have to be a lot of failed triathletes out there that we can capitalize off of ;) HAHA! Keep up the awesome workouts!